Edmonton Business Consultant | How Should Companies Advertise

Edmonton Business Consultant | How Should Companies Advertise

Even though there may be a lot of different marketing methods says 7-10 business consultant. They are not all the same. And not all of them are going to help entrepreneurs increase the revenue of their business. However, if business owners don’t have a marketing plan. Chances are very high that they’re not going to be able to find enough customers to increase the revenue of their business. And stay viable for very long.

In fact, industry Canada did a survey to discover how successful Canadian entrepreneurs were. While 15% of all Canadian entrepreneurs fail within their first year and 30 failing in year 2. Half of all Canadian entrepreneurs failed by their fifth year in business.

With such a high failure rate of 50%, industry Canada also did a survey to find out why. 42% of all failed entrepreneurs said the reason why they failed was because they could not find enough customers to purchase their products and services. Making it the number one reason why Canadian businesses fail.

This illustrates the importance of not only finding effective Marketing Solutions says Edmonton business consultant. But having that plan in place well before they open the doors to their business. So that they don’t lose valuable time, creating their marketing plan after they open the doors to their business. instead of hitting the ground running.

And while there’s a wide variety of marketing methods that entrepreneurs can choose from. Such as cold calling, door-knocking, sending out flyers through the mail. Even taking out ads in the newspaper or on the radio. There is a wide variety of ways that entrepreneurs can advertise their business online as well.


And while online advertising is very important. There is a wide variety of ineffective marketing methods. That’s not only can waste and entrepreneurs time. But waste their valuable money. Making them less likely to be able to effectively Market their business if they make these mistakes first.

One thing that business owners should avoid doing when marketing their business online is using invasive ads. Edmonton business consultant says invasive atoms are very common online. In the form of pop-up ads, or ads that show up when people are on social media for example.

The reason why invasive ads don’t work since I’ve been 10 business consultant. Is because they do not Target an ideal or likely buyer. And they show up when a consumer is not in a purchase phase. And they are not looking to buy a product or service yet.

When entrepreneurs take the time to create their marketing plan ahead of time. They will be able to look at all of the different marketing options both offline and online. To come up with not only a marketing plan that works. But one that is well within their budget. And is going to help them succeed.

If an entrepreneur tries to do this after they open the doors to their business. Chances are they will already have lost valuable time marketing their business. and instead of generating revenue and those first crucial days, they won’t be generating anything. Making it much harder for an entrepreneur to succeed.

Edmonton Business Consultant | How Should Companies Advertise

A marketing plan is extremely important to helping an entrepreneur succeed says Edmonton business consultant. Without a marketing plan, business owners might utilize some invasive or an effective marketing campaigns online. That not only will waste their money. But we’ll waste time not generating results. That could interfere with their ability to generate sales a lot earlier for their business.

There are almost an endless amount of advertising opportunities online. However, it’s often buyer beware. With a lot of these online marketing techniques either being completely ineffective. Or requiring a marketing budget of a large corporation and thousands or millions of dollars.

Also, various methods of online advertising can be very offencive or frustrating for customers. Which don’ts help an entrepreneur get the clicks they need to generate sales. By knowing what these forms of advertising are. Entrepreneurs can avoid those. So that’s the methods that they do use, are more effective.

One of the first things that they should avoid is a type of advertising called clickbait. The idea behind clickbait is that they will appeal to an extremely large number of people. To get them to click on that ad says Edmonton business consultant. And the more people that click, see higher chance that some of those people will be interested in buying the product or service.

The reason why clickbait is frustrating however. Is because it’s either uses a misleading, as vague or an intentionally Sensational headline. In the body of the advertisement. People will click on it in order to get more information. And instead of getting information and what they thought they would. They will get the entrepreneurs add for their product or service.


Or, when they click on the clickbait, they are inundated with a huge multitude of pop-up ads. Clickbait ads make people feel dupes or lied to. And very ineffective on a small scale says Edmonton Business Consultants.

Another form of advertising that companies should stay away from our empty promises. Lots of advertising tends to make claims to the consumer. Such as they’re going to be able to work from home for only a few hours a week and get rich. Or Diet products that are guaranteed to work. Or even skin care cream that are guaranteeing removal of wrinkles.

When business owners are marketing to their ideal and likely buyers. They don’t have to be misleading or half empty promises. In order to get them to click on the link. Because those ideal unlikely buyers will be looking for that product or service anyway.

Therefore, business owners should spend time creating their marketing plan before they open the doors to their business. First by identifying who their ideal and likely buyers are. By figuring out what problem people are solving when they make purchases from that business.

When a business owner knows who their ideal and likely buyers are. They’re going to be able to engage in an effective marketing plan. That will Target those ideal unlikely buyers. When they are ready to make a purchase. And that’s going to be far more effective at helping an entrepreneur Succeed in Business then these invasive and toxic advertising methods.