Edmonton Business Consultant | Great Marketing Techniques

Edmonton Business Consultant | Great Marketing Techniques

It’s extremely important for business owners to Market their business says Edmonton business consultant. And marketing online is even more important than it ever has been before. However, not all forms of online marketing are the same. And business owners can waste significant amounts of money as well as waste significant amounts of time Marketing Online the incorrect way.

And while a lot of business owners think that it’s going to be very easy to Market their business. So they don’t come up with a marketing plan ahead of time. They may find once they open the doors to their business. It’s not as easy as they think. And now they are busy with trying to run their business, why fine-tuning their product, as well as hiring staff and helping the customers they do have.

Therefore, business owners should not think that anything in business is going to be very simple. And that they can either create a marketing plan later. Or simply fly by the seat of their pants in order to generate effective results.

Well there are a lot of ways to Market their products online. There are certain ways that entrepreneurs should avoid Marketing Online as well. Either because they are ineffective, they waste money, or they make consumers frustrated and angry.

One of the ways that entrepreneurs should avoid marketing their business is with invasive advertising. Invasive ads are the ones that show up when people are not looking for products or Services. Most famously, and ways of advertising are the commercials that come up during a television program says Edmonton business consultant. Or ads in between songs on the radio, or when listening to their favourite streaming service.


I’m all these forms of invasive ads might be seen as a necessary part of listening to music or watching television. It’s less accepted on different parts of the internet. For example, invasive ads can we consider the ones that show up in the news feed of a social media site. Because people are not on their social media websites in order to make purchases.

In order to prove this point, Edmonton business consultant says entrepreneurs should consider the first place that they would go in order to find a product or service that they were looking for. For example, if they had a rip in their favourite piece of clothing. And they needed to find a tailor to repair it.

Chances are, they wouldn’t go to their social media website and see if they knew anyone who did tailoring services. Or if they could find an ad for tailoring Services. Instead, it’s far more likely that the entrepreneur would say that they go to Google in order to search tailors in their area.

This demonstrates not only the effectiveness of advertising on Google. But also the ineffectiveness of advertising on social media websites. When people do this, not only can they frustrate and annoy their potential customers. But because it’s not an effective marketing solution. They can waste a lot of their marketing budgets doing it this way with no results.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Great Marketing Techniques

Well there is a lot of preparation work that goes into starting a new business as Edmonton business consultant. But if entrepreneurs are not also creating a marketing plan as well as a business plan. They might be setting themselves up for failure.

The software manufacturing company called Palo Alto actually did a survey in order to find how effective business plans were. The findings of their survey concluded that entrepreneurs that had a business plan for 50% more likely to grow their revenue and succeed. Then business owners who did not have a business plan at all.

And Industry Canada discovered says Edmonton business consultant. That 42% of all failed entrepreneurs said that not being able to find enough customers was the reason why their business failed. Making this the number one reason why small businesses in Canada were unable to succeed.

Therefore, business owners should understand exactly how important not only business plans are. But how important marketing plans are as well says Edmonton Business Consultants. If entrepreneurs think that they’re going to be able to figure out a marketing plan once they open the doors to their business. They are going to significantly underestimate. How busy they actually are going to be.

Because most business owners are going to be working at 12 hour days, six days a week just to get what they need done accomplished. And they won’t have any additional time for now creating a marketing plan for their business.


advertising online is extremely important. Business owners need to be extremely conscious about the best forms of online advertising. There can be invasive ads, or clickbait ads, or advertising on websites that are not going to generate results. Or don’t make sense.

So it can be very overwhelming to figure out the best way to advertise their business says Edmonton business consultant. However, if business owners consider where most consumers go to find products and services that they are ready to buy. Then they will be a lot farther ahead at creating a marketing plan for their business.

Google is not only the largest search engine in the world says Edmonton business consultant. But it’s where most customers go in order to find those products and services that they are willing to purchase. Therefore, if an entrepreneur advertisers here. Not only are they going to be able to Target their ideal and likely customers.

But they are also likely going to Target there customers when they are ready to make a purchasing decision. Making this an extremely effective form of advertising. Not just in results, but in cost as well.

The only things that an entrepreneur has to do in order to advertise with Google Adwords. Is figure out what keywords they want to use, how much money they want to spend per week. And then create a dynamic ad that will get people to click on it with a higher frequency.

When they create this marketing plan. Then they will be able to hit the ground running as soon as they open the doors to their business. Doing all the things that they needs to in order to get to the stage so that they can sell even more products and services.