Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing That Consumers Dislike

Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing that Consumers Dislike

Marketing can be a very confusing topics azimut in business consultant. That’s when done well, can help an entrepreneur grow their business. And when it has not been well. a business owner might fail, for not being able to sell enough of their products or services.

In fact, the number one reason why Canadian businesses fail is because they are unable to find enough customers to buy their products and services. Lyndon business consultant says that industry Canada found out that while half of all Canadian entrepreneurs failed in business. 42% of those failed entrepreneurs said the reason why they failed was because they were unable to find the market for their business.

And that’s typically not because business owners did not have a market for their business. They probably were not able to find it because they were either advertising and effectively. Or not advertising at all.

However, entrepreneurs should understand that if they solve the problem with their product or service. They will have a built-in customer base. Rather than coming up with an Innovative idea. And then trying to find the customers for that product or service says I mentioned business consultant.

However, by understanding what some ineffective marketing strategies are. Can help entrepreneurs figure out which strategies are effective. So that they can be more likely to find those important customers and grow their revenue.


One of the first things that business owners should avoid when advertising online is clickbait. Edmonton Business Consultants says that even if people don’t know what clickbait is. Chances are quite good that they have experienced a clickbait add once before.

This is when an advertisement either is vague. And they hope that people click on it to get clarification. And then the ad is for something completely different. Or, clickbaits could use a sensational topic, headline or photograph. To make people click on it to find out what it’s about. And then advertise their product or service.

Clickbait makes people feel duped and it makes them feel stupid which is why it’s not very popular says Edmonton business consultant. And while companies use it. They have an extremely large marketing budget. And hope that out of all those people who feel duped by clicking add. Some of them will also like to buy the product or service that they are selling.

Another form of marketing that people really dislike says Edmonton business consultant are invasive ads. People are most familiar with invasive Advance as commercials that come on during their television program. Which is why pvr’s are so popular nowadays. So that people can skip over these intrusive advertisement.

However, invasive ads can be as that show up on a website, when people are not expecting them to. Such as when people are on Facebook, and a sponsored ad comes up in their newsfeed. Wow many people think that Facebook advertising is so effective. Because a lot of people are on the website.

Facebook advertising and other social media advertising is less effective than many people think. Simply because when people are on social media sites. They are not looking to make a purchase at that moment.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing that Consumers Dislike

There are lots of farms of effective marketing says Edmonton Business Consultants. But if an entrepreneur does not come up with their marketing plan ahead of time. Even before they open the doors to their business. They will be less likely to come up with an effective form of marketing. And that puts their business at risk.

Business owners should actually sit down with their Edmonton business consultant and come up with a marketing plan to put into their business plan. So that business owners and small entrepreneurs know exactly what they’re going to do. As soon as they start their business to start finding their ideal and likely buyers.

Famous marketer, Seth Godin has been known to say this about marketing. Selling ice cream on the beach in the summer is easy. But raising people’s expectations, engaging their hopes and dreams and helping them see further is the difficult work that marketers sign up for. From now on, customers know about your competitors than you do. And so your community work, no matter how much effort you put into it is Never Enough.

Business owners needs to come up with a marketing plan ahead of time. Because as they start to get involved in the day-to-day operations of their business. They will never find the time to create one. And as long as they are marketing their business, they stand a chance at finding customers for their products and services.

One of the most effective ways that business owners can find their ideal and likely customers. Is on Google. Because not only will they find their ideal and likely Byers. They will find them when they are ready to make a purchasing decision says Edmonton business consultant.


To prove last, entrepreneurs assembly needs to think about the last time they needed to buy a product or a service and didn’t know what store they should buy it from. Or what store had that type of product or service. More often than not, Edmonton Business Consultants says business owners themselves will go to Google to find a store to purchase that product from. And other consumers are no different.

In fact, Google is responsible for 94% of all organic internet traffic. So ranking on other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo or MSN. Or on other websites like Facebook. Is just not functional. Google is the one website to be on.

Not only is it important to be on Google. But it can be free for entrepreneurs at least when they get started. They should sign up for a Google my business page or a Google Places listing. Which not only is free says Edmonton business consultant. But it will allow businesses to start getting ranked on map listings on the first page of Google.

And another thing that Google my business listing will do, is give entrepreneurs the ability. To start getting Google reviews for their business. 88% of all customers look for Google reviews in order to influence their purchasing decisions.

By starting marketing their business on Google. Business owners can get free marketing immediately. But once they have 40 reviews or more, advertising on Google is less expensive as well. And will be the place where business owners will be able to find their ideal and likely buyer