Edmonton Business Consultant | Creating a Brand Consumers Trust

Edmonton Business Consultant | Creating a Brand Consumers Trust

Business owners should understand how important it is to advertise their business according to Edmonton business consultant. Because without advertising, they will not be able to find the customers they need to buy their products and services.

In fact, according to industry Canada, not only do half of all entrepreneurs in Canada fail. But the number one reason why entrepreneurs who were unsuccessful set they failed. Because they were unable to find enough customers to buy their products and services.

This is not because there was not a customer base that existed for their product and service. But simply because they did not have an effective marketing plan. Or even a marketing plan at all.

If a company does not market their products and services, they will not be able to reach their ideal and likely buyers. And that will cause them to not be able to sell enough of their products and services to remain viable.

Therefore, coming up with an effective marketing strategy is one of the most important things that an entrepreneur can do according to Edmonton business consultant.

In fact, some of the largest and most successful corporations in the world. Know how important it is to build a brand. And advertise their products and services. Companies like General Motors, General Electric, Walmart and Coca-Cola. Have been building their brand for decades if not longer.

And yet, they know that they must continue to work at it, and continue to advertise. So that they can continue to sell products and services to their customers. And continue to build the trust of that will allow them to sell products and services.


In fact, customers want to purchase products and services from companies they know, like and trust. Therefore, seeing the people behind the brand or people connected to the brand is extremely important in generating those feelings.

This is why large organizations will use celebrity endorsements to develop that feeling between themselves and customers. They will get celebrities that exude characteristics that they want have associated with their brand. And spend a lot of money communicating that message.

They will likely spend millions of dollars every year putting this message on all forms of media, traditional and digital.

Unfortunately, for the average small business owner, this kind of marketing strategy is inaccessible. Because they do not have that kind of money to spend on advertising.

However the important lesson in all of it, is using a face, to elicit feelings of trust between them and their customers.

The best way to do this, is to show the face of their business, the owners and the staff. They can do this by building a great team page on their website. Showing all of the people involved in the business, and biographies on who they are and where they are from.

In fact, Edmonton business consultant says this is the second most visited part of any businesses website. Showing how important it is to consumers, that they know who is behind the business.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Creating a Brand Consumers Trust

It is very important that small business owners show who the people are behind the. Because this is important to establish trust between them and their potential customers.

Because in order to get a customer to know, like and trust the business. They need to know the people behind the business. If not nor does not have a strong team page on their website. Their potential customers do not know who the people are behind the brand, and this could be a business that is literally anywhere, run by anyone.

And that can negatively impacts sales, especially when a potential customer looks at the company’s websites in order to find more information out about the company. And do not see any people associated with the business. They will be skeptical, and likely not end up buying the products or services.

Another way that a company can build trust with their potential customers, is by generating Google reviews for their business. Edmonton business consultant says studies have shown that 88% of all customers look at Google reviews prior to making a purchasing decision from a business.

And if a company has fewer than forty Google reviews, they will likely take their business elsewhere. Because they lack confidence in that business. The reason why, is because it can be seen as very easy to gets only a few Google reviews. And so that does not necessarily mean that they are good at what they do.

The minimum threshold of Google reviews is approximately forty says Edmonton business consultant. Because at that amount, studies have shown that customers start to have confidence in businesses that have that many Google reviews in their business. So that clearly means they are very good at what they do.


Therefore, companies who can generate that amount of Google reviews as quickly as possible, can start building that trust with potential customers very quickly. They can do this by creating a strategy on how they are going to ask their customers to give them a Google review.

ideally, that involves coming up with the script, and training everyone on how to give that script to every customer. Inspire them to give a Google review.

In fact, Google reviews are even more effective than recommendations from friends and family. Because they are seen as impartial and unbiased. So Google reviews are actually very vital to building that important connection between a company and their potential customers.

Doing this, and getting their face and team associated with their business. Can help build that trust. However this is not a magic bullet solution. This marketing strategy is going to take time. And they need to be consistent and patient.

But when they utilize this strategy, they will be able to create and attract raving fans. So that they can grow their business and become successful. If businesses would like more information on how to build their brand this way, they should contact Edmonton business consultant for their free consultation.