Edmonton Business Consultant | Building a Personal Brand

Edmonton Business Consultant | Building a Personal Brand

Advertising business is not enough to veto to grow a business according to Edmonton business consultant. The reason why, is because customers want to do business with companies they know, like and trust.

And if the company’s advertising does not create that relationship, that business owners may not generate sales to stay viable business.

In fact, industry Canada found that not only did half of all Canadian entrepreneurs failed in business. Also, the reason why most of those entrepreneurs failed. 42% said that they were unable to find enough customers to buy their products and services.

This is often due to a lack of a effective marketing plan says Edmonton business consultant. And not only do business owners need to understand that knowing how they are going to advertise their business. But they also need to understand what the messaging is going to be.

In order to get customers to know and like business. They need to get to know the business as a person and not as a brand. The reason why, is because people identified with other people. And it is going to be easier to get a person to know and like a personal brand than it would be faceless business.

How they can do this, is by using the on fours face as the persona behind the business. As well as their unique story. Telling their story get potential customers to identify with the business, and start to know and like them.


In fact, Gary Vaynerchuk has said your number one goal is to tell your story to your customer wherever they are, and preferably at the moment they are deciding to make a purchase.

Even the largest corporations in the world understand how important it is to develop a personal relationship with their customers and why it is important to continue to market their business. Even if they are extremely well known.

This is why many large corporations use celebrities to endorse the products and services. Because that will be the face of their business, giving customers a person to know and like. As well as identify with.

Ideally, Edmonton business consultant says these corporations will find a celebrity that exudes the traits and characteristics they want associated with their business. Whether this is charm, glamour, good taste just to name a few.

And while this strategy is out of reach for most small this is. They should use that idea to understand why they need to be the face of their own business. To give customers something to identify with. And telling their story can get those customers to know and like them.

They can do this by putting their story, as well as their pictures and biography on the team page of their website. As well as the pictures and biographies of all of their staff members. Especially because this is the second most viewed page on a company’s website. Second only to their homepage.

When entrepreneurs understand how important this is. They should ensure that not only do they have a marketing plan. But that marketing plan will help them create the messaging that those customers need to hear.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Building a Personal Brand

An entrepreneur is going to need to get their ideal and likely customers to know, like and trust them says Edmonton business consultant. In order to inspire them to purchase products and services from them.

Not only should they put their face on the website. But they can start using videos to tell their story, talk about what they do in their business, and solidify what they are trying to achieve. They should put these videos on their website, on YouTube and even on all of their social media channels.

Edmonton business consultant recommends shooting short videos daily, or a longform video. That they will be able to cut up and purpose in a variety of different ways. By doing this, they can continue to build that personal brand they need to create a relationship with their customers.

Using their face as the personal brand of the business. And telling their unique story. Can help entrepreneurs get customers to know and like them. But an important step is getting customers to trust them as well.

In fact, 80% of all customers look at a business is Google reviews prior to purchasing products or services from them. And the majority of those customers let the Google reviews influence purchasing decision.


So even if they know and like a business. If there is not enough reviews to trust, they may go elsewhere to buy their products and services.

The reason why few Google reviews does not inspire trust. Is because it often makes a customer suspicious. Thinking that they must not be very good at what they do if they do not have a lot of Google reviews. For that if they only have a few Google reviews, that those are all from their friends and family.

The minimum number of Google reviews that an entrepreneur needs to have according to Edmonton business consultant. Is forty reviews, to ensure that they can inspire those ideal and likely customers to trust them with their purchase.

To be much more difficult as well as take a much longer time than entrepreneurs think to get those Google reviews. Which is why it is extremely important that there marketing plan contains how they are going to achieve getting forty Google reviews.

It is going to include a script that all employees are going to use on every customer to get them to leave a Google review. But as soon as they open the doors to their business, they need to be ready to get those Google reviews. So that they can inspire trust in those customers who are looking at the reviews.

If an entrepreneur finds that they do not have a marketing plan. Or if there marketing plan is not helping them build that relationship with customers. They should contact Edmonton business consultant to see how they can get a better marketing plan that will help them achieve success in their business.