Edmonton Business Consultant | Creating Trust Among Customers

Edmonton Business Consultant | Creating Trust Among Customers

Among some of the most important things that an entrepreneur will do when they first open their business, Edmonton business consultant says having a great are getting plan is vital.

Not only will this ensure that business owners know exactly how they are going to advertise their products and services. And who their ideal and likely customers are. But also what message they are sending out.

The reason why the messaging is so important, is because customers want to do business with the company that they know, like and trust. And what messages they hear from companies will go a long way in creating that relationship. That will be important to generate sales.

The first thing that Edmonton business consultant says entrepreneurs need to consider. Is that it is going to be much easier to build trust in their business if they market their business as a personal brand. Rather than a faceless company.

The reason for this, is because people identify with other people. And in order to get customers to know, like and trust the business. They need to know the people behind the business

This is so important, that the second most clicked on page of an entrepreneurs website is the team page. Second only to the main homepage. This shows that customers of all kinds want to know exactly who is behind the business.

In fact, if there is not enough information on the team page, or if there is not one at all. Customers may not know who the business is owned by, and it could be anyone, operating the business from anywhere. Which does not inspire a lot of confidence or trust.

In fact, this is so important that some of the largest corporations in the world. Understand how important it is that they have a personal brand associated with their company.

How they do this typically, is by using celebrities to endorse their products and services. So that they have a face to the business, that customers can identify with. Ideally, they will choose celebrities that have qualities or characteristics they want associated with their brand.

And when customers see that celebrity in connection with the business. They associate those characteristics with the company.

And while this is extremely difficult for an entrepreneur of a small business to do. Because they will not have the marketing dollars to be able to achieve that kind of marketing plan.

Using that idea, business owners can lose their own face as the persona behind their business. To appeal to customers, and help them identify with the business.

Just like Gary Vaynerchuk has said, “your number one goal is to tell your story to your customer wherever they are, and preferably at the moment they are deciding to make a purchase.”

So not only do business owners need to share their own image as the face of the business. They also need to tell their story, says Edmonton business consultant to help gain a commonality with the customers.

By doing this, business owners will be able to be more likely to turn potential and ideal customers into fans of their business. And grow their business significantly.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Creating Trust Among Customers

If business owners do not have a marketing plan to follow, Edmonton business consultant says they may find it very difficult to find the customers they need in their business. And may end up failing because of it.

In fact, Industry Canada found that half of all Canadian entrepreneurs were failing in business. And that the number one reason why. Is because entrepreneurs were unable to find customers to buy their products and services.

With the great marketing plan, Edmonton business consultant says entrepreneurs will know not only exactly what they are going to do to market their business. But exactly what message they are going to use, to build a relationship with their ideal and likely customers.

And one of the most significant ways that they can generate trust with their potential customers. Is through testimonials and recommendations.

This is a lot more important than many business owners initially think. However, 88% of all customers look at a business is Google review section before purchasing from that business.

However it is not just looking at Google reviews, they actually use those reviews to make their purchasing decision. And if a business does not have enough reviews on their page. The customer will go somewhere else to purchase their products and services that they need.

The reason why, is because they lack confidence or do not trust the business. If they cannot get enough reviews. Because they often believe that they are not very good at what they do.

And even a low number of Google reviews, could be seen as friends and family giving the reviews. Edmonton business consultant says the minimum number of reviews a business should aim for is forty.

And the reason for that, is because when a business has a minimum of forty reviews. Customers start to believe that those are real. And have a lot more confidence and trust in the business.

This is why is is owners should have a strategy that includes getting as many Google reviews as quickly as they can. So that when customers do that search. They will have the confidence they need to buy from the business.

Edmonton business consultant says this often takes a lot more time and effort than many business owners realize. Which is why they need to have a plan ahead of time on how they are going to accomplish this.

With this strategy, along with branding themselves as the face of the business. Can help ensure that they are creating a marketing strategy that allows them to build that relationship with their ideal and likely customers.

So that the customers can know, like and trust the business enough to not only do business with them. But to give reviews, and come back again.

If an entrepreneurs business does not have a marketing plan in it. Or if the marketing plan does not include the branding and messaging. Or how a business owner is going to get their Google reviews.

They should contact their Edmonton business consultant, and set up an appointment on how they can ensure they have a marketing plan that will work for them.