Edmonton Business Consultant | Customers Buy Based on Emotion

Edmonton Business Consultant | Customers Buy Based on Emotion

A great marketing plan for entrepreneurs is more than just figuring out what exactly what they are going to do to advertise their business says Edmonton business consultant. A great marketing plan will help an entrepreneur identify who their ideal and likely customers are and what an entrepreneur needs to do in order to connect with them.

The reason why this is so important, is because customers want to purchase products and services from companies they know, like as well as trust. And the only way that a business is going to be able to develop that kind of relationship with their ideal and likely customers. Is by creating a personal brand.

A personal brand will allow an entrepreneur to create an identity that customers can relate to. So that they can know and like the business. This involves an entrepreneur being the face of the business, so that a customer can see who is involved in the business.

Also, it is going to be very important for an entrepreneur to tell their unique story. To give customers something to identify with.

Even the largest corporations in the world understand how important this is. And no matter how well-known they are, or how much money they have spent advertising. They continue to advertise. As well as tell their unique story.

They also understand that it is important to have a face of their business. To have customers relate to. Which is why the largest companies pay for celebrities to sell their products and services for them.


And while this type of advertising is completely out of reach for most small businesses. Edmonton business consultant says a business owner can learn a great lesson from this. And use their own persona. As well as their own unique story. To start developing that important relationship with their ideal and likely customers.

It is very important to note that the second most clicked on area of a company’s website is the team page. Because that is how important it is to customers to know who is involved in a business. If a business owner creates a corporate looking website. With no people on it. This ends up creating mistrust with customers.

The end up wondering who owns the business, because it could be anyone in the world, from anywhere in the world. Or even the fake business. He might be mistrustful, wondering what is this business hiding, that they would not put their face on their business.

And while there is most likely nothing at all to hide. This shows how important it is for customers to know who is involved in the business. So that they can start building that all-important relationship with their customers.

If an entrepreneur does not have a marketing plan at all. Or if the marketing plan simply talks about how they are going to advertise. And not the messaging they are going to convey.

They should contact Edmonton business consultant. To see what recommendations they have for their business. And what they need to do to be able to build that important relationship with customers.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Customers Buy Based on Emotion

If entrepreneurs truly understood that customers based their buying decisions on emotion, Edmonton business consultant said. More business owners would put that emotion into the branding of their business. To give customers something to identify with.

In fact, customers most often want to do business with companies that not only do they know and like. But companies that they can trust. And it can be fairly easy for a business owner to put their face on their business, and tell their unique story.

However, trust is something that typically has to be built over time. So how does a business build that trust, as quickly as possible?

Edmonton business consultant says they should understand the important role that testimonials and recommendations have in a business. In fact, people generally accept recommendations and reviews from strangers more readily than testimonials from their own friends and family.

The reason why, is because strangers are typically unbiased, and have absolutely nothing to gain from their recommendation. And so they are seen as more heartfelt and accurate.

In fact, reviews are so important to customers that 88% of all customers look at at companies Google reviews before they make a decision to purchase from that business or not.

Edmonton business consultant says that if there is not enough reviews on the page, they will decide to go with another company because of the lack of trust in that business.


What that lack of trust is, is that it looks like the business does not know what they are doing or are not very good at it. Because not a lot of people will be willing to make a recommendation about their business.

Or alternatively, that the low number of reviews that they have. Is from their friends and family only. In fact, there is a minimum number of reviews that an entrepreneur needs to have. In order to be trusted by the customers that look at their Google review page.

A company needs to have a minimum of forty reviews. To gain that trust from customers who are looking to purchase products and services from that business.

Because forty reviews must mean that they are doing something well enough to inspire customers to leave reviews. And that it is going to be very hard to fake that amount of reviews by relying on family and friends alone.

So an entrepreneur will be able to generate trust within their ideal and likely customers within a short amount of time. Once they see those reviews. This is why it is important that they have a strategy in their marketing plan. About what they are going to do in their business to generate those reviews as quickly as possible.

The reason they need to do this as quickly as possible. Is so that when their ideal and likely customers hear about the business, when they go to their Google review page. They will want to get as many customers as possible developing that trust.

If they do not have a marketing plan. Or if there marketing plan does not cover off Google reviews. Then entrepreneurs should contact Edmonton business consultant. To see how they can help get a better marketing plan that is going to significantly help an entrepreneur succeed.