Edmonton Business Consultant | Creating Fans of Your Business

Edmonton Business Consultant | Creating Fans of Your Business

Since customers typically want to do business with companies they know, like and trust, Edmonton business consultant recommends entrepreneurs focus on building that relationship.

They can do this through creating a personal brand in their business. Along with telling their unique story. That customers are going to be able to identify with.

If business owners create a faceless, corporate website. That is not going to help inspire the kind of connection that will get their ideal and likely customers to know or like them.

In fact, the mission of Edmonton business consultant is to inspire businesses to tell their unique story and attract raving fans. So in order to attract those raving fans, a business must get personal to achieve that.

The largest and most successful businesses have known this for years, and have been doing it for decades or more. Companies such as General Motors, General Electric and Coca-Cola. Not only sell their products and services through using celebrity endorsements.

That help them create that persona of their brand. Aligning qualities of certain celebrities that they want to be associated with their brand. So that they can create that relationship with their customers.

But those brands also understand how important it is for people to identify with their own unique story. Which is why so many people know the origins of those companies. Like Coca-Cola for example, everybody knows where they came from, what their ingredients used to be. And even things like why they have that particular shape of bottle.


When people can hear the unique story of a business. They can identify with that company. And start relating to the brand. So that they can know and like them.

And well creating an advertising campaign of that magnitude is out of reach for most small businesses. They should use the same ideas to create a persona behind their brand. As well as tell their unique story. So that they can create that relationship with their own ideal and likely customers.

This is so important for customers to know, that Edmonton business consultant says the second most visited page on a company’s website is the team page. Which is only second to the homepage of the website itself. Because so many customers want to know who is involved in the business.

If a company does not have a well developed team page on their website. They could cause those customers to mistrust the business. Or at least wonder who they are, and where they live. Even wonder if the business is fake. Because there is no personal information on the website.

Once an entrepreneur has created a great team page. Not only with pictures for themselves, as their entire staff. As well as biographies for everybody. The next step that a business owner can do, is start creating videos as well.

These videos can show exactly who a business is, and what is important to them. He can use these videos on their website, on YouTube and even on all of the different social media platforms they are on. To continue to build that personal brand of their business.

Once business owners create this persona, they will be that much more likely to create that relationship with their customers. It is important to them in their purchasing decisions.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Creating Fans of Your Business

It is important for an entrepreneur to understand not only what they are going to do to markets their business says Edmonton business consultant. But what message they are going to send out in that advertising as well.

All and while it can be fairly easy for an entrepreneur to come the persona behind their company name. And to show the people that are involved. The next step is building trust. Which is a little bit more difficult. And requires a lot of planning.

And while trust typically comes from following through on their promises. They need to build that trust even before they generate sales with their ideal likely customers. And so they need to know what they can do to build that trust early on in their business.

Edmonton business consultant says that entrepreneurs should consider testimonials and recommendations. Because these are highly trusted by customers.

And it is even more important to have recommendations and testimonials strangers then friends and family. Because strangers recommendation would a unbiased. And therefore more trustworthy.

Keeping that in mind, a business owner needs to understand that 88% of all customers, no matter who they are or where they have heard about a business. Will look at that companies Google reviews prior to using their services.


Not only will people be looking at Google reviews prior to making their purchasing decision. But those customers will influence their decision on whether or not to use the business or not.

The fewer Google reviews a business has, the less confident a customer will be in using that company. And will often have going elsewhere to another company that inspires better confidence.

Entrepreneurs need to get a minimum of forty reviews. Because studies have shown that at forty reviews, is the minimum number that a business owner to have. In order to have their ideal likely customers have, that those who reviews are real.

And while many business owners think it is going to be easy to get forty reviews in their business. Edmonton business consultant says they should consider how many as they know that have over forty. And that it is going to be more difficult, and take longer than they assume.

This is why there marketing plan needs to have portion of their marketing plan devoted to what they need to do to get Google reviews as early in their business as possible. Whether this is coming up with a script that everyone is going to use to help inspire you customers leave reviews.

More if they are going to offer percentage of customers file bills if they do leave a Google reviews. But the faster they get forty reviews. The sooner they are going to inspire those people who are looking at their reviews to come to their business instead of their competition. And significantly grow their business.