Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Techniques Customers Dislike

Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Techniques Customers Dislike

Wow marketing businesses is an extremely important tasks as Edmonton business consultant. It can be an extremely daunting one. That has many business owners feeling confused. And this is where marketing companies come in handy. But new entrepreneurs generally can’t afford a marketing company. Which is why it’s extremely important to come up with a marketing plan.

Often, business owners think that their product is so fantastic that word of mouth is going to sell the products all by itself. And while this is a great thought. It doesn’t generally work in practice. In fact, industry Canada did a survey in order to find out what the biggest challenge entrepreneurs had in business.

What industry Canada found out was not only did half Canadian businesses fail. but that the number one reason why businesses failed. Was because they were unable to find enough customers for their products or services. This is likely because they either had an effective marketing methods. Or they were not marketing their business at all.

And while marketing a business might seem like an insurmountable task says Edmonton business consultant. By researching it ahead of time. And putting it into their business plan. Can help prepare business owners for tackling this difficult task. As soon as they open the doors to their business.

Instead of thinking that they will have the time and energy to create a marketing plan once they’ve opened the doors to their business. Because this is not generally going to be the case says Edmonton business consultant. 12-hour days, six days a week. Doesn’t typically allow a business owner to spend additional time figuring out a marketing plan.


And while online marketing is extremely important. And Edmonton business consultant recommends that every business have some kind of online presence. That doesn’t need to be in the form of a website. At least not when they first open the doors to their business. It is far more important to be advertising in a different way. In order to find customers in the first place.

However, there are several forms of online advertising that not only are ineffective. But they can make customers feel upset and lied to. An example of this would be invasive advertising. These are ads that show up when a customer isn’t looking for an ad in the first place. A good example of this are commercials that come up in the middle of a television program.

However, the online equivalent to television commercials are ads that pop up when people visit a certain websites. such as a recipe website. If anyone has ever visited a recipe website. They will know the frustration of not being able to see the recipe. For all the invasive ads that pop up.

Another form of invasive advertising is being on social media sites. While many entrepreneurs think that this is very Savvy. Because thousands or more people are on social media everyday. However they are not on social media to buy products or Services. Which is why it is not an effective form of advertising.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Techniques Customers Dislike

One of the most effective things that an entrepreneur can do to improve their chances of success says Edmonton business consultant. Is come up with a marketing plan before they even open the doors to their business. While many entrepreneurs don’t even have a business plan at all in their business. Even fewer have a detailed marketing plan. And that often shows in the failure rate of businesses in Canada.

Not only do 50% of businesses fail, but 42% of those failed businesses say they failed because they are unable to find customers to buy their products or services. In fact, the software manufacturing company named Palo Alto did a survey. And discovered that entrepreneurs that had plans in their business. We’re 50% more likely to grow their revenue then businesses without a plan at all.

With how important advertising is. It is inconceivable that any business owner would think that they could get by on word-of-mouth referrals alone, or just relying on their location in order to sell their products or Services.

However, many entrepreneurs also don’t know the most effective ways to advertise their business and can get sex into questionable marketing efforts. Either because it is made to seem like it will solve all their problems. Or because it’s very user-friendly.

Edmonton business consultant says an example of this would be clickbait. And even though many people may not understand what the term click bait means. Everyone has probably experienced this in their lifetime at least once or twice.


Click-baiting is what it’s called when an ad is either intentionally vague. Or it is intentionally Sensational. People will click on that ad in order to find out more information. And they are either inundated with pop-up ads. Or it is for a product or service completely unrelated to the ad in the first place.

Customers generally feel lied to or even duped when they click on an ad like this and realize that it’s for something entirely different. Making customers feel stupid is not an effective way to get them to buy their products or Services says Edmonton business consultant.

The reason why marketing companies says this works. Is because the vague nature of the ad. Will inspire a lot of people to click on the ad. And the more people that click on the ad. Increases the chances that one of those people might actually be interested in the product or service that they are selling.

Not only does this method incite anger and customers. Because they feel lied to. But also, it takes an extremely large marketing budget for this to work. Which is not beneficial for small entrepreneurs. Therefore, all small businesses should avoid clickbait at all costs.

By knowing what to avoid can help entrepreneurs figure out what they should do for their marketing. And keeping in mind that any plan is better than absolutely no plan at all. And when an entrepreneur opens their business and markets as soon as possible. They will be far more likely to sell more products than the company that does not Market their business until they’ve been open for a while.