Edmonton Business Consultant | 5 Reasons Why Business Owners Hate Marketing

Edmonton Business Consultant | Five Reasons Why Business Owners Hate Marketing

There’s a reason why people use pvr’s so much nowadays says Edmonton Business Consultants. Is because they don’t want to look at invasive ads. Not only are invasive ads annoying. But they get in the way of people doing what they want to do. Like watching television, surfing the internet. And they also get in the way of people being able to connect on social media sites like Facebook.

This is why, entrepreneurs should look at non-invasive advertising methods. However, without talking to Edmonton business consultant it may be difficult to know which are invasive ads. And what ads are not invasive at all.

If business owners can Market to their ideal and likely buyers when they are looking for their product or service. That is going to be a lot more effective than blasting out an ad to everybody no matter what website they’re using, or television show they are watching.

This is why Google is so effective. Edmonton business consultant says that 95% of the organic internet traffic is coming from Google. And it’s the place where customers go when they are ready to make a purchase. And are deciding on what company to purchase that product or service from.

Therefore, if people are advertising on Google, they are advertising their product and service to the people who are looking to buy that product or service. It only shows a business’s add to the people that are using Search terms applicable to their business.


Other marketing tactics can be very frustrating and should be avoided says Edmonton business consultant. Examples of invasive ads that should be avoided include pop-up ads. These are incredibly annoying. And they can get in the way of people enjoying a website.

For example, people who may be looking for a recipe for dinner that they are cooking for their family. Can get assaulted with so many pop-up ads that cover the entire recipe, and no matter how many times people try to close Those ads. They keep coming back, interfering with their ability to use the website.

Rather than being a clever marketing trick. These types of pop-up ads actually turn consumers off of using that website entirely. And can decrease the amount of traffic that website actually gets. People hate being marketed to when they are not ready to be marketed to them.

And just because they are looking at a recipe online. Doesn’t mean they are in the market to buy food, kitchen utensils, pots and pans or anything else. If people are truly interested in buying those things. They can Google for them when they are done making the recipe.

When marketing companies and businesses start realizing what I deal in likely buyers like in advertising. And what I deal in likely buyers dislike in advertising. Then they’re going to be a start using a much more effective marketing strategy. Such as purchasing Google AdWords to Market their product or service only to the consumers who are looking specifically for that product or service.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Five Reasons Why Business Owners Hate Marketing

Many people hate marketing says Edmonton business consultant. But how else can a company get their name known? Or get their ideal and likely buyers to purchase their products or services? It’s all about knowing the most effective marketing techniques. As well as knowing what techniques are most dislikes and why. So that companies can avoid marketing their business that way.

Seth Godin, who is an extremely effective marketer hasn’t said that selling ice cream on the beach and summer is easy. However, raising people’s expectations, and gauging their hopes and dreams. Helping them see further, that’s the difficult work we marketers sign up for. From now on, your customers know more about your competitors than you do. And so your commodity work, no matter how much effort you put into it, is never enough.

Therefore it’s extremely important to know how to Market effectively. for example, Edmonton business consultant says Google is actually responsible for 94% of the organic internet traffic. Therefore, people should get on Google more than any other search site such as Bing, Yahoo or MSN. And they should also avoid advertising on social media sites like Facebook. Because they don’t need to if they are on Google.

While Google is responsible for so much of the internet’s organic traffic. And that’s why people should be advertising on this website says Edmonton business consultant. Companies and marketing businesses also needs to know what kinds of marketing is not effective. And what types of marketing is frustrating to Consumers.


If companies continue to use these frustrating and an effective marketing strategies. They risk customer is refusing to buy from companies that advertise an invasive and frustrating ways. For example, people hate clickbait. And so any company that truly wants to grow their business should avoid using clickbait whenever possible.

What clickbait is says Edmonton business consultant. Is a misleading ad. Whether it is not upfront about what’s the intent of the ad is or what they are selling, or if it’s blatantly misleading about what it’s selling. Clickbait often uses a sensational message to get people to click on the ad. Before bombarding them with something that is not related.

Often, it uses celebrity gossip as a way to get people to click on it. And when people do click on the ad, Edmonton business consultant says instead of being the article that they thought they were clicking on. It’s an ad for skin care, or something similar. This makes people feel duped. And is not an effective way to get a lot of people to buy a product or a service.

Therefore, companies should understand that people want companies to be upfront with them. So that when they are ready to make the purchase. They know exactly where to go and what to click on. In order to be able to purchase that product or service. When companies do this, they will see how much higher return on their investment for their marketing dollars.