Edmonton Business Consultant | Customers Should Relate To A Business

Edmonton Business Consultant | Customers Should Relate To A Business

One of the important keys to turning customers into raving fans according to Edmonton business consultant. Is helping them identify with the business.

The reason why, is because customers want to do business with companies that they know, like and trust. And it is easier to build that relationship with the company that they identify with. And it can be easier for customer to identify with a personal brand of the business. Rather than a faceless business.

Knowing the people attached to the business makes it a lot easier for customers to build that relationship with the business. So it is important that business owners understand this, and are prepared to show the people behind the business in order to build that trust.

In fact, some of the oldest and most successful companies know how important it is to do. And they often achieve that by hiring celebrities to be the face of their business. In order to help create that connection, that will be able to help them sell products and services to customers.

And while it is extremely hard for any small entrepreneur to be able to compete with huge corporations like that. They can still use some of the same methods, but on a much smaller scale.

This is why Edmonton business consultant says it is very important that an entrepreneur creates a personal brand, and is willing to be the face of their business.

By telling their unique story, they can start to create an identity to the business for customers to identify with. And by using that messaging on all of their advertising methods. When they reach their ideal and likely buyers, they will be closer at establishing that trust that is needed to sell their products and services.

In fact, it is very important to note that on companies websites, the team page is the most visited section, right after the homepage. Because customers want to know who the people in the business are.

If they do not see people attached the business. It erodes the trust, because that could be anyone, from anywhere in the world owning that business. Or even be a fake business completely.

In addition to completing the team page with pictures, and bios of the business owners and their staff. Edmonton business consultant recommends that business owners start creating videos that they can use in a multitude of ways.

They can create short videos on a daily basis. Or create a long video that they can use bits and pieces of in many different ways. Putting them up on their website, YouTube channel, and social media sites. To not only explain how they are. But what their business does, and their unique story as well.

By making these videos, they can continue to build that relationship with their ideal and likely customers. So that they can be closer to completing that sale, with those customers. If entrepreneurs marketing plan does not include what messaging they are including, they should rethink Marketing plan. Or get a new one.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Customers Should Relate To A Business

The most significant things that an entrepreneur can do to market their business says Edmonton business consultant. His create a marketing plan. In fact, if they do not have a marketing plan they put their business at risk of failing.

Industry Canada did a survey and found out that 15% of all small businesses in Canada failed in their first year. 30% failed by year two, while half of all on doors in Canada failed by their fifth year in business.

When they asked these businesses what was the reason why they failed. The overwhelming reason that most of them gave, was that they could not find enough customers to sell their product and service to.

This actually affected 42% of all failed entrepreneurs. And while many people might assume this means that is not enough customers to buy their products and services. Edmonton business consultant says the most likely culprit is that they did not have a marketing plan at all.

Having a marketing plan is vital to the success of business. Because the business plan will help them ensure a business owner know exactly what they need to do in their business every day in order to find those customers and generate those sales.

In one of the most important aspects of a marketing plan would be how to build trust with the customers that they have identified as their ideal and likely customers.

One of the most important ways that this can happen is through Google reviews. The reason why, is because 80% of all customers look at a businesses Google reviews when making a decision to purchase products and services from them.

And if there is not enough Google reviews to inspire confidence, they will go to another company. The minimum number of Google reviews that an entrepreneur needs to have to inspire that confidence and trust in a business is forty.

Therefore, a business needs to ensure that they have a marketing plan that helps them understand exactly what they need to do in their business in order to generate as many Google reviews as quickly as possible.

This needs to be addressed as quickly as possible as well, because it is going to take a lot more effort at a lot more time for an entrepreneur to collect forty Google reviews. Which is why they need to start as soon as they open the doors to their business and not stop until they have forty.

However, Edmonton business consultant says once they reach forty reviews. They needs to continue to add them, so that they stay relevant to their potential customers.

When they do this alongside creating a personal brand. Not only will they get customers to know and like their business. But the reviews they will get help them trust business. That is crucial in ensuring that they will use the business, and purchase their products and services.