Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Your Sale to Likely Buyers

Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Your Sale to Likely Buyers

There’s many things stats business owners needs to keep in mind when they create their marketing plan according to Edmonton business consultant. The reason why, is because many entrepreneurs and up marketing their business in ways that are ineffective. Or ways that are frustrating to the consumer.

Lot of marketing methods utilize invasive advertising says Edmonton business consultant. Such as using pop-up ads. That show up when a consumer visits a certain website. Not only are pop-up ads annoying. But marketing to customers that are not looking to purchase products at the moment is an ineffective way of marketing a business.

Only companies that can afford to put a lot of money into marketing will get enough of return on investment through these marketing methods. They don’t mind potentially upsetting a large amount of customers. Because odds are in their favour. That enough people are going to click on the ad to make it worth their while.

Invasive advertising is another method of marketing that business owners should avoid. Many people are very familiar with invasive ads. These are things such as commercials that interrupt people’s television shows. As well as advertising that comes on the radio in between songs.

Anytime that a consumer is bombarded with an ad that they didn’t ask to hear. Is called an invasive ad. And while television and radio are the most popular examples. Invasive advertising can be as simple as ads that show up in the news feed of people’s social media websites that they are on.


And while many entrepreneurs think that this is an effective form of advertising. Because thousands or millions of people are going to be on that social media site. They are typically on social media to be social. And not to make purchases says Edmonton business consultant. This is why it is an ineffective form of advertising.

A much better way to advertise would be to Market to Ideal and likely buyers. When they are ready to make purchases. However, many people don’t know how to find their ideal unlikely buyers. However, many people underestimate the power of Google.

Google is the websites that most consumers go to when they are looking for a company to buy the products and services that they’re looking for from. For example, if someone has a leaky pipe in their basement which is causing a flood. Chances are quite high that they are going to go to Google and do a search for plumbers in their area.

With how effective that is. When entrepreneurs purchase Google AdWords. Not only are they only marketing to customers when they are ready to make purchases. With using the key words that relate to their business. They are also marketing to their ideal and likely buyers.

Therefore, the return-on-investment is much higher says Edmonton business consultant. And is a much better use of an entrepreneurs typically very small starting marketing budget. This is going to be the most effective way to Market their business.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Your Sale to Likely Buyers

Many entrepreneurs start their business without a business plan says Edmonton business consultant. Which means they typically don’t even have a marketing plan that they can look at to help them figure out how to sell their products and services. This is incredibly important.

Because with 50% of all Canadian entrepreneurs failing. 42% of those who failed entrepreneurs said that the reason why they failed. Was because they were unable to find customers for their products or Services.

This is why it is so incredibly important to come up with a plan. Because if there is no marketing plan in place before an entrepreneur opens the doors to their business. Chances are quite high that they are not going to develop one.

Some entrepreneurs think that it’s going to be much easier to sell their products and services than It ultimately ends up being says Edmonton business consultant. And some entrepreneurs believed that their product or service is so fantastic that it is going to absolutely sell itself.

And even the best products in the world. And the most popular products in the world needs to advertise. Think of the biggest software companies for example says Edmonton Business Consultants. Not only do they know how important it is to continue to advertise. Even if they are the biggest software companies in the world.

However, when business owners are starting out they needs to be very careful how they spend their marketing dollars. Because if they spend their money on ineffective advertising. Not only are they wasting that important resource.


But they will also end up wasting precious time. Time that is needed to sell as many products and services as possible. So that they can increase the revenue of their business. And stay in business longer.

And the reason it can be so difficult to Market a business. Is because there are so many different types of marketing out there says Edmonton business consultant. A great example of this would be for entrepreneurs to look at all of the ways that they can advertise online.

And while online advertising is extremely important. Business owners need to be especially careful that they are marketing their business as effectively as possible. So not only do they not waste their money. But also, so that they can generate sales so that they can have Revenue in their business.

One of the most disliked forms of advertising online is a clickbait ad. And while many people may not have heard the term before. Chances are quite high that people have experienced one at least a few times in their experiences online.

I click bait and is one that is intentionally vague or Sensational. And when people click on it, it either leads to something completely different. Or they have to keep on clicking it more like to get more information. This is a Surefire way to upset customers. And for an entrepreneur to waste their valuable money.