Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Strategies that Build Trust

Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Strategies that Build Trust

It is extremely important that small business owners create a marketing plan says Edmonton business consultant. Because without a marketing plan, they will not have any idea on what they need to do to grow their business.

And this can end up them working very hard, and doing a lot of activities that can seem marketing or advertising related. But are not generating results. This is why it is very important that they sit down with a marketing professional to figure out what they need to do.

As marketing mogul, Gary Vaynerchuk has been famous for saying, your number one goal is to tell your story to your customer wherever they are. And preferably at the moment they are deciding to make a purchase.

Not only do customers want to buy products and services from businesses they know, like and trust. But they also buy on emotion. So having an emotional connection with the businesses they purchase from is incredibly important.

Many large corporations know this extremely well. And have been doing it consistently for decades if not longer. Companies such as Walmart, Coca-Cola and even McDonald’s. No the importance of continuing to advertise, even after gaining market share.

And eliciting that trusts needed to build a bond with their customers. And how they often do that, is by using celebrity endorsements. The reason why they do this says Edmonton business consultant. Is because it is much easier for consumers to build trust with a person instead of a brand.


By putting a face to a business, consumers can identify with that person, and know what the business is all about. This is why corporations use celebrities. And pick celebrities that exude the qualities that they want to be associated with their brand.

A great example of this, is in Canada, DeWalt tools wanted to sell more tools. So they hired celebrity Mike Holmes. Mike Holmes is a master builder, known for his high standards as well as his quality work.

So by using this celebrity, DeWalt tools borrows the qualities that Mike Holmes is known for, such as high standards and quality work. So that people can associate those qualities with their brand. And I more tools from the company.

However, this strategy is way out of reach for most small businesses. Simply because they do not have pockets deep enough for a multimillion dollar advertising campaign.

But this does not mean that they cannot use the same strategies but in a different way. If they cannot afford to celebrity endorser. They need to be the face of their business, so that at least their customers have someone to identify with as well.

In fact, Edmonton business consultant says that the second most viewed page of any businesses website is the team page. Showing how important it is that customers know who the people are behind the business.

Building up a strong team page, showing pictures of all the staff, and well-written biographies about each person. Can give a small business the ability to connect with their customers, and start building a relationship.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Strategies that Build Trust

It is very important for entrepreneurs to create an effective marketing strategy says Edmonton business consultant that builds trust with their customers.

The single most common reason why entrepreneurs in Canada fail. Is that they cannot find enough customers to buy their products and services. And while some people might assume this is because there is no market for their products. This is not generally the case.

The more likely reason why people could not find customers. Is because they either had a terrible marketing plan. But far more likely, they did not have a marketing plan at all.

This could be because many people assume that it is going to be far easier to find customers for their products and services. But anyone who has been in business knows that this is not true.

All companies, even large corporations need to have an effective marketing plan. And then continue to market, no matter how effective their strategies have been in the past.

1 Great Way that people can build trust with potential customers, is by having Google reviews in their business. The reason why this is important, is because 88% of all consumers look at a businesses Google reviews, before they buy products or services from them.


Not only that says Edmonton business consultant. But they will use those Google reviews in order to influence their purchasing decisions as well. Meaning if they do not like what they see, they will take their business elsewhere. Even if they have received a recommendation from a friend or family.

The reason why they will not use a business that has only a few Google reviews. Is because it does not inspire confidence, or trust.

Therefore, one of the best strategies that a business can come up with. Is learn how to get Google reviews as quickly as they can in their business. They can do this first, by setting up a Google my business page. And then asking every single one of their customers consistently to leave a Google review.

Some companies often offer to discount the final bill by a bit in order to inspire people to agree to leave a Google review. And the goal will be to get to forty reviews as quickly as possible.

The reason why forty reviews is the goal. Is because this is the number that studies have shown inspires confidence in customers. Therefore, a business will be far more likely to generate more customers and more sales in their business. If they simply have forty Google reviews. And do everything else the same.

Using this, as well as putting their face on the business. Can help start to build the trust that customers need in order to purchase from a business. And while this is not a magic solution, that is going to work magically overnight.

By doing this method consistently, is owners can build a long-lasting brand of trust, so that they can be more likely to grow their business, and generate raving fans and happy customers for life says Edmonton business consultant.