Edmonton Business Consultant | Effective Sales Techniques

Edmonton Business Consultant | Effective Sales Techniques

Learning how to advertise a business is very complex topics is Edmonton Business Consultants. And when entrepreneurs need to learn this while also learning how to be an entrepreneur, and everything that goes along with it can be very overwhelming. Most entrepreneurs don’t actually have previous business ownership experience. And got into business ownership because they were very passionate about their industry.

However, regardless of how much experience they have. Edmonton Business Consultants says that entrepreneurs need to learn very quickly how to Market their business. Because if they don’t, that could impact their ability to succeed or not.

Industry Canada did a survey of small businesses in order to find out what’s the success rate for small businesses in Canada was. What they discovered was truly shocking. 15% of all Canadian entrepreneurs ended up failing in their small business Endeavor in the first year of business ownership.

By the time year to came along says imma 10 Business Consultants. 30% of the business owners were no longer in business. And 5 years in, shows that half of all entrepreneurs that started were no longer in business.

Industry Canada also wanted to find out why these businesses were failing and they found some very surprising results. There were three main reasons why all of these business owners were not successful. 23% said they couldn’t find a staff or keep staff in their business. 29% said that they ran out of money. And a huge percentage, 42% to be precise. Ended up failing because they could not find consumers for their products or Services.


This is not because there was not a customer base for their products and services says Edmonton business consultant. But likely because they either we’re not advertising their business effectively. Or they were not advertising their business at all. And if they’re not advertising their business effectively. The results are just the same as if they didn’t even try.

However, before an entrepreneur can figure out what’s the best ways to Market their business is according to Edmonton business consultant. They need to be aware of the different ways that most consumers hate being marketed to. So that they will know absolutely what to avoid as well.

Invasive advertising is the advertising that shows up when people are not looking for it. Such as commercials during a television program. Or ads that pop up in a news feed on a social media website. These are intrusive ads. And they frustrated and annoyed consumers. Because they aren’t looking for products or services at that time.

Another form of advertising that is disliked says Evanton business consultant is clickbait. Clickbait is intentionally misleading advertising. Either advertising one thing only to be something different when people click on it. Or intentionally vague so that people have to click on it to find out about it. And then they find it is still very difficult to figure out what product or service the business is selling.

by knowing that these are the most disliked forms of advertising says I went in business consultant can help ensure that when a business owner does Market their products or services. That they are honest, upfront, and our marketing to their ideal unlikely Byers. When they are ready to make a purchasing decision.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Effective Sales Techniques

Business owners have a difficult enough job trying to figure out how to run their business as them attend business consultant. That they often don’t put enough Research into their marketing methods. And the end result is that they are not able to grow their revenue fast enough. And end up failing in business.

In fact, 42% of all failed entrepreneurs will succumb to this exact problem. Therefore, business owners need to know how to Market their business effectively. So that they can spend the time that they need growing their business. And avoiding using an effective marketing methods.

When it comes to marketing on the internet says Edmonton business consultant. There are about as many techniques and methods as there are websites. And while that’s a slight exaggeration. Business owners need to know what the best forms of advertising online are. And what should be completely avoided.

In order to avoid clickbaits or invasive advertising. Business owners should focus on finding their ideal and likely buyers. Edmonton Business Consultants says this sounds very complex but it actually isn’t. All business owners need to do is find out the websites that consumers are going to in order to find products and services that they are looking to buy.

Ultimately, the answer to that question is Google. No matter what the consumer is. And no matter what products and services they are looking for. They will go to Google and search either for that industry. Or search for those products and services that they are looking to purchase.


If business owners are skeptical that most people go to Google. They should think of their own experiences. If they are looking for a unique restaurants that they’ve never been to. They might go to Google and search type of restaurants that they wants or the type of food that they’re looking to eat.

If business owners are looking for a plumber because they’ve all the sudden sprung a leak in their bathroom. Unless they personally know a plumber. Chances are, that they will go to Google and search plumbers near them.

Therefore, by advertising to Consumers at this moment, when they are looking to make the purchase. Business owners will find that they can find more leads and convert more leads and customers. A great example of this is Edmonton’s business consultant. Is if a plumber advertises on Google AdWords.

And when their consumers are looking for plumbers to fix pipes and that plumbers add comes up. Those consumers are far more likely to click on that ad and call that plumber then. Then if they were simply randomly advertising on Facebook. Hoping that people will remember that bad when they do have a need to come up unexpectedly.

My advertising on Google with Google Adwords since I’m Anton business consultant. Business owners can figure out what AdWords they wants to utilize, in order to find their ideal unlikely buyers when they are ready to make a purchasing decision.

By doing this, business owners can avoid clickbait advertising. They can also avoid invasive ads. And spend less money on Advertising. Because they are going to be far more likely to have the advertising that they are doing work.