Edmonton Business Consultant | How to Create a Brand Customers Trust

Edmonton Business Consultant | How to Create a Brand Customers Trust

Creating a brand is incredibly important according to Edmonton business consultant. Because in order to inspire customers to buy products and services from a company. They need to know, like and trust a business.

An entrepreneur can do this by creating persona or a face of their business that customers can identify with and relate to. It is more than just putting their own face as the brand of their business. But also telling their unique story.

In fact, Digital Doughnut says one of the most critical aspects of using faces in design. Is to ensure that the faces have credible links to the organization. And products and services that are presented on the website.

By using their own face, and their own unique story, can help a customer start developing a relationship with their ideal and likely customers. That can help them get to know the business, and like them.

Even large corporations utilize this to their benefit. Not only by using celebrities to endorse their products. And ideally, celebrities that have traits and characteristics that they want associated with their business. Such as expertise, glamour, or fame.


In addition to hiring someone to be the face of their business. Edmonton business consultant says they also understand the importance of telling their unique story. For example, most people are aware of the origin story of Coca-Cola. From their beginnings in Atlanta, to the reason why the bottle is the shape that it is. And even their formula is famous.

And while this type of multimillion dollar branding and advertising is out of reach for most small business owners. Edmonton business consultant says what any entrepreneur can learn from this period is that customers want to relate to a business.

In this can be done by showing the people in the business, and their story. In fact this is so important. That the team page of any business’s website is the second most visited page on their entire website. Second only to an entrepreneurs homepage.

If they do not have a well defined team page, what ends up happening is the customers tend to miss trust the business. Thinking that could be owned by literally anyone at all, anywhere in the world. Or thinking that the company has something to hide. If the owners not willing to put their face on the page.

Therefore, a business owner should ensure that part of their marketing strategy is putting their face and the face of all of their employees on the website. As well as biographies of everybody. And then telling the unique story of their business. Help customers identify with them on a personal level.

Once they have done this, they can continue to build on that personal brand. Using videos, social media posts, and YouTube to continue to build their persona as a company. So that they can continue to build and deepen that relationship with their ideal and likely customers.

Edmonton Business Consultant | How to Create a Brand Customers Trust

It may be uncomfortable for business owners to be okay with putting their face on their business says Edmonton business consultant. But it is incredibly important to start building that relationship with their customers.

However, it is also important that customers trust a business in addition to knowing them and liking them. And while that can be achieved by never breaking promises to their customers. A business owner needs to develop that trust, even before customers start buying their products and services.

Therefore, one of the most difficult things that are not nor needs to do. Is build that level of trust as quickly as they can. To inspire customers to spend their hard earned dollars with the business that they already know and like.

One of the best ways that people can inspire trust is through reviews and testimonials. In fact, people would rather hear a recommendation from a stranger over and above a recommendation from friends or family.

The reason why, is because a stranger’s testimonial has nothing to gain from giving it, and is generally seen as unbiased. While recommendations from family and friends are seen as biased, and with an ulterior motive.

Because of how important testimonials are, business owners should get as many as they can in their business. As quickly as they can. In studies have shown that 88% of customers will look at a company’s Google reviews before they purchase from that business.

And not only are they looking at those reviews, but they are letting the reviews influence their decision to purchase products from the business or not. If a company does not have enough reviews, a customer will typically go somewhere else.


The reason why they will go somewhere else says Edmonton business consultant. Is because they lack confidence in that company. If they have very few reviews, they will make the assumption that the business is not very good at what they do.

Or if the company has very few reviews, that those reviews have come from their own family and friends. And will not inspire customer to spend their money with that business.

In fact, the same study shows that the minimum number of reviews that a business should have is forty. In order to inspire confidence in their ideal and likely customers. Because of that, it is going to be very important for an entrepreneur to generate as many Google reviews in their business as quickly as possible.

However, an entrepreneur will not be successful in getting Google reviews if they do not have a plan on how they are going to achieve this. From training their staff, and having a script ready. To ensuring that they are asking everyone who has ever bought products or services from them.

If entrepreneurs either do not have a marketing plan in their business. Or their marketing plan does not cover this important aspect. They should contact Edmonton business consultant.

And arrange a meeting, to find out how they will be able to get the marketing plan they need. That will be able to help them generate that trust with their ideal and likely customers.