Edmonton Business Consultant | Effective Ways of Marketing Your Business

Edmonton Business Consultant | Effective Ways of Marketing Your Business

Many entrepreneurs get frustrated when they try marketing their business according to Edmonton business consultant. And there’s plenty of reasons why. Ultimately, business owners hate marketing because they’re so many deceptive or an effective ways to Market their business.

And often, business owners see marketers as a deceptive business. And even people who are in the marketing industry understand that they have a bad name when it comes to advertising for businesses. However, its business owners hire the right marketers.

Not only can it be extremely effective. But it can also in store that business owners get the business they need to grow their business. And to do so in a way that doesn’t deceive their customers. It’s just a matter of knowing the right techniques, and most effective strategies.

One thing that business owners should avoid at all costs are deceptive ads. Many people have had experience with ads that are not forthcoming about what they are advertising. For example, it looks like it’s an ad promising a certain product for a certain price. And once a consumer clicks on it, it’s either not the right product. Or it’s not the price they thought it was being advertised for.

Edmonton Business Consultants Des another type of marketing that business owners as well as consumers hate or invasive ads. This is very well-known, if people visit certain websites, they know how frustrating it can be that ads pop up and interfere with their ability to read the content of the website.


A great example of this is when people go to a recipe website. And all of a sudden they have a dozen pop-ups that interfere with their ability to read the recipe. And they are often selling things such as cookware, ingredients, or are ads for local grocery stores.

There’s another type of invasive ads that people don’t even think of. Even though they are extremely annoying says Edmonton business consultant. It happens on Facebook, when people are scrolling through their news feeds. They are on Facebook in order to be social and catch up on what their friends and family are doing.

But as they scroll through their news feeds, They see ads popping up. Sometimes says Edmonton business consultant These ads are we targeted, meaning they are being shown because they had previously done a search. Or it is an ad similar to something that they have posted about.

But ultimately they are called invasive ads. Because the consumer is not shopping for the product at the time. They are on Facebook in order to be social, and these ads that come up in their Newsfeed can be very intrusive and annoying. And it’s another example of why business owners hate marketing.

Firing a Edmonton business consultant who knows what are effective marketing strategies. And what are the marketing strategies that they should be avoiding. Business owners will have no fear when it comes to marketing their business in a way that can help generate customers.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Effective Ways of Marketing Your Business

Even though there are tons of different ways for business owners to Market their business according to Edmonton business consultant. Very few of them are actually effective. Therefore, business owners should hire an expert that understands the best way to go after their ideal and likely buyers. As well as know about how to ensure it is a cost-effective way to Market their business.

In fact, half of all Canadian entrepreneurs will fail in their business. And the number one reason why businesses fail is because they lack customers. 42% of all failed entrepreneur say that not having customers for their products or Services. Was the reason why their business failed.

And that makes marketing one of the most important things that an entrepreneur can do in their business. The sooner they sell products or Services. The sooner they’ll be able to grow the revenue of their business. However, many entrepreneurs don’t know what’s the most effective marketing strategies are. And so trust their marketing agency to do the job before them.

One thing that business owners should take into consideration is that Google is the website responsible for 94% of the organic internet traffic. In other words, any other search engine is responsible for less than 6% of the rest of the traffic on the internet.

What does this mean says Edmonton business consultant? Ultimately, people needs to be advertising on the one website responsible for people finding what they’re looking for. This is Google. And the advertising products that Google sells is called AdWords.


The one thing that makes Google AdWords different than any other marketing on the internet says Edmonton business consultant. Is that it is marketing a product or service to customers who are looking for that product or service. How it works, is that anytime a customer uses a search term that relates to a business. That businesses ads will come up in their search engine results.

That way, the only time a consumer is going to see a businesses add, is when they are looking for that businesses product or service. That’s why it is extremely effective. And it doesn’t count on any offensive ads such as invasive advertising, clickbait, or empty promises.

All an entrepreneur needs to do is spend enough money on Google AdWords per month to reach as many customers as they needs to get leads for their business. And choose the right keywords. Their Edmonton business consultant will be able to help them with that. Not just picking the right keywords to use. But understanding how much money to spend per month

When a business owner can do that, the only other thing they need to worry about is writing an effective ad that is not misleading, that can help continue to Target their ideal and likely buyers. When business owners can implement this type of marketing strategy. They don’t have to worry about upsetting customers with invasive or misleading advertising.