Edmonton Business Consultant | How to Set Personal Goals


Edmonton Business Consultant | How to Set Personal Goals

Many entrepreneurs are no stranger to setting goals in their business says Edmonton business consultant. Whether this is through creating a business plan, or through a business coach that has them focusing on all the different areas they want to improve their business. However, it is also important that entrepreneurs are setting personal goals as well. The reason why, is so that they can ensure they are getting the most out of their life away from work as possible, because their life is so regimented, and there free time is so scarce. Therefore, learning how to set effective personal goals can help ensure that they are living a life of purpose when they are away from their business.

Edmonton business consultant recommends that entrepreneurs set a family goal because family is often the reason why business owners are driven to own their own business in the first place. They either want to be able to spend more time with their family, take them on vacations, provide for them now or in the future. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense that they should set goals around their family, to ensure that they are spending time with them, and honouring them while they are building a business improve everyone’s future. They might decide to set a goal of ensuring that when they are home, that they do not use electronic devices, so they can spend undivided attention with their family. Or, they might set a goal of having a fun activity on a regular basis with them. Whatever the goal is, should help a business owner connect with their family, and remember the reasons why they are building their business.

Another important goal for entrepreneurs to set in their personal life, is having a finance goal. While entrepreneurs will have several finance goals related to their business, they should also ensure that they have a finance goal personally. This can help ensure that the money that they have personally is being used with purpose. It might be a goal like paying off a debt like a credit card or mortgage. Or could be a larger or fun goal such as saving up for a vacation or purchasing something fun like a boat or an RV. It might decide to set a goal of automating their savings, so that they can save for whatever they wish. By creating this financial goal, and writing it down can help entrepreneurs take care when they are spending money personally.

When entrepreneurs are able to articulate some personal goals, they can help ensure that when they are not working on building their business, they feel a sense of purpose to their life, that can help them spend time meaningfully in the rest of their life. Not only should they set these goals, Edmonton business consultant recommends writing them down, so that they can be are likely to follow through and achieve these important personal goals for their life.

Edmonton business consultant | how to set personal goals

Harvard business did a study of the population, and found that 83% of the entire population did not have any goals says Edmonton business consultant. That means, if people do not know what they want or how to achieve it, will wander through life wondering what happened. While entrepreneurs are familiar with goal setting, even if it is in the context of a business plan. However, entrepreneurs should also get into the habit of creating personal goals, so that outside of their business, they can be purposeful their actions as well.

Edmonton business consultant recommends the six personal goals that entrepreneurs can focus on that can help them ensure their living a purposeful life are family, friendship and fun, as well as fitness, finances and faith. By focusing on these six areas, can help a business owner ensure they have drive, and direction outside of their business as well.

Not only should they set these goals, they should write them down because written down goals have a higher chance of being achieved. Although does not guarantee it, can help remind an entrepreneur of why they are working hard to build a business.

While entrepreneurs understand why having a family goal is important, they may understand less why they need to have a friendship goal. The reason why according to Edmonton business consultant, is because for many business owners this is very difficult. Working a minimum of eighty hours a week, six days a week with a focus on spending time with their family can end up leaving little time for friendships. However, having friends outside of their family units can be very life affirming, and help entrepreneurs ensure that they have people looking out for them as well. Since it might be very difficult, friendship goal might look like ensuring there engaging in different activities with their spouse, maintaining a level of friendship with their business partner or clients, or making time, even infrequently like once a month, or once every other month with friends outside of work or family.

Another great goal for entrepreneurs to set is fitness goal. This does not mean that an entrepreneur has to commit to becoming a star athlete, but having a goal of being active can help entrepreneurs stay healthy not just so that they can build a strong business, but so that they can be present for their family, and so that they can enjoy the life that their living as well. It may be a goal like blocking regularly, or engaging in a sporting activity that they love, so that they can be healthy. Setting a goal will help a business owner make a plan that can allow them to stick to it even if they get bored or want to quit.

By understanding why it is important to have personal goals alongside business goals can help inspire business owners to create goals in the six areas of life, and write them down. By doing this, business owners can focus on what is truly important them outside of their business, so that they can be purposeful with their actions.