Edmonton Business Consultant | Being The Face Of Their Business

Edmonton Business Consultant | Being The Face Of Their Business

The biggest mistakes that an entrepreneur can make when they open the doors to their business says Edmonton business consultant. Is thinking that they have to fool everybody into thinking that they are a huge business in order to generate customers. Therefore they create a website that looks like a giant faceless corporation. And then wonder why they do not have leads coming into their business.

One of the most important things for a business owner to learn, is that customers want to do business with companies that not only do they know, but that they like and trust as well. And they are not going to be able to know more like a business if they do not know who the people are connected to that business.

Therefore, a business owner should not shy away from being the face of their business. As well as telling their own unique story. In fact, Gary Vaynerchuk has said your number one goal is to tell your story to your customer wherever they are, and preferably the moment they are deciding to make a purchase.

How an entrepreneur can start being the face of their business, is first and most simply, create that persona in their website. Instead of trying to have a large, faceless corporation. Edmonton business consultant says they should have a personal brand, that people and customers can identify with.

They should tell their unique story on their website. And then on their team page, have pictures of themselves, and all of their staff. As well as all of the biographies of everybody. This is going to be how customers start to identify with the business.


Edmonton business consultant says this is so important to customers, that the second most clicked upon page on a website for a business is the team page. This is second only to the main homepage of that website. Showing how important it is that customers want to know who is involved in the business.

If entrepreneurs do not have a strong team page on their website. What happens is customers do not know people are involved in the business. And they think it could be owned by anybody in the world, located anywhere in the world. Or even be a fake business.

When entrepreneurs learn how to be personal, they can start to build that relationship with their ideal and likely customers. And start getting them to know and like the business.

Also, once an entrepreneur has their website with their picture and their staff audit. Edmonton business consultant says the next step is continue to show who they are. They can put videos that they make on their website, on their various social media platforms. As well as on YouTube.

These videos can feature themselves and their staff, talking about their unique story, there business as well as the products and services they sell. They can do short daily videos, or long form videos that can be spliced into smaller bits for different purposes.

These videos can help them solidify what their personal brand is. But also, help them develop a relationship with their ideal likely customers. That is necessary to have in order for them to become customers.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Being The Face Of Their Business

Business owners should learn how to market their business says Edmonton business consultant. But this does not just mean creating a plan about how they are going to reach their ideal and likely customers. But also what message they are going to send out to those customers.

This is extremely important, because if a customer does not know who is behind business, or what their story is. It can be very different for those customers to identify with the business.

However it is not just getting a customer to identify with the brand to know it and like it. Edmonton business consultant says entrepreneurs also need to get customers to trust business as well.

There are several ways that they can do this, from delivering consistent quality and service. And always making good on their promises. There is a much faster way that they can inspire trust from the very beginning of their business.

One of the most important ways that they can build trust is through reviews and testimonials. And 88% of all customers and up looking at a businesses Google review prior to purchasing products and services from them.

Not only are they looking at those Google reviews, but the Google reviews can actually influence the decision to continue make the purchase with that company. Or if they are going to go somewhere else.


What will cause a customer to go somewhere else says Edmonton business consultant. Is if they do not see enough Google reviews to have trust. What few Google reviews mean that a customer thinks that they do not have enough customers.

Or that they are not very good at what they do, and so nobody wants to leave a review for them. Or that the reviews that they do get are from friends and family. And therefore, are not trustworthy.

Edmonton business consultant says that the entrepreneur needs to have a minimum of forty Google reviews. In order for customers to have the trust in those reviews. Because it can be very to fake number of Google reviews.

How an entrepreneur can get to forty Google reviews as quickly as possible. Can help ensure that the sooner they can do that, the sooner customers who look at their Google reviews be inspired to use their business.

This is why it is important for entrepreneurs to create a marketing strategy around how to get Google reviews. Because it is going to be harder than they think it will be. And take a longer amount of time.

If they do not have a plan, as soon as they open the doors to their business. What will end up happening, is that they will lose more customers than they should. Because they are unable to develop that trust.

By creating a marketing strategy that includes how to get Google reviews as quickly as possible. Can help entrepreneurs build that important trust they need to get customers to purchase from them.