Edmonton Business Consultant | Building a Brand on Trust

Edmonton Business Consultant | Building a Brand on Trust

One thing that entrepreneurs can do, that will help them attract their ideal and likely customers according to Edmonton business consultant. Is to show those potential customers who they are.

Customers want to do business with companies that they know, like and trust. And they are not going to be able to see that, in a company who does not show the people behind their brand.

First of all, if customers do not see who the people are behind the company. They could be a business anywhere, owned by anyone. And they want to do business with local people, who are in their community.

Therefore, if entrepreneurs are trying to look as big as possible. By creating a corporate looking website. They may find that it backfires on them. Because they will not be able to generate the leads that they are expecting. Because potential customers will not know who is behind business.

In fact, most customers make their purchasing decisions based on emotion. And a business can develop that emotion by telling their story to their customers. When potential customers can identify with a business, because they relate to the story. It can be an important way that they develop that emotion. And get the customer to buy their products and services.

In addition to telling their unique story, Edmonton business consultant says they also have to show the people behind that story. Which is why it is incredibly important to show not just the owners of the company. But who the team is, so that potential customers can learn who makes the business run.

So instead of a large, faceless corporate looking website. They can put their company team on a team page of their website. So that people will be able to see exactly who is in the business.


In fact, the team page is the second most viewed page for companies website. Second only to the main homepage of their website.

This should show entrepreneurs exactly how important it is for their ideal and likely customers to connect with the people behind the brand.

By telling their story, and showing the people in the business. As well as providing excellent quality products and services. Will be extremely important for any business. Is looking to grow their brand.

However, it will be possible to do this, without coming up with a marketing plan. It is why all entrepreneurs should sit down with Edmonton business consultant even before they open the doors to their business. The come up with a marketing plan.

To help them start to make that connection with customers, and build trust. So that they will know exactly what they need to do. Each day in their business to build that relationship.

The sooner an entrepreneur can start building that relationship with their ideal and likely customers. The sooner they are going to be able to start selling products and services.

But it is important that they get started, and work on this marketing plan consistently. Because the more consistently they do this, the faster they are going to see results.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Building a Brand on Trust

Business owners need to know how important it is to build a relationship with their ideal and likely customers says Edmonton business consultant. Because consumers make a lot of their purchasing decisions based on emotion.

And while an entrepreneur might have the best products and services than any other company. If they are not building that relationship, they will not be able to build that brand, that will develop raving fans of their business.

Companies that build their brand on trust and likability. Have a very well-thought-out plan on how they are going to do that. In fact, some of the most famous, and long-lasting brands in the world. Know how important it is.

Because not only have they been working at it for dozens of years or more. They know that they have to continue to do it consistently. In order to keep that relationship, and sell their products and services.

Important way that customers can build that trust, is by getting reviews and recommendations. Edmonton business consultant says that the majority of customers look at companies Google reviews prior to making their purchasing decision.

And that they trust the testimonials and reviews of strangers over and above recommendations from friends and family. The reason why, is because the recommendations that they find on line, are unbiased. And therefore, what trustworthy.


Not only do customers look at a companies Google reviews before they make a purchasing decision. But those Google reviews actually influences their purchasing decision. And if a company does not have enough, they can often go elsewhere.

Therefore, it is not enough for companies to just get some reviews. They need to get enough that customers for looking at those reviews, will trust that they are real reviews. By actual satisfied customers.

The minimum threshold to get recommended by Edmonton business consultant. Is forty reviews to start. The reason why, is because this is the number of reviews that inspires confidence in customers who are looking at the reviews.

At forty reviews, customers tend to believe that they are real, and are given by actual customers. Because it might be difficult for a company to try and fake that large number of reviews themselves. And are likely to be more than friends and family of the business.

Because of that, it is extremely important for business owners to come up with strategy on how they are going to collect Google reviews. And do so as quickly as possible. So that they can have enough reviews, to build that trust with potential customers.

By growing their Google reviews, an entrepreneur can start to build that relationship with their ideal and likely customers. But once they get to the minimum number, they need to keep adding reviews.

So that they can continue to build that relationship. And get more customers, and continue to grow their business.