Edmonton Business Coach | Why You Want to Be On Page 1 of Google


Edmonton Business Coach | Why You Want to Be On Page 1 of Google

Hi! Welcome back to the Edmonton business coach YouTube channel. We are so glad you joined us. My name is Karen, and this is my wonderful husband Trevor. And today we’re going to be talking about why you want to be on page one of Google. You definitely want to be there. So Jim Collins, author of six books says the right people will do the right things and delivered the best results they’re capable of regardless of the incentive system.

And did you know the Google drives 96% of mobile search traffic?

We love Google and we’re all on these phones. So if nothing else convinces you that you should be on page one. That stat right there does. And that’s when 2018 from Joni Nimitz coming.

Yeah, we’re obsessed with getting our clients to the top of Google search engine results. That’s the key to getting more leads, revenue and growth for any business. So Karen, what are some of the questions that people will be asking about why you want to be on page one of Google?

Well, number one question is why is the focus on Google and other search engines like Bing or Yahoo? Why don’t we focus on that Edmonton business coach?

Well, the reason that we focus on Google is that statistic right there, Google drives, I believe when you combine, um, desktop, tablet and mobile, there are 94% of all searches and worldwide, worldwide, like they’re the biggest fish in the ocean. So if we are optimizing our websites, optimizing our pages and getting all the things necessary to rank high on Google, chances are we’re going to be ranking highly on Bing and Yahoo as well. And really the, you know, 1% or 2% that you’re going to get from Bing, or Yahoo don’t really amount to a whole lot as compared to the whale that is Google.

So what makes Google the best search engine?

Well, if you have ever used Bing or Yahoo or any of those, they’ve got all kinds of different things. There’s news stories, there’s popups, there’s as, there’s all kinds of that mess on the page where Google is very clean, it has their graphic that says Google and underneath search. That’s it. That’s all the page is nice and clean. And when you type in your search criteria, what you’re looking for, you get just a page of those results. You don’t get anything else, Edmonton business coach. But, but what may have index, what they have downloaded that makes it much easier. Yeah.

So why is Google always changing their search algorithm?

That’s a good question. Google is attempting to create the best search engine on the planet. They want to make sure that it is very easy for any of their users to find what they’re looking for on their search engine. That’s why when they started, they wanted to download or index every web page on the Internet and then categorize it in such a way where when people type in search criteria, they get what they’re looking for. So they make those changes for that reason. And then the other reason is there are some people who are trying to cheat this system, trying to get around Google’s algorithm to make their webpages look more favorable and get high up in the results. But in a lot of cases, they aren’t really what the user is looking for. So they are fighting against that so that they can, they’re providing a good product and service to the people.

Because if you’re searching for a puppies in Edmonton, you don’t want to find, you know, puppy recipes from some of the kind of drug, you know what I’m saying?  Edmonton business coach you don’t even want that to show. So they’re trying to make it more user friendly and just an all around better way to find things that sounds like specific to, so if it’s always changing, how can anyone be certain that they’ll be able to rank? Well that’s where you separate the real search engine optimization marketers from the tricksters. Cause tricksters might be able to get you to rank on page one for a period of time. But because the search engine algorithm changes, they have to continuously have to renew or change their tactics and over to get you on that page one because they’re trying to trick Google. They’re not trying to partner with Google to make the best search engine possible. They’re trying to trick them Edmonton business coach. And when you are doing real SEO, it all comes down to properly labeling your pages. So that means your H1 heading, uh, talks about exactly what you’re saying in your content. All of your information below that is labeled appropriately or descriptions. So that when it comes up in the search, it shows exactly what people were searching for, right? And then from there it’s having lots of contents. So following that, E.A.T. that expertise, authority and trust factor that Google is looking forward in your content. And also following Google’s a system of, of how to create a webpage. If you look at Wikipedia with the PDA usually comes up, number one in most searches when you’re looking for something, the reason why is they follow all the rules. Yeah. Okay. They follow the, um, the hierarchy of what Google is looking for as far as they are, they’re indexing. Okay.

Edmonton business coach, can you just skip all that and just pay for ads to get in that top placement?

Well, you can pay for ads and you can be seen on page one of the search engine results for particular keywords that you’re aiming for. The problem with that is you get none of the organic traffic, Edmonton business coach. And a lot of times people ignore the ads and they look for the top number one in the Google search engine results or they look on being local listings, which is the little map that shows up when you do a search, you’d be spending a lot of money and your results will be a lot less than they would if you have some organic reach. Organic is always the best because you’ve put the work in any time and effort to make your page Google friendly and Google compliant and then you get rewarded by people and just finding you clicking on your website and uh, um, adding that message to your page.

Huh? So is it enough to have a website that works for desktop?

No. By now everyone should understand that most people are using mobile phones or tablets or some other device when they’re doing their unique Google search. Google back in the beginning of 2019, they made the shift to mobile first. So all sites need to be mobile first and they need to be what we call responsive. So what that means is no matter what device you’re on, whether you’re on a, an apple, Samsung, Huawei, a tablet or desktop, that the browsing experience is congruent between all. So you don’t have a different site for, um, desktop then you do on mobile. That’s very important for people to have. A consistent look feel, and information.  Otherwise, again, you’re confusing your audience. Yeah. So Edmonton business coach, my buyer is searching on Google?  Absolutely. Everybody now is going to the Internet first to search for information before they visited the store, before they make a phone call, before the engage. They’re searching online first. So yes, I’m going to say, unless you’re selling some very niche product or service or your, you know, an industrial company, even then people are still looking online first to see if there’s an alternative. Yeah. So yeah, that’s the way the world is.

Yeah, that’s true. No more Dewey decimal system. No. So where should someone start to get onto the first page of Google?

Well, the number one place to start is if you haven’t gotten a Google my business listing yet, start there. Start there because you can begin getting views in the Google search engine results page for local businesses, and it’s free. That’s a place where you should always start. Yeah. And then after that, start building a content fly wheel like we’re doing here by creating videos. Edmonton business coach, you can also do a podcast or write a bunch of blogs. But really this is the fastest and easiest way to create great content that’s unique. And that follows the rules.

Yeah. And actually we did a video, we made a video all about getting that Google my business set up. So find that one in our list and we can watch that. Figure out how to get it started. Absolutely. Right now they don’t even have to wait. Yeah. So thanks for joining us today. And don’t forget to subscribe and like the video, if you liked the content and we’ll keep putting out more content.