Edmonton Business Coach | You Can’t Grow by Being Anonymous

Edmonton Business Coach | You Can’t Grow by Being Anonymous

Hi, welcome back to inspiring method marketing, the  Edmonton business coach here on YouTube. We’re glad you joined us today. My name is Karen and this is my husband Trevor. Okay, and today we’re going to be talking about you cannot grow by being anonymous.

Gary Vaynerchuk says your number one job is to tell your story to the consumer wherever they are and preferably at the moment they’re deciding to make a purchase.

Digital Doughnut says that one of the most critical aspects of using faces in design is to ensure that the faces have credible links to the organization and or products and services presented on the website.

Everybody wants to see that persona behind the brand. That’s right. They want to see who’s involved. We connect to the person, not necessarily the brand. I know in this digital disconnected world, as an Edmonton business coach, we still like to feel like we were in touch with people and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today. Business owners try and make a faceless corporate looking website and wondering why leads are coming in as they should.

That is a huge problem. And Karen, what are some of the questions that people might have this topic?

Is it easier to build trust as a person or as a brand?

Well, the person we’ve got a quote from today is Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary Vaynerchuk is all about creating a personal brand. So personal brand, not a corporate identity, not a nameless, faceless, you know, corporate like maybe an IBM or something. But for you as a small business owner, it is much easier to get people to know, like, and trust you when they see who you are and what you’re all about.

And that’s what we try to do here at inspired method marketing and business coaching, is we inspire businesses to tell their unique story and attract raving fans. That is our mission as your Edmonton business coach. And that is what you need to do. And until you have those raving fans and enough of them, you really have to be very personal.

And once you’re big enough and it doesn’t necessarily matter as much, you can do what you want. A lot of business owners don’t get to that stage. Like you said, small businesses, they fail like you know, very early on.

How long have some brands been working at building trust? Well, some brands have been doing it for like a hundred years, like a long time. General Motors, Ford, General Electric, Walmart, Coca-Cola, all these big brands. They have been working tirelessly for decades, decades sometimes. Like I said, even up to a hundred years. And we’re trying to build trust with, with their you know, loyal fans. They want to create those bonds and relationships with those companies. Now as a small business owner who’s just getting started and your first, you know, first year or first five years, you don’t have that equity. You don’t have that track record of being a longstanding household name.

So you have to do something that’s different in order to gain that trust in your local market. Having us as your Edmonton business coach can help you get there.

Is it possible to, for small businesses to try and compete on brand initially?

No. There’s no way that you can do that unless you’ve got really deep pockets. And you can put your name on everything. So we’re talking billboards, we’re talking buses, we’re talking mailers, we’re talking Internet, we’re talking television. But traditional lot of traditional media like just end digital. So absolutely everywhere. If you have millions of dollars to spend to get yourself known or if you have you know, venture capital coming into your business and they’re willing to invest so that you become a household name, then okay, sure. But that is very, very rare.

And for most people, that’s just not reality. What you have to do is you’ve got to compete on service. You got to compete on likeability. You’ve got to compete on no being the name and facing and really creating a great team and a great reputation.

How do big businesses use spokespeople to help supplement people’s trust, Edmonton business coach?

Well, when you think about different companies different you know, big businesses out there, they always have celebrity endorsements, right? So even here in Canada, depending on where you’re at, I think it was DeWalt tools they had. Mike Holmes from Holmes on homes as their spokesperson. Why? Because they wanted to sell more tools, right? They want to use Mike because he is known as a top quality builder with high expectations and high values.

They want to connect that persona with their branch that people, when they think of buying a DeWalt tool, they think of Mike Holmes and that they’re also that quality builder because I bought, you know, DeWalt tools.

So just one example. But yeah, they use celebrity endorsements all the time. And if you can pay for Mike Holmes, then you can definitely get that brand endorsement.

So what are the three areas people click on website?

People click on the homepage and on team page, the team page is number two.

So that’s the people who are, you know, part of the business. They click on your services page and they will go on onto the contact page. So they go home page, team page, services.

What happens when a company doesn’t have a strong team or bio page and your team page? Well, I’ve, I’ve run across this a few times being an Edmonton business coach when I’m trying to build a dream 100 of this for our clients or for ourselves. And you look at these websites and they don’t have any people in their team page.

They just talk about the, the company as a whole in general. A generalization of the company, they don’t have any faces. They don’t have who founded the company. You don’t have, who’s, you know, working in the company, you don’t get to see that. And it is kind of a disconnect there for me because then it’s just like, well this could be a website made anywhere and who knows. The WHO’s behind it could be a total fake website, could be, you know, some nameless, faceless organization.

There’s no real connection to, so nobody wants to put their face on there. Makes you a little bit skeptical. Yeah. Okay.

So how can this negatively affect sales? Well for me, if you don’t see who’s involved in the company, now I’m going beyond a major, massive corporate brand and going to your local dermatology clinic.

If they don’t see who is attached to it, then they, it can be anybody from anywhere can be just a large you know indexed site. It can be just one of these sites that, you know, point to some companies somewhere and it just doesn’t bring that real human touch to the website.

Who I want to do business with them because everybody searches on Google first. If they don’t see a persons connected with it, then you know, it just doesn’t have that same appeal. So people aren’t going to be clicking and calling.

What can small businesses do to start developing trust? Well, we can do kind of what we’re doing here, for the Edmonton business coach channel, creating videos. Who you are yet show me you aren’t get involved. You know, create a great bio’s for you and your team. You know, if you are into social media, you can use social media to show some quick videos on a daily basis or create a long form videos like this, and then cut them up and put them on your different social platforms.

And that’s one thing that you can do to start developing that trust. And then the next best thing, or actually the number one thing is to get Google reviews. Get Google reviews, like there’s no tomorrow because people search on Google. And the companies with the most Google reviews in your niche are the ones who are going to get the most clicks.

Can this personal trust and testimonials help in creating brand trust, Edmonton business coach?

Because people want to see they take recommendations from strangers more than recommendations from friends and family. It just very strange. But it’s true. People will take a recommendation online above a personal recommendation seems a little unbiased when it’s someone you don’t know because you’re not soliciting information. Exactly. So, yeah, definitely getting these testimonials and putting them on your website and having a great Google my business locations set up.

That’s, that’s the way, the way, how long can this take? Well it does take time to build trust. It takes time to build those reviews. So it can take a year or can take longer. All depends on how, what kind of business you’re in and how aggressive you are in getting those testimonials and reviews. So it’s really up to you. But I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t say it’s going to be an overnight thing. You gotta be in it for the long haul. So that’s it from the Edmonton business coach here at inspired method marketing and business coaching. I’m Trevor, this is Karen. It’s been fun and we will see you guys next time.