Edmonton Business Consultant | Building Trust with Consumers

Edmonton Business Consultant | Building Trust with Consumers

Many entrepreneurs do not take into consideration that they need to develop a relationship or trust with potential customers says Edmonton business consultant. Or that they need to create a marketing plan at all. Which is why so many entrepreneurs are failing in business today.

Industry Canada did a survey and discovered that 15% of entrepreneurs failed in their first year, 30% failed in year two. And half of all entrepreneurs, 50%. Failed by their fifth year in business.

They wanted to find out why so many entrepreneurs were failing. And what they discovered, was 42% of all failed entrepreneurs. Said that they were unable to find enough customers to purchase their products and services. It was why they were not successful.

The most interesting thing to note out of this scenario, is that if entrepreneurs had business plans, they would be able to know exactly what they needed to do in their business to find those customers. So if more entrepreneurs had a business plan, they would be much more likely they would stay in business longer.

However, a business plan that is going to be effective is not just identifying who their ideal and likely customers are, and how they are going to find them to market their business. But the messaging is just as important as well.

Edmonton business consultant says that customers prefer doing business with companies that they know, like and trust. And without knowing the people behind the business, a customer will not get to know the business at all. And so it makes it hard to like or trust them as well.


In fact, large corporations know this importance. Which is why they still spend millions of dollars on marketing each year. Even though there are already so well-known. And there marketing strategy often includes using a celebrity to endorse their products.

They know that this is important, in order to help customers identify with their brand. So that people will be comfortable buying products from them. Ideally, they will use celebrities that exude qualities that they want to be associated with their brand.

And while this is not a strategy that is accessible to most small business owners. The lesson that entrepreneurs should take away from this period is that they need to have a face of their business, for customers to identify with.

And who better to be the face of the business then the entrepreneurs themselves. Their face as well as their unique story can help customers identify with the business. So that they can get to know and like them.

According to Gary Vaynerchuk, he said “your number one goal is to tell your story to your customer wherever they are, and preferably at the moment they are deciding to make a purchase.”

Therefore, Edmonton business consultant says in a important aspect of any businesses marketing plan. Is understanding that the messaging needs to be who is involved in the business, and what their story is. So that customers can identify with them, and get to know, like and trust them.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Building Trust with Consumers

An entrepreneurs marketing plan needs to not only include how they are going to market their business says Edmonton business consultant. But the message that they are going to send out to their ideal and likely customers. To help create fans of their business, who will want to purchase their products and services.

The reason why this is so important, is because customers want to know the people who are in a business before they purchase from them. If there is no information about who the people in the business are, it could be a business owned by anyone, anywhere in the world. Or even could be a fake business.

This is so important to customers, that the second most viewed page of a business’s website is the team page. If an entrepreneur wants to help build that relationship with potential customers. They should ensure that their team page is very robust.

Not only including pictures of themselves, and all of their staff. But include bios for each of the team members. So that customers can start to identify with the business.

Another important aspect of building that relationship is using reviews and testimonial. Because that is how customers will trust the business as well.

In fact, Edmonton business consultant says that testimonials and reviews from strangers are actually more trusted than recommendations from family members or friends. Because strangers recommendation is unbiased.

And not only that, but the majority of all customers look at the Google reviews that a business has before making their purchasing decision. And also if they have few Google reviews or none at all. They will actually make the decision to go to another business instead.


The reason why they would go somewhere else, is because the fewer Google reviews a business has. The less that customers will trust that business. Because it looks like they either do not have any customers who will vouch for their business or products.

Or that is the reviews that are there, are easy to be fake. Or coming just from the businesses friends and family.

This is why it is incredibly important that an entrepreneur has a strategy on what they are going to do to help them get as many Google reviews in their business as quickly as they can.

The reason why they need to do this as quickly as they can. Is because it is going to take an entrepreneur longer than they think to get the minimum number of reviews they need. Which is forty in order to inspire confidence and trust in potential customers.

And the sooner that they achieve this, the sooner that all of the people that look at their Google reviews, will make the decision to purchase from that business instead of going elsewhere.

Because of this, if an entrepreneurs marketing plan does not include how to get Google reviews, and what they need to do to help them achieve that.

A business owner should contact Edmonton business consultant for a review of their business plan. So that they can get the help they need to build that important trust in potential customers.