Edmonton Business Consultant | Attracting Raving Fans

Edmonton Business Consultant | Attracting Raving Fans

If business owners are able to attract raving fans to their business, Edmonton business consultant says that can help them grow their brand significantly.

Very important for all entrepreneurs to understand. That consumers want to buy products and services from companies that they know and like. Therefore, the best way to help entrepreneurs do that, is showing the people behind the business.

This is something that many large corporations are aware of. And have been doing for a long time. Using celebrity endorsements to sell their products. Because that can inspire customers to purchase their products. Because they have connection with that celebrity.

They will choose a celebrity that has the same qualities that they are hoping to communicate to customers that they have. And then use that image as often and wherever they can. In order to show customers who they are, to build that trust.

In fact, large corporations know that their job of advertising and marketing is never over. They have to continually market their brand, and connect with customers in order to continue to make sales. Brands such as General Motors, General Electric, Walmart and Coca-Cola have been doing this for decades.

However, Edmonton business consultant says this kind of strategy is not feasible for most small businesses. Because this will require extremely deep pockets. To be able to afford spending lots of money on branding. And on advertising to get their name out there for recognition.


But just because small businesses cannot compete with large corporations on that strategy. Does not mean that they do not have a strategy that they can follow. Instead, they must compete on great service, and likability.

This is why it is so important for businesses to show the face of the people behind the brand. Not just the business owner themselves. But their staff as well.

It is much easier for company to build trust if they use a persona, that a faceless brand. Because that will allow the customer to start know and like that persona. That can build trust that will allow them to sell more products and services.

In fact, the second most clicked on area of a businesses website is the team page. Showing business owners how important it is that they show the face of the business. Because this is what customers are looking for.

Therefore, ensuring that they have a very strong team page that has pictures of everyone. As well as great biographies on everyone. Can help start to build that trust with customers. Though to using celebrity endorsements and a large sum of money.

If company does not show the team behind the business. Edmonton business consultant says they often appear faceless, and the business could exist anywhere, and be owned by anyone. Or even be a friend for fake businesses. It often has customers wondering if a company will not put their face on their business, one or they hiding?

Therefore, by strategically showing their team on their website. Entrepreneurs can start to build that brand on personality. So that customers can know who they are, and build that trust needed to make sales.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Attracting Raving Fans

Since customers typically want to know, like and trust the businesses they buy products from according to Edmonton business consultant. It is very important that companies put a lot of time and attention into their personal brand, so that customers can identify with it.

1 Great Way that they can do this. Is by starting to show the people behind the business. They can start using social media and videos to show the people that make the business what it is.

They should make a short daily video. Or create one longform video. That can be cut into smaller bits, and used in a wide variety of ways.

They can put their videos on their website, and on social media. So that they can start building that trust that is important to customers in order to purchase products from a business.

In the next most important thing that they can do is generate Google reviews for their business says Edmonton business consultant. Not only does this show that their business has real people who buy their products and services. That those customers like their products and services so much, that they will endorse it.


Because of that, it is important for business owners to come up with a strategy and how to get his many Google reviews as possible. 80% of all consumers end up looking at Google reviews to see if they should buy from a company or not. The more Google reviews they have, the more confidence these customers will have.

Not only do customers look at Google reviews, but those Google reviews will end up influencing their purchasing decision. Making it extremely important that company gets to as many as possible, ideally forty as minimum threshold.

They can do this by asking all the customers that they have, coming up with a script that they can use to ensure that every customer is asked. They can also ask their family and friends to iterate Google reviews for them. And going back to previous customers, to see if they would be interested in writing a review as possible.

Business owners need to understand that recommendations from Google is often more powerful than a recommendation from a family friend. Simply because strangers recommendation online is not biased. And will go a long way in helping inspire customers to purchase products and services from the business.

However, this is not a magic solution that will work instantly. Business owners need to understand that the strategy will take time to implement, and work. But that consistency is key to ensure that the do not lose any ground while they are carrying out this marketing plan.

If any business owners would like more information on how they can grow their brand, and create a marketing strategy that can help them succeed. They should contact Edmonton business consultant for consultation, to find out how they can grow their business.