Edmonton Business Coach | Your Great Customers Need To Find You

Edmonton Business Coach | Your Customers Need To Find You

A business does not exist without their customers says Edmonton business coach. Therefore, finding customers. Needs to be priority number one. For entrepreneurs who are opening the doors to their business.
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Two many entrepreneurs focus on. Things that are not important. Such as trying to create. Very large product line. Or trying to learn the administrative tasks of their business. And while there product is important.

And learning how to do the administrative work of their business. Eventually has to get done. Edmonton business coach says the business will not exist. If customers do not buy products. Therefore, they usually ask says Edmonton business coach.

Businesses to avoid the temptation. Of trying to create many different products or services. And the very beginning of the business, they need to focus on. What is called the minimum viable product.

Which means it is a product or service. That they can create or duplicate. Very quickly, and very economically. The reason why this is so important. Is because it means they can get to market extremely quickly.

And begin selling their product or service. So that they can start getting customers. And getting revenue from those customers. They can also get important feedback. On their products and services from customers on their minimum viable product.

And can tweak their product or service. Based on that important feedback. If they had a giant product line says Edmonton business coach. Not only would it be very expensive. But they are likely not going to get. A lot of customers buying enough.

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Of anyone product. To get useful information. About how to make it better, or more appealing. Therefore, a minimum viable product is perfect. To get a product out there quickly. That is easy to tweak. In order to gain more customers.

It is also important that an entrepreneur figures out. Their differentiation factors. What these are, are all of the ways. That a business is different than the competition. They might be able to write a list that is very long.

Or an entrepreneur may only think of a couple things where they are different. But ultimately, an entrepreneur is going to have to pick. Two or three things at the most. To focus on advertising says Edmonton business coach.

Then, they send the message out. That this is what makes them different. And the people who are going to be buying. Those products or services anyway. Will see what makes the business different, and decide to purchase from them.

Under no circumstances says Edmonton business coach. Should an entrepreneur have their differentiation factor. Be the lowest cost of anyone. Not only are customers who purchase based on the lowest price.

Our not loyal, leaving for the next business. That is willing to offer them a dollar off. But also, most people do not purchase products or services. Based on price alone anyway. Even if they think that they do.

Chances are, that some other value. Is overarching, even though they might believe. That they are very price savvy. Or that they are able to purchase things very inexpensively.

Edmonton Business Coach | Customers Need To Find You Quickly

Getting customers should be priority number one says Edmonton business coach. Because without customers. A business will not be able to last very long. In fact, this is a common problem in small businesses.

Causing almost half of all failed entrepreneurs. To close the doors to their business. The second most common problem with small businesses. Is that they run out of money. However, it is hard to run out of money.

When they do not have customers in the first place. Therefore, it should go without saying. That focusing on finding customers. Needs to be the first priority of a business. Even before they worry about administrative tasks.

However, a common problem. Is that entrepreneurs believe. That finding customers is going to be easier. Then it ends up being. They might think that they have a great location. That does not need to be advertised.

Or that they will get so many. Word-of-mouth referrals, that they do not have to worry about. Traditional advertising methods. And while a great location. And word-of-mouth referrals are important.

They are not better than advertising. The biggest problem with that, is that entrepreneurs. When their new often have very little money. And not a lot of money to put into. Marketing or advertising their business.

However, Edmonton business coach says they all seem to have. A wonderful and expensive website. And while it may seem like. Any business without a website cannot compete in business.

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There are arguments to be made. That a website should not be. One of the first large expenses of a business. In fact, an entrepreneur can operate very well. And find clients when they first start out.

Without a website at all. Even if an entrepreneur has a website says Edmonton business coach. It does not mean that they are all of a sudden. Going to find clients. A website that is not on page 1 of Google.

A sickly does not exist anyway. Therefore, Edmonton business coach has other methods. Of creating an online presence. That not only are more inexpensive. But also, are more effective. Then a website alone.

Edmonton Business Coach | Avoid Multitasking Part 1

And is going to help. All of their other marketing initiatives. When they are able to pay money for marketing. They should first get a Google business listing. Which is it free, and it gives businesses.

A presence online, and the ability. To not only appear in Google search results. They can appear on page 1 of Google results in the map listing. But also, arguably most importantly. It can start getting Google reviews.

88% of all customers. Look at Google reviews to influence. Their purchasing decisions says Edmonton business coach. So getting Google reviews should be priority number one. Right up there with advertising and marketing their business.

That means even before an entrepreneur has opened the doors to their business. They should have a Google business listing. And anyone who is tried their product or service.

Whether they are friends and family, or a regular customer. Should give a Google review. To help the entrepreneur be that much closer to succeeding in business.