Edmonton Business Consultant | Avoid Using Clickbait for Marketing

Edmonton Business Consultant | Avoid Using Clickbait for Marketing

Advertisers often get a very bad reputation according to Edmonton business consultant. That’s because they often use methods of advertising that are misleading, invasive, or are annoying. People hate deceptive or annoying marketing. But due to the number of advertisers out there, it can be very difficult to find a marketer who’s not utilizing some of these methods.

Even fellow marketers are upset with marketing strategies that are invasive or dishonest. However, business owners still have to get the word out of their products or services. And they often don’t have any alternatives.

However, advertising does not have to be misleading and it doesn’t have to be annoying. I’ll hiring the right Edmonton business consultant. People can ensure that they are not upsetting their clients. As well as getting the word out effectively on their products and their services.

My being able to identify what some of the worst kinds of ads are. Can help business owners find a marketing company that’s not going to use those methods that are upsetting. One of the first things that’s business owners should do, is understand what invasive ads are.

Invasive ads are frustrating because they pop up when people are not expecting them. It’s the difference between commercials during a television program. And infomercials. And while not a lot of people like infomercials. People generally get to choose when they are watching those infomercials versus not having the choice when they’re watching a television program.


This is why pvr’s are so popular says Edmonton business consultant. Is because people typically do not want to be watching advertising when they are watching a television program. So pvr’s allow people to skip over the invasive ads that they have no interest in seeing.

their form of invasive advertising are pop-up ads. These of the ads that start opening new windows in their web browser when they click on a certain website or advertisement. Sometimes they can be four things that might be considered legitimate. Such as opening up advertising for local grocery stores when people go to a recipe website.

However, other types of invasive advertising does not have anything to do with what people are looking for and are just plain annoying. They might click on something called clickbait which is a misleading advertisements, and get stuck in an endless loop of invasive ads.

It business owners truly want to make an impact on there ideal unlikely buyers. They should avoid this type of advertising. Edmonton Business Consultants as the sooner people can recognize what annoying ads are, they can avoid using these types of ads in their marketing. And generate a much better response.

By hiring an Edmonton Business Consultants who knows what they’re doing. Business owners can end up with an effective marketing strategy. That will help them find to their ideal and likely buyers. Without upsetting anyone with invasive or misleading ads. The ability to do this is extremely important. Especially if entrepreneurs want to ensure that they are building a lasting business.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Avoid Using Clickbait for Marketing

Many entrepreneurs struggle with marketing says Edmonton business consultant. Because there are so many different types of marketing methods out there. Even when limiting the types of marketing to online-only. There is such a wide variety of different methods and types. Not knowing what to put their time and effort into can be extremely difficult for business owners to know.

However, there is one fact that business owners should know that can help them make the decision on what marketing method. They should be utilizing over all others when it comes to online advertising. This fact is that Google is responsible for 94% of all of the internet’s organic traffic. That being said, is that Google direct most of the traffic happening on the internet. Therefore advertising with Google can be one of the most effective ways a business owner can get their product or service known.

Even when looking at all of the other types of search engines weather that’s Bing, Yahoo or MSN just to name a few. All combined, those are responsible for less than 6% of the organic internet traffic. So if an Advertiser wants to sell their product or service on anyone website. It makes sense that that one website would be Google.

The product that Google sells for advertising is called AdWords says Edmonton business consultant. And how it works, is that an Advertiser will choose a certain amount of keywords that they use in conjunction with their ads. Anytime a consumer searches for terms relating to the keywords that were chosen. That ad will show up in the search results.

The ads show up at the top of the list, increasing the frequency that someone will click on the ad instead of the organic search results. Edmonton Business Consultants says that the only thing that an Advertiser must do, is choose the keywords and choose how much money they want to spend on the ads each month.


The recommendation is for people to spend about $250 a week on Google AdWords. And that’s going to give them the data they need to find out if they’re advertising is effective. They might need to pick different keywords, or spend a bit more money each month in order to generate the leads that they need.

But ultimately, not only is this one of the most effective forms of advertising. It also works best when people are upfront and honest about the content of the ads and represents their products as honestly as possible. Edmonton business consultant says consumers really appreciate having upfront and honest ads. Rather than being duped into clicking on something whether it’s an invasive ad or clickbait.

When business owners can use this method of marketing. Not only will it be more effective. But they are only advertising it to their ideal unlikely buyers when they are ready to make a purchase. Not only is this an extremely effective form of advertising. It eliminates the need for invasive ads.