Edmonton Business Consultant | Customers Buy From Trustworthy Business

Edmonton Business Consultant | Customers Buy From Trustworthy Business

Any small business that opens up needs to understand exactly how important advertising is says Edmonton business consultant. And it is not just important on the fact that they have to advertise.

But it is also important what they are advertising as well. Because just as a customer cannot buy from a business they do not know about. They also want to buy from a business that they know, like and trust.

In fact, large corporations know how important this is. And while they have been building their brand for decades if not more than a hundred years. They continue to do it. Because they know how important continuing to maintain a bond with their customers are.

If it was only important to build a brand once, and then companies could forget doing it. Then companies such as Walmart, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s would have stopped advertising long ago.

But corporations they have not stopped advertising at all. Small entrepreneurs need to understand that it is incredibly important that they keep added, just like these large corporations do.

However, Edmonton business consultant says it is not just important that they start advertising. What they advertise is just as important as continuing to do it. And since customers want to know, like and trust the businesses they purchase products and services from.


Entrepreneurs need to know how a brand can build that trust. So that they can advertise the right message. So that they can sell products and services to their customers.

The first thing that entrepreneurs should keep in mind is that it is easier to build trust as a person rather than a brand. Because people identify with other people. It is usually are to build trust with another person. Therefore, it is important that companies no that this is how they can build that important connection with their customers.

And in fact, large corporations understand this. And they use celebrity endorsements as the face of their business. Using the celebrities that have the characteristics they want to associate with their brand. So that they can help make that association.

A great instance of this, is when the tool company, DeWalt tools used celebrity Mike Holmes as the face of their business. Mike Holmes is a master builder. Known for his professionalism, his exacting standards and his high quality.

By using him, DeWalt tools was able to get the point across, that there tools help Mike Holmes be as good as he is. And if they want to be as good as Mike Holmes, they will buy their products and services.

Unfortunately, small businesses cannot compete with that kind of marketing plan. Ultimately, because they typically will not have pockets that deep to be able to afford a lot of money on marketing and branding says Edmonton business consultant.

That does not mean that they cannot use the same strategy to advertise to their customers. And they can do that, by showing their own face, and the face of their staff members. To start building that all-important bond with their customers.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Customers Buy From Trustworthy Business

If a business is able to tell the personal story to their customers, Edmonton business consultant says that can help them make a decision to purchase products and services from that company.

Not only do customers want to buy products and services from a company they know, like and trust. But they also want to buy products and services from a business that they have an emotional connection to.

Everyone wants to know what the persona behind the brand is. And so instead of trying to build a large, corporate looking webpage. It will be much more effective for an entrepreneur to build one that is extremely personal says Edmonton business consultant.

In fact, the second most visited part of any website. Is the team page. Showing to the team members of the business are. Therefore, a business owner should put a lot of time and effort into this section of their website. Showing great pictures of their entire team. And thorough bios about who they are and where they are from.

This way, customers can start identifying with the people behind the business, informing an emotional bond.

An entrepreneur can further use this strategy. By showing videos of themselves and their staff. Putting those on their website, social media and using the videos in a wide variety of places.


Next thing that an entrepreneur can do according to Edmonton business consultant. Is start getting Google reviews for their business. 88% of all customers, regardless of hell they found the company. Will do a Google search to look at the reviews they have.

Not only that, but these customers will use those Google reviews to help influence their purchasing decision. If a business has under forty reviews, they are often seen as not serious about what they do. Or not very good at what they do. Despite that likely not being the fact.

The reason why, is because it can be fairly easy for a business to get a few Google reviews. But that does not mean they are any good, or that they have a lot of fans. Because a few reviews can come from the businesses friends and family.

However, once a business gets around forty reviews. That will be seen as much more difficult to achieve. And more likely that those reviews are going to be real. It will inspire confidence in people looking at a company’s Google reviews.

So once they build their team page on their website. An entrepreneur should focus on getting as many Google reviews as they possibly can. So that they can build that trust with customers, as soon as they look up there company on Google.

While this can be an extremely effective strategy. Entrepreneurs need to keep in mind that this takes time. Especially because they are building a brand based on trust. So they need to be diligent, and work added every day. In order to ensure that they create the brand that they want. That will help them sell their products and services.