Edmonton Business Consultant | Building a Relationship with Customers

Edmonton Business Consultant | Building a Relationship with Customers

Many entrepreneurs may not realize how important building a relationship with potential customers is says Edmonton business consultant. And that all they have to do is provide exceptional products and customer service in order to grow their business.

However, many other entrepreneurs have made the same assumption, which has has not worked out for them. In fact, industry Canada has found that half of all Canadian entrepreneurs fail in business.

When looking at the reason why so many entrepreneurs are not succeeding. They found that 42% of all failed entrepreneurs said not being able to find enough customers was the reason why their business was not successful.

This should show all entrepreneurs how important it is to have a strategy on how to find those customers. Because without a strategy, business owners will not find enough of those ideal and likely customers to grow their business.

And not only do they need to know who their ideal and likely customers are says Edmonton business consultant. They need to develop a relationship with them. So that the ideal and likely customers can get to know a business, like them and ultimately trust them. So that they can buy from them, and become fans of their business.

The best way for an entrepreneur to do this, is to be the face of their business. The reason why, is because customers want to connect with a business, but they identify with people and not brands.

Therefore, when an entrepreneur shows who they are, and tells their unique story. Customers can get to know them, identify with their story, and start to build a relationship.


In fact, the most successful brands in the world understand how important it is to have a face of the business. So that customers can connect to them. Which is why they often use celebrities to endorse their products and services.

By finding celebrities that exhibit the qualities and traits that they want to have associated with their business. They can inspire that connection with their ideal and likely customers. And create that trust that is needed for customers to buy their products and services.

However, entrepreneurs are not going to be able to afford celebrity endorsements. Or being able to spend millions of dollars on branding to put their name on everything, and advertise in all of the different media channels.

But what a business owner can do, is show who the business is, and who are the people that are behind the business. So that when customers hear about business, they can find out who the people are, and starts to build that trust.

In fact, the team page is the second most visited part of a company’s website. Which shows how important people are to customers.

This is why it is so vital for all entrepreneurs to sit down with Edmonton business consultant and create a marketing plan. That will help them understand how they are going to be able to build that relationship with their ideal and likely customers. To help them sell more products and services.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Building a Relationship with Customers

Many small business owners think that they need to appear large and corporate in order to generate sales, but Edmonton business consultant says this is not true. And fact, it is the opposite of what they should be doing.

This is because customers want to do business with companies they like and trust. And it is hard for them to trust a faceless brand.

Especially since they do not know where the business is, or who is behind it. Or what they might be hiding, if they refused put their own face on their business.

So the more an entrepreneur can show who they are, and the people that work in the business. The more they can start to make that important connection with their ideal and likely customers. And develop a relationship.

Edmonton business consultant recommends that business owners start creating videos about their business, and who they are. And they can put those videos on their website, on YouTube and use them on social media.

These can be short daily videos. Or a longer video that they can then cut down and use in a variety of ways, and a variety of places. This way, customers can start to see who they are, and what they are all about.


In addition to this, companies should also focus on getting as many reviews as possible. Because this shows potential customers that their business has real people buying and loving their products and services.

An extremely large percentage of customers look at Google reviews before they purchase from a business. And even more important than that, they use those Google reviews to influence their purchasing decision.

For example, if they are thinking of using a business, but they see that there is only a few Google reviews. They may actually take their business elsewhere. Which is why it is extremely important for an entrepreneur to develop a strategy on how they are going to get as many Google reviews as possible.

If there marketing plan does not have a section on creating Google reviews, they should contact Edmonton business consultant to fix their marketing plan, so that they can come up with a strategy. Because this is extremely important.

The minimum number of Google reviews that any entrepreneur should have is forty. Because that is the number that inspires confidence in their ideal and likely customers.

If entrepreneurs have under forty reviews, potential customers often make the assumption that they are not real Google reviews. Such as reviews from only their friends and family. Or that the company is not very good at what they do, which is why they have few reviews.

Therefore, once an entrepreneur can come up with a strategy on how to get to forty Google reviews. They can inspire that trust and confidence in their potential customers. That they need to buy the company’s products and services.