Edmonton Business Consultant | Annoying Marketing Methods

Edmonton Business Consultant | Annoying Marketing Methods

There are many different ways that entrepreneurs can Market their business says Edmonton business consultant. But whatever they do, they should think of it ahead of time. And put it into the marketing section of their business plan. If they don’t, they might not formulate a concrete to marketing plan. That can end up with an entrepreneur not having a marketing plan at all.

Once an entrepreneur opens the doors to their business. it is less likely that they’re going to be able to find the time to build this important marketing plan. Not only do business owners work 12 hours a day and work 6 days a week. Once an entrepreneur is working in their business. They will have far less time than they think to create that marketing plan.

In addition to that, Edmonton business consultant says if business owners wait until they open the doors to their business to come up with an effective marketing plan. They are already losing ground. And missing important opportunities to Market their business. Which can impact their success.

Palo Alto did a survey in order to find out how effective plans were at helping businesses succeed. What they discovered was that entrepreneurs that had a plan and their business. We’re 50% more likely to grow their revenue. Then entrepreneurs who had no plan at all.

In addition to helping entrepreneurs succeed. Industry Canada also did a survey. In order to find out why half of all Canadian entrepreneurs were failing. What they discovered, was that the number one reason for businesses to fail. Which is what caused 42% of Canadian entrepreneurs to have to close their business. But the fact that they could not find enough customers for their product or service.


Therefore, finding these customers is extremely important. And should not be left up to Word of Mouth marketing. Or thinking that their product is going to be so great. That will be able to sell itself.

And while many people understand how important it is to Market their business online. Edmonton business consultant says this is true for any entrepreneur no matter how big or small they are. However the methods that they use for online marketing is extremely important.

One of the first things that entrepreneurs do as soon as they open the doors to their business. Is they think that they need a fantastic website. And that for several thousand dollars of their marketing budget goes.

However this is not an important first step. And unless they are smart about marketing their business in other ways. Their website is not going to get viewed. Especially by their ideal and likely buyers. Therefore, business owners should start marketing their business first. And when they start generating a lot of leads as well as sales. That’s when they can build their fantastic website.

However, business owners need to be very careful because not all online advertising is the same. There is clickbait, invasive ads, social media advertising just to name a few. That should be avoided. Edmonton business consultant says not only because these are ineffective. Because they can also upset customers. Which is not the goal.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Annoying Marketing Methods

While many entrepreneurs hate marketing says Edmonton business consultant. This is because it can be overwhelming as well as confusing. However it doesn’t need to be. As long as an entrepreneur can take the time to think about it, and research different forms of online advertising. In order to find the best product for their needs.

And while there is a lot of very expensive, or ineffective online marketing says Edmonton business consultant. There are also extremely effective ways to Market a business. One of the first things that Edmonton business consultant recommends is that an entrepreneur gets a Google my business page.

But a Google my business page will do, is allow an entrepreneur to have an online presence. Without spending thousands of dollars on a website. It will also allow entrepreneurs to start generating Google reviews. Which is what they should be doing as quickly as they can.

Once they have reached 40, it will start getting a break and pricing for Google AdWords. Which is how they can find their ideal and likely buyers says Edmonton business consultant. And Market their products and services to them when they are looking for products. Because they’re on Google doing a search.

Ways that entrepreneurs should avoid marketing their business include clickbait. Which are vague or intentionally misleading ads. That went entrepreneurs click on them. Brings them to a product of something that they’re not interested in. Or they are inundated with pop-up ads. Not only are these ineffective. But they can also cost a significant amount of money.


Pop-up ads are another form of advertising it that entrepreneurs should avoid. This is called invasive advertising. One of the most famous types of invasive advertising is when people go to a recipe website for example. And they can’t see the recipe, because they keep getting pop ups for restaurants, grocery stores and cookware.

Also, business owners should avoid using empty promises when they Market their business. Because when they are marketing to their ideal and likely customers. They won’t have to use empty promises. Just be completely upfront about their product and service. And their ideal and likely buyers will want to purchase.

Examples of empty promise advertising include Those ads that’s promised people they can work from home and make thousands of dollars a week. As well as Dyess AIDs that are guaranteed to work. Or anti-aging products that are guaranteed to remove the years.

These forms of advertising make the consumer feel stupid. And if a product or service is good enough says Edmonton business consultant. Hyundai dealer likely buyer shouldn’t be needs to be tricked into clicking on the ad.

What entrepreneurs remember this. They’re going to be far more likely to create an effective marketing strategy. That can significantly help ensure that they find the customers they need to grow their business.