Edmonton Business Consultant | Companies Shouldn’t Use Invasive Ads

Edmonton Business Consultant | Companies Shouldn’t Use Invasive Ads

marketing is a very complex thing to understand says Edmonton business consultant. And even marketers need to go to school for a long time. And then continue to upgrade their knowledge. Because marketing is continually changing. This makes it an extremely difficult task for entrepreneurs. Who don’t even have a marketing background. To understand how they should be marketing their business.

As Seth Godin, an expert marketer has one said is selling ice cream on the beach in summer is easy. However, raising people’s expectations, engaging their hopes and dreams. As well as helping them see further is the difficult work that marketers sign up for. From now on, your customers know more about your competition than you do. And so your commodity work, no matter how much effort you put into it. Is Never Enough.

My understanding have difficult marketing is. Edmonton business consultant who recommends that entrepreneurs simply know what marketing they can avoid. So they don’t get sucked into huge promises from marketers. That will end up taking all of their time and all of their money. Without producing any results.

Many tactics that marketers utilize are very frustrating. And they might work for large corporations with a seemingly bottomless marketing budget. Small entrepreneurs needs to be a little bit more careful on how they spend their money. Because they need to generate great results as quickly as possible.

One of the marketing methods that they should avoid at all costs are invasive advertising. Many people might be confused at what this means. But they’ve all experienced invasive ads from time to time. Commercials in the middle of a television program, radio ads as well as ads on social media site. Are all considered invasive ads says Edmonton business consultant.


They are considered invasive ads, because the consumer did not ask to see them. And therefore they are unwanted. Great marketers know that the key to getting results is repetition. So they sell these invasive ads on repetition. However, small businesses will find that they work better at frustrating their customers. And they won’t generate results fast enough for an entrepreneur to get a return on their investment.

The next form of advertising that entrepreneurs should avoid are called clickbait ads. And again, Edmonton business consultant says people might not know the name. But they have probably experienced this type of advertising before. And either uses a very sensational phrase or a very vague one. To encourage people to click on the add to find out more information.

But rather than being straightforward about the information. It is a series of more things to click on, in order for customers to find out the answer to their question. Or it’s for something completely unrelated. For example, a popular clickbait add uses a headline of why some famous celebrity is leaving the industry. Only to find out that it’s selling face cream two people.

When entrepreneurs know what marketing methods they should avoid. They will be a lot more Discerning about what marketing methods they get talked into by their marketing company. Allowing them to generate more results for their business a lot quicker.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Companies Shouldn’t Use Invasive Ads

business owners needs to realize that marketing their business is one of the most important things that they can do so 7th in business Consultants. In fact, it’s so important that it should be part of their business plan.

However, many entrepreneurs either don’t have an effective marketing plan. Or they happen to think that their product or service is so fantastic it will sell it’s self. And that they don’t need to pour a lot of money into marketing their product or service.

This would prove to be a fatal mistake. Because the number one reason why Canadian entrepreneurs fail. Is because they are unable to find a customer base to sell their products or services to. And this is not likely because they simply did not have a customer base for their product or service.

But more likely that they were not successful in finding it. Because their marketing efforts were ineffective. Or Their marketing efforts were completely nonexistent.

in fact, business owners should think about the customers even before they start their business. Rather than thinking of an idea and then trying to find a customer base around the products and services that they develop. Edmonton business consultant recommends people find a common problem and solve that problem.

Whether it’s a problem that is well known in their industry. Or based around a hobby that business owners have. When they are able to solve a problem that is commonly had. They will have a built-in customer base. As well as knowing who their ideal and likely customers are.


When business owners know who their ideal and likely customers are. They will have to spend less time figuring out how to reach those customers with their marketing. And simply start advertising to them. However, if business owners don’t know where their ideal unlikely customers are. Advertising on Google can be one of the most effective ways to find that out.

Google is responsible for 94% of the internet’s organic traffic. And it’s the place where more customers go than anywhere else to find products and services that they are looking to buy. Edmonton business consultant says that’s not only is it the largest search engine in the world. Google is actually the largest website in the world. And so advertising here should be a no-brainer.

When entrepreneurs advertise on Google. They are targeting customers for using keywords related to their business. They won’t have to use invasive ads and they won’t have to use clickbait either. By appealing to customers who are already looking for those types of products and services that they sell.

Business owners will be able to convert more leads into customers. Increasing their revenue, and avoiding business failure for not finding customers. The sooner a business owner can do this and their business. The much sooner they’re going to be able to increase their revenue and stay viable in business.

By doing this, business owners will not have to Simply put their ad out on the internet as many times as they can afford. And cross their fingers and hope that they’re going to get a return on investment. They’re going to be able to be laser specific. Figuring out exactly what customers and what area using what keywords.