Edmonton Business Coach | Your Network Is Your Net-Worth


Edmonton Business Coach | Your Network Is Your Net-Worth

Hi, welcome back to the Edmonton business coach, Inspired Method Marketing channel here on YouTube. This is a video today about where we’re talking about your network, your net worth, two words, big words there. My name is Karen. This is my husband Trevor and we’re going to break this down for you today to give you an idea of how you can improve those who build great companies understand that the ultimate throttle on growth for any great company is not markets or technology or competition or products. It is one thing above all others. The ability to get and keep enough of the right people know is set by Jim Collins. You’ve been reading his book lately and set the book even reading or you’ve been reading it.

Yeah, I read a good to great, fantastic book. I recommend it for anybody who is interested in learning what makes a great company great. There are so many amazing things that are in there. Cause they did studies, they actually took the numbers and drew it out over several, several years of research and they picked 11 of the top performing companies that outperformed the rest of the market place over a long period of time. And just gave all the insights as to what made those companies great. So you should definitely check that out.

B 2 B ecommerce sales are expected to outgrow B to C ecommerce sales by 2020. So B2B is going to outgrow B2C. Very good. That’s huge. So that, that talks about the, the network that you build, how important that network is. So that’s why we’re giving you a good Edmonton business coach rundown of, how to build your network. Give, give, give, get that is put greater energy into giving than receiving. So you want to always be giving more than you’re getting. So you know, that’s how energy works. You give a lot of energy and then you get it back. That was Gayle quarter. The giving will come back tenfold. So examples of giving could be a donation or simply a smile. So you can be just even walking down the street and just instead of ignoring the people you’re walking by, you can actually just give me that smile and it can actually help someone that’s receiving it. But it’s as simple as that. But we’re talking about business obviously, and as an Edmonton business coach, we want to find out how can we increase our net work so that our net worth goes up.

Karen, how do network and net worth relate to each other?

Do you think about your net worth? So how much you’re worth on paper, maybe even like in your reputation money it is that that net worth whatever your worth in your business, maybe your salary, your income, whatever it is. When you add all that up, that actually isn’t the only place to have worth through your money and your capital and all that. You can actually gain a lot of, momentum and a lot of other kinds of capital, I guess if you want to call it that, through who you know and what kind of relationships you have and that is your network.

Yeah. And you don’t always get reciprocation monetarily, but it can be through a connection can be through finding a good, a resource that you can go to. Like an Edmonton business coach to learn more about a particular topic. There can be a lot of different ways that your network can help you to build your business and build yourself personally.

Yeah, I was going to say it can even just be to help you emotionally when you’re going through building a business. It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of hard work and it can feel very lonely if you don’t take the time to connect with those people that will give to you. And of course you always want to pay that forward. I actually had someone today reach out to me because I have a fitness account that I put on my fitness stuff cause I don’t want to put all my fitness stuff into my business, you know, place. I kind of keep it separate. And he had asked me today like, how do I, you know, fix my diet so that I can, you know, be a better runner. And I was kind of surprised, but that’s just because I’ve been connecting and you know, he asked me for help and I, I’ve gotten a lot of help from other people. How to be a better runner, how to be a better, like just better eating. And so I’m able to pay that forward to him. And I was actually kind of blown away that he asked me. So, but that’s what the net work does. It builds you up, but it also pushes you to be able to give to others. .

Excellent. I love that. Edmonton business coach Karen, the next question that we have for small businesses in Edmonton, how can a person build their social capital?

Well, social capital is the social connections that you have, whether its online or in person. It’s both in this day and age, it’s both for sure. So you want to build that capital up so your reputation goes before you, wherever you go. You know, once people know who you are at, your capital goes up and hopefully they know you in a good way. Um, and the social media channels are amazing for that. Um, one really good one for that is actually Twitter. Believe it or not, a lot of people go there for brands and businesses to see what it’s about. And you can build up your capital there. So Edmonton business coach, you’re connecting with the people. Even though you’re a brand or a business, you still want to connect as the person who owns it to the other people in, you know, wherever your network is.

