Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing The People In The Business

Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing the People In The Business

Many entrepreneurs are not sure why they would need to market themselves alongside their business says Edmonton business consultant. And think that the key to growing a successful business, is looking like a large, faceless corporation. However, the opposite is actually true.

Customers want to buy products and services from companies they know, like and trust. And there is no way that they can get to know were like a business, that they do not know who the people are behind it. This is because people identify with other people.

Large corporations know this, and have been using this for decades or longer. To build a relationship with their potential customers, and building the trust needed to sell products and services to them.

Some of the largest companies in the world, such as General Motors, General Electric, art and Coca-Cola have become exceptionally good at getting their business. Not just by continuing to market their company. Even after they have achieved massive success.

But in how they build that relationship, knowing that customers will not buy from faceless corporation. And this is why they often use celebrity endorsements. Those celebrities can become the face of the business, getting potential customers to know and like them.

And Edmonton business consultant says when they find a celebrity that exhibits the traits or qualities they want to have associated with their brand. This is going to help ensure that people associate those qualities with the corporation.


An extremely good example of this says Edmonton business consultant. Is a when the tool company DeWalt tools started using Mike Holmes to sell their products. Mike Holmes is a master homebuilder. Is known for his exceptional quality, and attention to detail.

By using Mike Holmes, potential customers would associate the qualities that make Holmes possesses, exceptional quality with the DeWalt tool brand. And will be more likely to buy those tools, because they want to use the tools associated with such a well-known expert.

And while small business owners are not going to be able to utilize that same strategy. What they can do is be the face of their business, so that potential customers can identify with the business owners, so that they can get to know them, like them and trust them.

How an entrepreneur does this can be through a multitude of different ways. Including putting their pictures and biographies of themselves and their entire team on the team page of their website.

This is extremely effective, because studies have shown that the team page of any business’s website is the single most visited area of a website, other than the homepage of that website.

By becoming the face of their business, they can become relatable, connect with their customers. And starts to tell their unique story, to help customers identify with them. And then they will be far more likely to be able to sell their products and services. Because their customers will have a connection with the business.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing the People In The Business

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make is not having a marketing plan says Edmonton business consultant. This is often because business owners think that is going to be much easier to find customers and sell their products and services that it actually ends up being.

They think the only thing that may need in order to sell their products is to have an extremely good product or service. And word-of-mouth will do the rest.

However, no matter how excellent a product or service is, customers will not hear about those products and services without a marketing plan. Ultimately, customers want to do business with companies they know like and trust as well.

Industry Canada did a survey in order to find out why half of all Canadian entrepreneurs were failing in business. And what they found out, was that 42% of all failed entrepreneurs. Said that they were unable to find enough customers to buy their products and services.

Therefore, almost half of all entrepreneurs that failed, could have stayed in business, if they had a great marketing plan says Edmonton business consultant.

This marketing plan needs to have a strategy on how they are going to market their business so that customers can get to know them, like them and trust them. And while being the face of the business, and showing who they are is the first important step.


That is how entrepreneurs are going to get customers to know and like them. But how they are going to get trust them depends on reviews and testimonials.

88% of all customers look at a business is Google review prior to buying products and services from them. This is an overwhelming majority of all customers but more important than that, not only do 88% of all customers look at reviews, but those reviews actually influence their purchasing decisions as well.

And if an entrepreneur does not have enough reviews or any at all. That is going to negatively influence their purchasing decision. Because they will not trust that the business is good at what they do. Or that those reviews are for more real customers.

Therefore the minimum number of reviews that an entrepreneur should get in order to inspire trust is forty. Not only because forty is difficult to get, but because customers will see that number of reviews. And know that they came from real people. Because it is hard to fake that many reviews.

Therefore, it should be one of the most important things that an entrepreneur does early on in their business. Is getting these Google reviews. So that they can build trust with all potential customers, who are thinking of purchasing their products and services. And will end up looking at their Google reviews to influence that decision.

It is important that entrepreneurs do this as quickly as possible. Because is going to be much more difficult than they think it will be to get forty Google reviews. And in order to get that number as quickly as possible. They need to have a strategy.

Therefore, if there marketing plan does not include this strategy. They should contact Edmonton business consultant, and have consultation and create a marketing plan that will help them succeed.