Edmonton Business Consultant | Building Trust With Customers

Edmonton Business Consultant | Building Trust With Customers

Many entrepreneurs think that the key to success is to look like a large corporation says Edmonton business consultant. But this actually is not true. In fact, many businesses build a very faceless looking corporate website. And then wonder why leads are not coming into their business.

Gary Vaynerchuk was famous for saying, your number one goal is to tell your story to your customers wherever they are. And preferably at the moment they are deciding to make a purchase.

Customers buy on emotion, and they buy on trust. And everybody wants to see the people behind the brand because that is who they connect with. Even large corporations use that philosophy in order to sell products to customers.

For example, most large corporations have celebrity endorsements. So that they can borrow they are image, to help sell their products. The reason why they do that, is so that they can not only inspire trust among their customers.

But also, so that they can show people face associated with their brand. To inspire emotion and customers to sell products. Ideally, they will find a celebrity that has a lot of the same qualities that they are trying to show that they also have.


A great example of this, is DeWalt tools using Mike Holmes as a celebrity endorser. Mike Holmes is an expert at his career, a master builder known for his attention to detail, and exceptional quality.

That way, DeWalt tools uses the credibility that Mike Holmes has, to inspire people to feel those feelings when they look at their own brand. So that they can sell their tools to more customers.

However, Edmonton business consultant says this is almost impossible for small businesses to do. Because they need to have extremely deep pockets. They will need to spend an extraordinarily large amount of money on branding. And then put their name everywhere and on everything.

Since this is not possible for most small businesses to do. He must then compete on things like service, likability, and their team. By showing the actual people behind the name. Can help build that trust with customers. That can help them feel comfortable purchasing products and services from the company.

To demonstrate how important this is, Edmonton business consultant says people should understand what the three most common pages people look at of the company’s website. The first one is the homepage, followed by the team page, and third is the contact page.

Therefore, this shows that people are looking for the people behind the business. And if an entrepreneur does not have a well-defined team page. Or place where they are showing the people behind business. It does not help inspire trust.

Therefore, one of the first things that businesses should do when they are growing their brand. Is have a very strong team page. Showing not only themselves, the people they have working for them. So that they can start building trust.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Building Trust With Customers

Many brand-new entrepreneurs want to know how they are going to be able to start growing their business quickly according to Edmonton business consultant. And think that there is going to be a very quick solution to generating sales.

However, this is not a race that people sprinted to the finish line. A marathon, that business owners need to run every single day. So that they can build the kind of business that they desire.

One of the most important things that business owners should keep in mind. Is that customers will buy on trust, likability and emotion. Therefore, they need to advertise that. So that they can show customers, that they are real people. And start developing that connection.

Other than creating a great team page on their website. Edmonton business consultant also recommends that entrepreneurs start using the image of their owners and staff on social media. As well as making videos and putting them on YouTube.

This way, customers can see the people behind the brand. And start developing those feelings of trust. The recommendation is for people to shoot a short video every day. Or, make a long ten minute video. That they can then start chopping up into smaller bits, and using in a wide variety of ways.


In addition to that, something else that business owners can do is start generating Google reviews in their business. The reason why this is so important. Is because 88% of all customers look at Google reviews before making a purchasing decision.

Not only do 88% of customers look at Google reviews. But they use those Google reviews to influence their purchasing decision. That means, if the Google reviews are negative. Or if there are not enough Google reviews. They could end up taking their business elsewhere.

The minimum threshold of reviews that a business needs in order to be seen as legitimate. Is forty reviews for business. It can be quite difficult to get forty reviews. But that is exactly why it inspires confidence. Because a business that is not good at what they do. Or fake business would not be likely to be able to get forty reviews of their organization.

Therefore, Edmonton business consultant recommends that entrepreneurs get to forty Google reviews as quickly as possible. By asking every single one of their customers to give a review. Even if they have to give a slight discount off of their bill to get it.

Once they have a lot o Google reviews. Not only will that inspire confidence in customers. They will also be able to see that they have real people liking their products and services. That will help build that trust that a business needs.

In fact, people should keep in mind that us review from a stranger online is more positive then a recommendation from a family member or friend. Simply because a stranger’s opinion is unbiased.

Therefore, if business owners understand how important it is to build a brand with personality. They will also get as many Google reviews as possible.