Edmonton Business Consultant | Build Trust to Attract Customers

Edmonton Business Consultant | Build Trust to Attract Customers

Business owners should avoid trying to make their business look as large and corporate as possible says Edmonton business consultant. Because most customers want to do business with companies they know and like.

In order to get customers to know and like them. They have to be as personal as possible. So that their ideal likely customers can not only identify with them. Get to know them, and like them.

They can do this by not only showing the face of the people behind the company. But also sharing their unique story. So that customers who hear their story can identify with it. And start to like them as a company.

This is so important, that the second most viewed page on a company’s website is the team page. Because customers want to know who the people are in the businesses that they are supporting.

If a company does not have a strong team page, or if they do not have one at all. Edmonton business consultant says that can actually negatively impact their sales. Because it makes their customers think that it could be owned by anyone. And that they could be anywhere in the world.

And since they want to know, like and trust the people they do business with. Not knowing the people they do business with, can cause them to look for a different company.


Because an entrepreneur’s website is their main tool that they are going to use for training leads into customers. They need to ensure that if people are finding them online. Or if they are using Google to find out more information about their company.

Prior to buying their products or services. If they do not end up seeing the people behind the company on their website. This often means that these customers will go elsewhere.

In order to create a great team page, Edmonton business consultant recommends that entrepreneurs put photos of themselves, as well as all of their staff members on the team page. As well as biographies about who everybody is.

This will help create that connection that customers are looking for in the businesses that they support. A business owner should also ensure that they are putting their story on the website as well. So that their brand can be as personal as possible.

Even large corporations understand the value of this. By using celebrities to help sell their products and services. As well as being proud of their own unique story. They use these methods to create that identity for customers to relate to. In order to sell their own products and services.

And while an entrepreneur may not be able to afford a celebrity. Or spend millions on their advertising and branding. It will be able to be the face of their own business. So that they will be able to build that relationship with their own ideal and likely customers. That will help them sell their own products and services.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Build Trust to Attract Customers

It is not only important for entrepreneurs to show the people behind the business says Edmonton business consultant. But it is important that they build that trust as well to.

While it can be difficult for entrepreneurs to build trust. Especially with customers that have never purchased products from them before. There are many things that business owners can do that will help their ideal and likely customers gain that trust quickly.

Business owners should consider how important recommendations and testimonials are to customers. And that customers tend to want to see recommendations from strangers, rather than friends and family. Because people they do not know are unbiased. And therefore much more valuable.

Customers also look at a businesses Google reviews. If they are thinking of purchasing products and services from them. And if there are not enough reviews for that business, they will likely go elsewhere according to Edmonton business consultant.

The reason why they will go elsewhere, is because they lack confidence or trust that the business can do a good job. This is because they make an assumption that they are not very good at what they do. If they do not have a lot of reviews.

And they also make the assumption that the reviews that they do have, are likely their own friends and family. And not typically customers who have been happy with the products or services that they received.

Studies have shown that in order for customers to have confidence in a business. They need to see a minimum of forty reviews. Because that shows that enough people have liked the product or service that they offered. That they wanted to leave that review.


And also, it is a lot more difficult to find forty friends and family to leave those reviews in the first place. So they are much more trustworthy when a company has reached that minimum threshold of Google reviews.

Entrepreneurs might think about this and believe that is going to be very easy very quick to be able to get to forty reviews. And that is not generally the case. It takes time to collect reviews. And if an entrepreneur is not focused on doing this as quickly as possible. They could lose ground very quickly.

The longer they are without that minimum threshold of reviews, they more often they are having customers decide to go elsewhere because of the lack of reviews.

Therefore, an entrepreneur’s marketing plan needs to have a component about what they are going to do to generate Google reviews in their business as quickly as possible. So that they do not miss out on this important opportunity to build trust with their ideal and likely customers.

If an entrepreneur does not have a marketing plan. Or if there marketing plan is incomplete in any way. They should contact Edmonton business consultant for a meeting. To find out what they need to do in order to help create raving fans in their own business.