Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Approaches to Avoid

Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Approaches to Avoid

There are many ways that entrepreneurs can Market their business that is incredibly effective says Edmonton business consultant. However, an entrepreneur is not going to stumble upon these by accident. It takes precise planning, and understanding what effective methods are. As well as what methods they should avoid.

And while many business owners think that they needs to have a dynamic website before they can even start having an online presence. This is not true. And in fact can be a colossal waste of money does Edmonton business consultant.

Because if an entrepreneur is not able to get leads for their business to go to their website in the first place. There’s no point in having that website. Therefore, an entrepreneur needs to focus on generating an online presence. So that when they do get a website, it can help convert those leads into customers.

In addition to not running out and spending thousands of dollars right away on a website. An entrepreneur should also avoid certain methods of advertising. Not only because they are ineffective. But also because they are not looks upon kindly by customers as well as other marketers as well.

One of the first things that entrepreneurs should avoid according to Edmonton business consultant is clickbait. Not only is clickbait annoying for the person that clicking on it. Who will end up feeling stupid when they click on something that isn’t what it seems to be.


But the idea behind a clickbait is, entrepreneurs will have a lot of people clicking on the ad for a variety of different reasons. And chances are high that the more people that click on an ad. One of them will be interested in buying the product or service.

However this takes an enormous amount of money. And small business owners not only do not have that kind of money. But they also will be less likely to afford the poor reputation in their area that they will get if business owners use this form of advertising.

Another form of advertising that business owners should avoid when marketing their business online is an invasive ad says Edmonton business consultant. Not only are invasive ads very frustrating. But they also make customers angry, and want to avoid anything to do with them.

A great example of an invasive ad online says Edmonton business consultant. Is when people try to go to a recipe website. There are dozens of popups selling everything from ingredients, to cookware, to anything else. Not only does this upset the consumer. Because they are unable to use the websites in the way that they want., but they will also remember that adds and be less likely to purchase from that company in the future.

My understanding all of the different marketing methods online that are ineffective, or end up upsetting customers. Can help business owners devise a marketing plan that is effective. Not only with generating leads and sales for their business. But also cost-effective. So that they don’t have to spend a fortune in order to get those sales.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Approaches to Avoid

One of the common errors that a lot of business owners make when they first start their business according to Edmonton business consultant. Is that they don’t have a business plan. Or a marketing plan. The reason why this is such a mistake. Is because having a plan at all can increase and entrepreneurs chances of success by a significant amount.

Palo Alto, the software company did a survey and found that entrepreneurs that had a business plan. We’re 50% more likely to grow their revenue in their business and succeed. Then entrepreneurs without a business plan at all. Therefore, all entrepreneurs should see how important it is to have a business plan.

Also, business owners should take into consideration that one of the number one reasons for Canadian businesses to fail is that they can’t find enough customers.

This is not generally because there is not enough customers to support the business. But rather because an entrepreneur did not markets their business effectively. Or Market their business at all. Which is why they were unable to find the customers they needed to survive.

This is why it’s very important for business owners to have an idea of exactly how they’re going to Market their business as soon as they open the doors. If they think that they’re going to be able to sell their products on word-of-mouth alone. Or if they we’ll figure out a marketing plan once they’ve opened their business. They are not going to end up with as much business as they assume they will.


And while online marketing is extremely important. Not all methods of online marketing is the same as the other. And Edmonton business consultant says entrepreneurs needed to be very aware. That they don’t end up wasting their time or wasting their money on the wrong marketing efforts.

When form of advertising that all business owners should avoid completely according to Edmonton business consultant. Is clickbait. Although many people may not have heard the term clickbait before. They probably have experienced this.

And what it is, is an intentionally vague or intentionally Sensational ad. That people click on to find more information. However instead of giving them more information. It is either products that is completely unrelated. Or, it is a website that’s inundates the user with a bunch of pop-up and invasive ads.

The reason why marketing companies say that clickbait works. Is it because it increases the number of people who are clicking on the ad in the first place. Increasing the chances that perhaps one of them would be interested in the product that the company is selling. However it makes most customers feel lied to. And they don’t look favorably upon businesses that utilize this form of advertising.

By understanding what ads to avoid says Edmonton business consultant. Entrepreneurs can make much better decisions on what marketing methods they want to utilize. And allow them to create a marketing plan that is effective. And can help them hit the ground running as soon as they open the doors to their business.