Edmonton Business Consultant | Great Marketing Strategies

Edmonton Business Consultant | Great Marketing Strategies

One of the most important things that a business owner can understand when they are creating their marketing plan according to Edmonton business consultant. Is that it is easier to trust a person then trust a brand.

In fact, this is how many large corporations have been advertising for decades or even longer. Because they know that in order to sell products, they needs to get customers to know, like and trust them.

Just like advertising local, Gary Vaynerchuk was famous for saying, your number one goal is to tell your story to your customer wherever they are. And preferably, at the moment that they are deciding to make a purchase.

This shows how important it is to tell the personal story of the business. And even Edmonton business consultant’s goal is to inspire businesses to tell their unique story and attract raving fans.

How large corporations would do this, is find a celebrity to endorse their product or their brand. And ideally, choose a celebrity that exudes the characteristics they want to have associated with that brand.

For example, DeWalt tools used celebrity Mike Holmes to endorse their tools. For people who know who Mike Holmes is, he is a master builder, known for his excellent quality, and high standards.

By associating their tool company with a person who uses tools, and exudes those characteristics. The DeWalt brand was able to attract customers, who wanted to be more like Mike Holmes. Or have tools that work close to what professionals use.


And while this is going to be very difficult or impossible for a small business owner to do. Because they typically will not have the marketing budget that this requires. The important to take away from it all is. They need to develop a marketing strategy that can help inspire trust between their company and their potential customers.

The best way that they can do this, is simply to show their own face. If customers know that the business is owned by someone like them, someone who lives in their community, that can help start to build that trust that an entrepreneur will need to sell products and services.

When consumers make a choice to purchase something, they often purchase on a motion. And what can help them identify with the business owner, who is the face of the business. His understanding that entrepreneurs story.

Therefore, if the entrepreneur can market their story somehow, that can help build that emotional connection says Edmonton Business Consultant that will be needed to make a sale.

Since the second most visited webpage of any businesses website is the team page. Business owners need to ensure that this is where they put their picture, their story. As well as the picture and the story of all of their staff as well.

The more customers see that there are real people behind the business. People that they can identify with, and connect emotionally with. The greater chance that an entrepreneur will have at being able to make a sale.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Great Marketing Strategies

It is very important for business owners to understand help oriented is that they market their business says Edmonton business consultant. In fact, the number one reason why entrepreneurs fail in Canada. Is that they cannot find enough customers to purchase their products and services.

In fact, industry Canada did a survey and found that half of all small businesses failed in Canada. And that 42% of these failed businesses said that not being able to sell enough products and services was the reason they were not successful.

Therefore, coming up with an effective marketing strategy should be one of the most important things that any business owner does.

And the sooner business owners can understand that potential customers want to do business with companies they know, like and trust. Then the sooner they are going to be able to develop a marketing plan that can help build that trust.

One of the most important things that a business can do, is start to generate Google reviews as soon as they can in their business. The reason why, is because 88% of all customers look at Google reviews prior to making a purchasing decision.

And not only do they look at those Google reviews before making a purchasing decision. But those Google reviews will influence their purchasing decision as well. And if an entrepreneur does not have enough of them. They will simply go to another business.


The reason why, is because a customer will not have trust that the company knows what they are doing. Because they do not have enough Google reviews to inspire confidence. Which is why it is important that they focus on this.

The minimum threshold of Google reviews that entrepreneurs should aim for according to Edmonton business consultant is forty. Because that is the amount that studies have shown inspires confidence in customers.

This is likely because customers will consider it difficult for a business to get forty fake reviews, so once they reach that number at a minimum. They will have that trust they need to purchase from the business.

It is also up to note that customers will accept testimonials and Google reviews much more readily from anonymous sources like Google. Over and above recommendations by their friends and family. Primarily because Google reviews online, are unbiased.

Therefore, any entrepreneurs marketing strategy needs to include showing who they are, and generating as many Google reviews as quickly as they can. Once they do this, they need to understand that they need to continue doing that. There marketing strategy needs to be consistent. In order to generate results.

But those results might take a while to produce. So an entrepreneur cannot get discouraged. But continue to stay the course with their advertising plan. So that they do not stop, right before they find success with their advertising and marketing.

If any entrepreneurs would like help creating their marketing plan, they should contact Edmonton business consultant. And arrange for free consultation. So that they can see how they can benefit from a specific and guided marketing plan.