Edmonton Business Consultant | How to Get to Your Ideal Customers

Edmonton Business Consultant | How to Get to Your Ideal Customers

Knowing how to find their ideal and likely customers is going to be one of an entrepreneurs most important tasks says Edmonton business consultant. And they should have a plan in place before they even open the doors to their business.

In fact, it’s a worthwhile exercise for entrepreneurs to identify who their ideal and likely clients are. Before they open the doors to their business. So that’s they not only know how to find them. But so that they will know how to Market to them as well.

When entrepreneurs do not know who their ideal and likely clients are. They end up resorting to frustrating, ineffective and annoying marketing techniques online. One example of this is when entrepreneurs utilize clickbait.

What clickbait is, is either a vague or Sensational looking headline. That when people click on it, either sells a product that people were not expecting. Or people needs to keep on clicking links to find out more information. While they are inundated with pop-up ads for a different product.

The idea behind this advertising says Edmonton business consultant. Is that entrepreneurs well cast a very wide net. Meaning a lot of people are going to click on this ad. Increasing the chances of at least some of those people wanting to buy the product or service.


Unfortunately, unless an entrepreneur has an extremely large marketing budget. This will not work. So small entrepreneurs need to find a more effective marketing method.

Another way that entrepreneurs should avoid marketing their business. Is with using empty promises. Many people have seen these ads. Promising people will only have to work from home for a few hours a day in order to get rich. Skin care cream that will get rid of wrinkles forever. And instant diet aids that will be guaranteed to work.

Business owners to be extremely realistic and how they Market their products. Because when they Market it to their ideal unlikely buyers. They won’t have to make crazy or unrealistic promises. Because those ideal and likely buyers will be looking to purchase their product or service.

Instead, if entrepreneurs know who their ideal unlikely buyers are. Then they’re going to be much more effective at targeting them and their online advertising. A great method to do this is by utilizing Google AdWords.

The reason why Google AdWords is so effective, is because Google is where most customers go in order to find businesses to purchase the products and services that they are looking for. That way, entrepreneurs who Market here. Not only are advertising only to customers who are looking to purchase. But they are also marketing to their ideal unlikely customers. Because of the keywords that they use.

This is why business owners should create this plan ahead of time. Because they can end up wasting precious time that their business is open and they are not generating Revenue. The sooner an entrepreneur can do this upon opening their business. The sooner they’re going to be able to increase their revenue and stay viable.

Edmonton Business Consultant | How to Get to Your Ideal Customers

Marketing an entrepreneurs business can be difficult says Edmonton business consultant. Which is why it is the number one reason why Canadian entrepreneurs fail. In fact, marketing is so important. That it should be included within a business owners business plan.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs do not have a business plan at all. And that can impact their ability to stay in business. In fact, Palo Alto the software manufacturing company. Did a survey in order to find out how effective business plans were and helping entrepreneurs succeed.

But they discovered, was that entrepreneurs that had a business plan for 50% more likely to grow their revenue. then entrepreneurs who did not have a plan at all. Therefore, all business owners should create a business plan. And once they’ve created their business plan, they can ensure that they have a marketing plan within it.

If business owners create a marketing plan. Then they can avoid utilizing ineffective or offencive marketing techniques. Edmonton business consultant says a great example of a marketing technique to avoid. Are invasive ads.

While many people equate invasive adds to the commercials that come up while watching television. Or commercials in between songs on their radio station. But online there are also invasive ads as well.

A great example of invasive ads says Edmonton business consultant is when people are on a social media site. And they’re scrolling through their Newsfeed and see an advertisement. This is considered an invasive ad. Because the consumer did not ask to see the ad. And they saw it when they were not looking to purchase products.


The reason advertisers Market this way. Is because they think that increasing the number of people that see their ads will help them get clicks. And the more clicks they have, the more people will buy their product. However, in order to make this marketing method effective.

Entrepreneurs needs to be willing to frustrates a certain amount of customers. New pair of and also, they will have to be ready to spend a lot of money. Because it’s going to take a significant amount of people viewing these ads in order for some of them to click on it just once.

However, business owners instead of marketing on a social media website. Where people do not go to make purchases. Marketing their business on the website that most people go to to purchase products is a much more effective investment for their marketing dollar.

Entrepreneurs should know that Google not only is the largest search engine in the world. Performing more searches for people of the internet then Yahoo, MSN and Bing combined. But also, Google is the largest website in the world. And advertising here can help entrepreneurs find customers who are ready to make purchases.

By marketing their products and services to Consumers who are looking to buy products and services. Is a much more effective way that business owners can spend their marketing dollars. Increasing the effectiveness, meaning they have to spend less money and wait last time for their marketing methods to be effective.