And then the other, so that’s social media, the online side, but then the in person site in real life, you want to get to as many events that you can fit in your schedule, that we’ll actually have a return for you to pick the right events. And you can do that locally through chamber of commerce events. There’s, there’s lots of, you’d have to look it up in your city, but I would start with a chamber of commerce and see what’s there. Um, there’s just different networking events, different business networks that you can get aligned with that. And then you can actually meet people online that are in your local area and build up those relationships so that you can meet in person and you’ve kind of one married the two worlds and you kind of when, when you do that. So.

Awesome. Yeah. So what are some examples of how to use your network, Edmonton business coach?

Well, if you’re thinking about, like you said before, you, maybe you need a plumber, maybe you need, um, an accountant, whatever it is that you need for yourself personally, you can go to your network to find those things. And once you start knowing what people do and how good they are at it, whenever their job is, whatever the profession is, that’s probably the best. It’s like a gold mine because all these people have these skills that you might not have that can help me improve your life. So you can go to your network and build yourself up build up your life through using their services and they have a reputation that you already know about because you’re there in your network. So yeah, I don’t know if you want to add anything, Edmonton business coach?

Yeah. The other side of that is be involved in other people’s lives, right? So go to birthday parties, go to graduations, go to social events that involve family and friends, maybe in your neighborhood because you never know when somebody might be in need of your particular businesses, goods and services. And if you are showing up at these different events to help them out and just to show up and just be there. It’s not like you’re going to go to a funeral and start networking asking for business or passing out your business card. No, it’s just showing that you’re a good human being in that you actually care about, that person and you’ll see that as you continue to do these things and show up at different events, that your network will start to draw on you for your goods and services and it’ll help you to increase your business, which is what we’re talking about today. Your net worth growing because of your network.

Yeah, and actually we were, as you were saying that, I was thinking of different scenarios that we’ve been in the past where we were in network marketing and you have to build a direct selling company or business from the ground up and you usually go to your network to do that. But it’s always kind of been this awkward thing because you don’t want to just ask them for sale because they don’t even know what you’re selling. So you really have to just keep those connections going. Um, and not just expect something from people, Edmonton business coach. You just have to give, give, give, and then you can ask for something you can’t explain. You can’t ask first and then give, because most people are kind of turned off by that. So that’s just something to keep in mind, especially if you’re a network marketer. Yeah, exactly.

So I’m going to ask you the last question, Edmonton business coach, and it is, how does listening to or reading great books help you in building your network?

Well, great thing about reading good books and learning about different things is it gives you something to talk about when you’re in groups. Right? Um, and also when you want to share those things, like what I did, I did a kind of a book report slash review of Jocko Willink, extreme ownership online. And from there I was able to, you know, share my thoughts and feelings and how the, the each chapter effected me and I was able to, you know, connect with other people online who had, you had not yet read the book, but we’re, we’re thinking about doing it and got some great insights through that and then listening to great podcasts. Now when you’re looking for a mentor or someone to learn from and grow, there are so many great podcasts. And eBooks that are out there that you can listen to.

Sorry, I said they’re on audio books that you can listen to and you can be mentored by some of the best business minds in the world or whatever it is. It can be running, it could be health and fitness, whatever. But you can find those resources online in different podcasts and audio books and you can be mentored pretty much one on one with that person. And a that is just very, very powerful Edmonton business coach. And it’s something that if you live in, let’s say a small town like Edmonton or you live in a smaller town in a rural Canada or the United States, that you can still be mentored by some of the best in the business when it comes to business finance and whatever topic you can think of. So yeah, that’s how you can increase your network without actually leaving your house.

Yeah. They become your network like they just do. And then your net worth goes up because of all the information that’s going in. Just connecting with what they’re saying and that in fact, I’ve been reading a book as well, and a guy who was running and his thoughts or what he said in the book, run through my brain as I’m out on my runs, I can do this so and so did much harder than this. So it’s like I’m being coached and I’m pushing harder than I would’ve if I hadn’t put that in my mind. So yeah,

that’s right. So that’s it for us on the Edmonton business coach Inspired Method YouTube channel. I’m Trevor, this is Karen. If you guys like what you see, please give us a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel and we’ll see you guys next time.