Edmonton Business Consultant | Building a Brand Customers Trust

Edmonton Business Consultant | Building a Brand Customers Trust

Studies have shown that customers prefer buying products and services from a business they like and trust says Edmonton business consultant. And many large organizations and corporations know this and have spent hundreds of years developing trust with their customer base.

In one of the best ways that organizations can build trust, is to elicit an emotional reaction from their customers. And this is done easiest, by showing a face that people can connect to.

For large organizations, they typically use celebrity endorsements in order to elicit that kind of response. And ideally, Edmonton business consultant says they will use a celebrity that inspires the feelings that they are trying to convey as a brand.

However, this works because large corporations will be able to put this branding everywhere. On all channels of media, and on everything. So that the face that they choose can become synonymous with their brand.

Unfortunately for small business owners this kind of advertising and approach is out of reach. Simply because small entrepreneurs typically do not have pockets deep enough to be able to do this.

Many brands have been building the trust with consumers for dozens if not hundreds of years. Such as General Motors, General Electric, Walmart and Coca-Cola to name a few. However, the most important thing that they realize is that this job is never done. And they need to constantly engage in illicit emotion from their customer base.


And while it is impossible for small businesses to compete with this kind of advertising strategy. The take away that they can have with this, is people by on emotion and, they want to see people behind the brand.

A great way to start doing this according to Edmonton business consultant. Is to ensure that they have an extremely strong team page on their website. Not only because it is the second most clicked on part of their website. But because this can be the start of consumers adding to know, like and trust the business. Because they know the people.

Consumers understand that is not a faceless corporation. And that the people that they are supporting our local people in their community. That they can have an emotional connection with.

This means taking pictures of people, writing bios underneath each picture, and sharing this on more than just their website. They can use this information on all forms of social media. To start showing who the people are behind their brand.

Another way that businesses can use the people behind the business to start building trust with customers, is start making audios that they can put on their business website as well as on social media. That can show customers another side of their business. And who the people are behind the business.

By doing this consistently, business owners can start to develop that relationship with customers. And get them to know, they can trust the business. So that they can start to generate more sales for their business.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Building a Brand Customers Trust

Often, a small business owner thinks that all they need to do in order to have a successful business is build a great website says Edmonton business consultant. But this is not true. Because even after they have a great website. If people do not see it, it is not going to help generate sales.

Business owners should concentrate on telling their unique story in order to attract fans. And in order to do that, they have to show the personal side of their business. In order to get customers to like them.

One great thing that they can do to start building that trust with customers, is start getting Google reviews in their business. This is important says Edmonton business consultant. Because 88% of all customers look at Google reviews prior to making their purchasing decision.

Even if a customer has been given a word-of-mouth fertile. They will still do their research and look at a businesses Google reviews. And then use those Google reviews to influence their purchasing decisions.

Therefore, is very important that businesses start getting Google reviews as quickly as possible. So it can show customers that they have real customers, and real fans of their products and services.

However, this may not be as easy a task as many people assume it will be. They need to develop a plan on how to ask the customers they get consistently, so that they can start generating as many Google reviews as possible.

Edmonton business consultant recommends aiming for forty Google reviews as a minimum threshold. And then adding when Google review on average every single month.


These testimonials go a long way in creating brand trust with customers. Especially because many consumers see that recommendations from strangers are a lot more convincing. Then recommendations from their friends and their family. Because recommendation from a stranger is unbiased.

The more Google reviews they have, the more they will be able to have that trust build between themselves and their customers.

Unfortunately, this is not going to be an overnight solution. Not only because it takes time to generate Google reviews. But because it will take time to develop that trust.

Therefore, business owners need to ensure that there being very consistent their marketing efforts. And not stop at all, or slow down what they are doing. Because just like many large brands, who know they have to be marketing consistently to continue generating sales.

A small business has to do the same. Being consistent is how they are going to continue to generate sales for their business, which will allow them to grow their revenue.

Therefore, business owners need to keep in mind that customers will buy on emotion. And want to know, like and trust the businesses that they purchase from. And they will be able to do that when they see the people behind the business.

And know that other people like and trust the business as well. When they can do that, they will start to generate or sales for their business.