Edmonton Business Consultant | Avoid These Annoying Marketing Ideas

Edmonton Business Consultant | Avoid These Annoying Marketing Ideas

If entrepreneurs don’t have an effective marketing plan says Edmonton business consultant. They might fall victim to advertising their business in ways that are not only an effective. But can also do more harm than good. One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs can make. It’s thinking that their product or service is so fantastic. That is either going to sell itself. Or that they’re going to be able to survive on word-of-mouth alone.

In fact, half of all Canadian entrepreneurs that start their businesses will fail according to Industry Canada. And 42% of these failed entrepreneurs go on to say that not being able to sell enough products and find enough customers. Was the number one reason why their business failed.

There are several ways that business owners can Market their business both online and offline. However, business owners need to know how important it is to Market their business online. Because that is where a lot of people are finding companies to purchase from.

In fact, being online is so important. That it has replaced the importance of being in the Yellow Pages was 20 and 30 years ago. However, there are so many different ways to Market a business online. That unless people do their research ahead of time. They may not get the best marketing message that they possibly can.

One form of advertising that they should avoid at all costs according to Edmonton business consultant is click-baiting. Click-baiting is extremely frustrating because it combines and invasive ads. With dishonesty. Often, people who end up clicking on a clickbait ad. Feel deceived and angry.


I will click bait ads says Edmonton business consultant. Is that there’s either a sensational or intentionally vague headline. And people must click on the link to get more information. Either they will get information on something completely unrelated. Or, they will be inundated with pop-up ads.

The idea behind this advertising says Edmonton business consultant. Is that because lots of people are going to click on the ad. Chances are high that at least some of the people who click on the ad are going to want to purchase the product or service.

However, in addition to being frustrating and disliked by most people. It takes an extremely high marketing budget to generate the kind of results that will grow an entrepreneur Revenue. Making it an extremely poor method of advertising for small businesses. Not just because they need a lot of marketing dollars. But because they don’t have a well name. That would be able to withstand having a poor reputation.

By being aware of the forms of advertising that are available online. Can help an entrepreneur choose the ones that are best for them. That they can hit the ground running as soon as they open the doors to their business. And start generating results for their marketing efforts.

The sooner a business owner can figure out their marketing plan. The sooner they’re going to be able to generate the results that they need in their business to stay viable. Because if they wait too long to come up with a marketing plan. They are not going to be able to generate enough Revenue to stay in business.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Avoid These Annoying Marketing Ideas

There are many ways that entrepreneurs can Market their business says Edmonton business consultant. But that does not mean that they don’t have to worry about creating a marketing plan. Because if they don’t create a marketing plan ahead of time. Chances are quite high and that they’re going to choose one of the many ineffective forms of advertising on the internet.

One of the most disliked forms of advertising online is the invasive ads. And while many people have experienced invasive ads especially offline. This is in the form of television commercials, or commercials in between songs on their favourite radio station says Edmonton business consultant.

The reason why these are called invasive is because they show up without a consumer asking to see them. And when they are doing something unrelated to shopping. However, many people are not sure what an invasive add is when it comes to online advertising.

Pop-up ads is one example of an invasive ad. Often when someone clicks on a clickbait ad. Or if they go to a certain unscrupulous website such as an online quiz, or similar type of website. Another form of invasive ad is when people get an ad appearing in the news feed of their favourite social media website.


The reason why this is considered an invasive ad says Edmonton business consultant. Is because people who are on social media websites. Are not likely to be making purchases at that time. They are there to be social and to catch up with friends and family. Making an adhere considered invasive.

In order to advertise without being invasive says Edmonton business consultant. People should understand who their ideal and likely customers are. And then Market to those customers. When they are looking for products and services to purchase.

How people can do that, is my advertising on Google. Google is not only the largest search engine in the world. It’s also the largest website in the world. And the website that more customers go to in order to find products and services that they are ready to purchase.

How an entrepreneur with Target their ideal unlikely customers this way. Is through their choices of keywords that relates to their business and their products and services that they are selling. When customers use those keywords in a search on Google. That entrepreneurs add is going to appear at the top of the search results.

This Way, business owners are only showing their ad to Consumers who are looking to make purchases. And are looking to make those specific purchases of those products and services. Not only is this more effective. It’s also going to avoid business owners frustrating customers with invasive or frustrating advertising.

The only thing an entrepreneur has to do is choose their key words and their weekly advertising budget says Edmonton Business Consultants. And then, they just have to ensure that they are going to be consistent with their marketing efforts. To ensure that it has the best chances of generating results for the business owner.