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Edmonton Business Consultant | Living Purposefully

The reason why people should focus on goals personally says Edmonton business consultant, is so that they can decide what they want their life to look like and set themselves on the right path to achieve it. Harvard business study found that 83% of the population does not have a single goals that. However, those that did set at least one goal in their life actually were 14% more successful than people with no goals at all. However, those that had goals and also wrote them down became three times more successful than those who just thought about them. Therefore, setting a goal and writing it down can help people be more successful in achieving what they want.

Edmonton business consultant recommends that people think about six areas of their life to set goals in. They call them the F six goals and they stand for faith, family, friendship, fitness, fun and finance. By setting goals in each of these areas can help a person be purposeful with all areas of their life. this has people thinking about each of these areas and what truly is most important to them. By setting these goals once a year, and then reevaluating them on a regular basis can help people understand what they want to get out of life.

One of the more fun goals to think about according to Edmonton business consultant is the fund goal. Most people’s time is very scheduled and precious, but they still want to have fun. Without thinking of what fun activities they want to set in their life to use as a reward for all the hard work might end up with a person not having meaningful activities to spend their time doing. Therefore, they should think about what activities bring them joy, and use those as a reward for their hard work.

Another important goal to set is a friendship goal. Again just like the previous goal, this can be very hard for people to achieve, because as they get busy, working on their career and spending time with their growing family this can become difficult. And that is why it is most important for people to create goals around. By connecting with friends help people remember what is most important, and have fun. Therefore, friendship goal might be something like sitting a regular date to get together with them, or going out to lunch, or even hosting friends at their home for a few hours can help people maintain that important bond.

By thinking ahead of time about what is most important to a person’s life, and setting goals around them can help people move in the right direction of what they want their life to look like. By reevaluating these goals and see year schism ten business consultant can keep people refreshed of what is important, and change their goals as their life changes as well. By doing this, people can create a life that they have always wanted for themselves.

Edmonton business consultant | living purposefully

Many people are very aware of all of the professional goals that they need to set in order to have the career that they want says Edmonton business consultant. But if they are not doing that with their personal life as well, might wonder why their life is not turning out the way they want. Therefore, people should set some time aside for them to create goals in their life, so they at least know what direction they should go in.

Grading a faith goal is one important area where people should spend some time thinking about according to Edmonton business consultant. This might be easy for people that have a specific faith and they might set a goal of attending a worship service on a regular basis, or listening to a faith podcast. However, this goal is not necessarily about a specific faith, and is about allowing people a chance to connect their spirit to something greater than themselves. Whatever activities a person can engage in to ensure that there connecting their spirit to something larger is a great faith goal. They may decide to volunteer, donate to a good cause, or even join us service club.

Another important goal to set is a fitness goal. The reason why, is because without a person’s health, they are unable to build a successful career, be present for their family, and even most importantly, without health they cannot enjoy life themselves. Therefore, Edmonton business consultant says a fitness goal should be centred around helping a person stay active and healthy, and not necessarily about turning someone into an athlete. Whatever activity is going to help a person who their body on a regular basis and moved towards health is important. By setting this goal, and creating a plan that can help people stick to it and avoid injury is important.

Also important for people to have a financial goal as well. This should not be confused for the financial goals that people set professionally. This will help people ensure that the money that their spending is thought about and purposeful. A lot of people can end up spending money thoughtlessly, or on things they do not actually want or need. Therefore, creating a financial goal is all about helping people spend money with more intent. A goal could be something as small as automating the savings account so that they can ensure money is being put away regularly. Or could be having a goal to pay off a debt, or save for something fun. By having this goal, people can be more intentional with the money that they spend.

When people think about what is most important in their life, and then creating goals around that, they can change their actions on a daily basis to get them towards a life that is meaningful and important to them. This is going to guarantee that a person will achieve all of their goals, but it will help ensure that they are moving in the right direction.