Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Styles That People Don’t Like

Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Styles That People Don’t Like

If companies think they are being clever with their marketing says Edmonton business consultant. Chances are, they are using one of the five ways that people hate being marketed to. Instead of being clever, it is often upsetting consumers. And making more people not want to buy any products or services from companies that are doing these things.

One of the first ways that people hate being marketed to is invasive ads. This is the reason why pvr’s are so popular. Is so that people can skip all of the commercials when watching television programs. Edmonton business consultant says the same is true for advertising online.

And while a lot of people think of invasive ads as pop-up ads. There are a lot more invasive ads online than just that. For example, people should realize that if they are on Facebook, and they are scrolling through their news feed. The ants that come up in their Newsfeed are also invasive ads.

These are annoying, and not typically relevance to what people want to purchase. When way of proving that says Edmonton business consultant Is realizing that people are not on Facebook to buy anything. They are on Facebook to be social and connect with people.

Even though Facebook uses algorithms to give them ads of content that are related to what they have mentioned. They are not on Facebook to make purchases. And therefore they are far less effective.

Another style of advertising that people hate says Edmonton Business Consultants is clickbait. Many people don’t know what clickbait is. Although they’ve probably experienced if they spent any amount of time online.


What it is, is a misleading ad. Either it says it’s about one thing. And when people click on it, it’s about something entirely different. Or it is really vague about what it’s about. And it tries to get people to click on it.

Another form of clickbait says Edmonton business consultant is when an ad promises to tell the rest of the story when people click on it. But everytime they click, the keep having to click on more and more articles to get the answer, while being assaulted with invasive ads.

This is frustrating, and angers people. Rather than encouraging them to make purchases. Edmonton business consultant says that marketers should be instead, selling their products and services to people who are looking to buy those products and services.

When businesses can Market their products and services to people who are looking to make those purchases. They will not have to try nearly as hard in order to be effective. And they will find that they are able to convert leads into customers a lot easier.

Therefore, advertising on the one website that most consumers go to when they are ready to make a purchase. Such as Google is an effective way to spend advertising dollars online effectively. And without angering a lot of potential consumers in the process.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Styles That People Don’t Like

There are many reasons why people don’t like advertising says Edmonton Business Consultants. It’s because many forms of advertising have known to be intrusive. Or showing up when people least expect it. And while advertising is extremely important. Entrepreneurs needs to be extremely mindful about how they are advertising. So they don’t inadvertently upsets their likely and ideal buyers.

As Marketing Online becomes even more prevalent than ever before. There are even more choices for advertising online. However, most of these methods involve invasive advertising. Having ads pop up when people least expect it. And unless people are in the market for making a purchase. They don’t want to see a company’s ads.

Whether it is a pop up on a website that they are going to. For example, pop ups on recipe websites, selling ingredients as well as cookware. Or if it’s pop ups on websites completely unrelated to what they’re looking at.

Another form of invasive advertising is on Facebook. When people are scrolling through their news feeds, and the see a wide variety of ads marketing to them. Edmonton business consultant says advertising on Facebook is less effective. Simply because when people are on Facebook, they are not shopping. They are looking to be social, and are not looking to make a purchase yet.

These kinds of invasive ads annoying people. And often get them to stop using the website altogether, rather than selling a product.


Edmonton Business Consultants as business owners also need to ensure that they are being very forthcoming with their advertising. For example, people hate what’s called clickbait. What clickbait is, is when an ad is not upfront about what it is selling.

Clickbait can either be completely misleading on what is being advertised. Having people think that they are clicking on an ad for face cream. When it is actually an advertisement for seminar on how to get rich on the internet.

Or, clickbait can also be extremely vague on what it’s about. Forcing people to click on the ad, and then click through several screens to find out what it’s talking about. Edmonton Business Consultants has also, clickbait can be a misleading or a sensational headline. That when people click on it, they realize it’s not what they thought it was.

This form of advertising is extremely misleading and upsets people. And Edmonton business consultant says advertisers also needs to ensure that they are not promising things that they cannot actually deliver on. Things like getting rich instantly. Making tons of money from home only working a few hours a week. Or that the product or service that they are selling is going to solve all their problems.

Edmonton business consultant says advertisers can simply Market their product or service simply and honestly. And Market to consumers who are at the moment, looking to purchase that product or service. When companies start doing that, they’re going to have a lot more luck with being able to sell their product or service to Consumers.