Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Your Business Honestly

Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Your Business Honestly

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs hate marketing their business says Edmonton business consultant. It’s because it is difficult to create an effective marketing plan. And it is difficult to do without spending a lot of money.

If a business owner does not come up with a marketing plan even before they open the doors to their business. Chances are quite high that they will lose valuable time. While being open for business, and not generating any sales for their business.

This is why all entrepreneurs need to have an effective marketing plan says Edmonton business consultant. So that they can be doing what they need even before they open the doors to their business. To ensure that they can start generating Revenue as quickly as possible.

In fact, many entrepreneurs don’t end up with a marketing plan, and it’s the main cause of business failures in Canada. Industry Canada did a study and found out that 50% of all Canadian entrepreneurs failed in business.

When they ask these businesses to cite reasons why they failed. 42% of these failed businesses. Said the reason why they failed was they were unable to find customers for their products and services. Therefore, a great marketing plan is not only an important tool. It is a necessary one in order for businesses to succeed.

However, with the amount of different online marketing options. Edmonton business consultant says it can be very overwhelming or confusing to know what marketing methods are worthwhile. If an entrepreneur does not take the time to do their research. They might end up utilizing an expensive and ineffective marketing method.


One form of advertising that entrepreneurs that should definitely avoid according to Edison business consultant. Is clickbait advertising. Some marketing companies say that this is extremely effective. Because it increases the number of people who are going to click on the ad.

How clickbait works. Is that it will have an intentionally vague or intentionally Sensational headline. To encourage as many people as possible to visit that site. When people actually click on the link. It goes to an advertisement for the products. And not about what people thought it was advertising.

The reason why marketing companies say this works. Is because it increases the number of people that are likely to click on the link. And the more people that click on the link, the more likely some of them might actually be interested in buying the product or service.

However, business owners need to understand that not only is this ineffective. But in order to generate enough results to grow their revenue. Business owners need to spend several thousand dollars every month. And still not generate as many leads as they might think they should.

Therefore, by coming up with a great marketing plan ahead of time. Entrepreneurs can ensure that they have a plan that will help them succeed. As soon as they open the doors to their business. Which will increase their likelihood of starting to generate Revenue sooner.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Your Business Honestly

Marketing is just as important to business success as cash flow projections and financial plans says Edmonton business consultant. However, many entrepreneurs not only don’t even have a business plan. They don’t have a marketing plan either. Which can result in not producing enough sales to stay viable in business.

Also, if an entrepreneur does not have a marketing plan. They might fall for using some of the most ineffective and dislikes marketing methods. When methods that people should avoid significantly. Are invasive advertising said Edmonton Business Consultants.

The reason why people should avoid this marketing methods. Is because not only does it take a significant amount of money to generate results. But it also can upset and frustrate people in the process. Making them less likely to want to purchase the products and services from the business.

Many people have experienced invasive ads in the commercials in between their television shows. Or commercials on the radio. Edmonton business consultant says these are considered invasive ads. Because they are shown to people who are not making purchases. And not to when they are asking to see those advertisements.

include pop-up ads, that many people have experienced if they have gone to an unscrupulous website, and they almost have to turn the Entire Computer off to escape them. Another form of invasive advertising online says Edmonton business consultant. Are ads that show up in the news feed of a social media website.

These ads are invasive again, because they are showing themselves to people while they are doing something other than shopping. When people are on social media, they are looking to connect with friends and family. And not looking to make any purchases.


Therefore, business owners should understand where they should be advertising. Edmonton business consultant says it’s as simple as figuring out where most consumers go. When they are looking to buy products or services themselves.

Business owners should consider their own answer to this question. Where they would go if they had a need for something. For example, if an entrepreneur had a leak in the basement and there was water flooded everywhere. Chances are quite high that they would go to Google and search for plumbers in their area.

therefore, advertising on Google is an extremely effective form of advertising. Because not only are they targeting their ideal and likely buyers with the AdWords that they choose. But their ads are only going to show up. When those ideal unlikely buyers are ready to purchase those same products and services.

Advertising on Google is fairly easy says Edmonton business consultant. All in entrepreneur has to do is choose the keywords they would like to use. And pick a marketing budget that they would like to stick to.

Other than that, the only thing they need to do is ensure that they are sticking to their marketing budget every single week. So that they can generate results. And that being sure that they write a great ad to inspire people to click on it.
When business owners figure this out, they’re going to start generating leads for their business. Which is why it’s a great idea for business owners to figure this out before they open the doors to their business. So does that as soon as they open. They can start generating sales.