Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Techniques to Avoid

Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Techniques to Avoid

If entrepreneurs don’t have a marketing plan to follow as soon as they open the doors to their business as Edmonton business consultant. They could make some serious mistakes when it comes to their marketing efforts. Or, they might not ever find the time to create a marketing plan. Which would result in them not being able to sell enough products or services to stay viable.

And while many entrepreneurs might think that this is something that only happens to a few businesses. Industry Canada to the study and found out this is actually the number one reason why entrepreneurs in Canada failed.

Therefore, one of the best things that an entrepreneur can do that will be able to help them succeed says Edmonton business consultant. Is create a business plan that has a marketing plan within it. That way, business owners can even start laying the groundwork for their marketing efforts even before they open the doors to their business. And will be more likely to start selling products sooner in their business. So that they can remain viable.

However, when it comes to online marketing. Entrepreneurs needs to understand exactly how important it is to be very specific with how they spend their money. Edmonton Business Consultant says not all online marketing efforts are effective. And some take a considerable amount of money in order to be effective.

And some methods are downright dubious or questionable. Leaving even marketing companies questioning the validity of their efforts. Therefore, a business owner should know what these dubious marketing efforts are. So that they can avoid them.


One of the first things that business owners should do, is avoid making empty promises and their marketing. Edmonton Business Consultant as many entrepreneurs have probably seen these. Promises of being able to work for only a few hours from home. Making thousands of dollars a month.

Other empty promises could be diet products that promise to work guaranteed. Or wrinkle creams that reduce wrinkles permanently. While many people understand that these are false claims. Business owners should avoid these types of false claims and their own advertising.

Not only do consumers feel lied to. But when the product or service doesn’t work the way it was advertised to. Then a business could start getting a poor reputation. Therefore, business owner should be very careful to create a dynamic add that people wants to click on. Without giving empty promises.

A great technique to this says Edmonton Business Consultant. Would be creating a no-brainer offer.what a no-brainer offer is, is a deal so good. That people that are on the fence about purchasing the product or service. Decide to purchase it because of the deal. And the cost of offering something to a customer. Is negligible if that is what turns them from a lead into a customer.

However, an entrepreneur would need to create that no brainer offer first. And then ensure that they’ve written an ad that is dynamic. And they can avoid these empty promise ads that make customers upset. And instead create Goodwill with their clients by giving something of value away.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Techniques to Avoid

While marketing a business is one of the keys to success says Edmonton business consultant. Where and how and entrepreneur decides to Market their business is extremely important. While there are a lot of very effective marketing methods off line. If an entrepreneur is not also marketing their business online. They are missing a huge chunk of the market segment.

For example, not only is Google the largest search engine in the world. But this is the websites that most customers in the entire world go to. When they are looking to find a business to buy a product or service that they’re looking for from.

A great way of seeing this an action is for an entrepreneur to consider what they would do. If suddenly their basement pipes have sprung a leak and they were getting a flood in the basement. Chances are, the majority of people answering this question. Would say that they would go to Google and find plumbers in their area.

This demonstrates how powerful online marketing is. And if businesses are not marketing their business here. Even if they are a small business. And even if their Market is very small. It is an extremely powerful tool.

However. All online marketing is the same says Edmonton business consultant. And simply finding the first way to Market a business online is not necessarily the right approach. Which is why it is exceptionally beneficial for entrepreneurs to create a marketing strategy. Even before they open the doors to their business.


If entrepreneurs are not creating a marketing plan ahead of time. They might resort to advertising on ineffective websites like social media. Or using clickbait to advertise their product or service. Edmonton business consultant says even if people have not heard the term clickbait before. There’s a pretty good chance that they will have experienced it at least a few times in their lifetime.

What clickbait is. Is an ad that is intentionally vague or uses a sensational headline. In order to get people’s attention. They will often click on the ad in order to find out more information. And often instead of more information, they will get an ad for something completely different. Making customers feel duped into clicking the link in the first place.

or as the consumer clicks on the ad to find out more information, they are inundated with pop-up ads. This again makes people feel tricked into clicking on the ad. But the idea behind this way of marketing says Edmonton business consultant. Is that if enough people get curious. Enough Pitbull will click on the link, and there might be just a few interested in buying that product or service.

However it takes an extremely large marketing budget for that to work. And a company that doesn’t worry about their reputation, if they upset a few customers.

By creating a great marketing plan even before they open the doors to their business. Entrepreneurs can avoid techniques that will have customers swearing at them. Instead of purchasing what they have to offer.