Edmonton Business Coach | Why You Need to Make Time For Marketing

Edmonton Business Coach | Why You Need to Make Time For Marketing

Hi, welcome to the Edmonton Business Coach marketing channel here on Youtube. My name is Karen and this is Trevor. And today we’re going to be talking about why it’s important to make time for your marketing. Awesome. Yeah.

No one makes $1 million with a minimal effort unless they win the lottery. And that was said by Gary Vaynerchuk, seven out of 10 new employer firms survive at least two years, half at least five years, a third, at least 10 years and a quarter. So we’re going down in numbers here. Stay in business 15 years or more. So let’s do statistically, no longer you go, the smaller the pool is other people in your industry. 

Uh, so that’s kind of, isn’t it? That’s the missing link here. Well, the whole point of our business is we want to help businesses to succeed and beat. Those are the odds. Half of businesses go out of business within the first, like five years, God, right? So we want to help people get past that. Let me get past the 15 years and hand it over. That’s all white. So we do things a whole lot differently here. Um, we hold weekly planning and strategy sessions with our customers and that is how we want to help them beat the odds.

Yeah. And it’s actually working. So what is the biggest benefit of having these weekly marketing meeting as an Edmonton Business Coach?

Well, it keeps your marketing top of mind, right? So if you’re, what what you think about rose, what’d you focus on? Bills, right? So the more that you were actually taking the time and thinking about your marketing, thinking about your content and you know, thinking about how you’re going to change your website or what, uh, promotions or differentiating factors that you need to be putting into place in your business, the more success you’re going to have. Plain and simple. If you don’t put any thought into marketing and just, you know, once a month though, yeah, I think I’ll put out a flyer. Um, you know, that is that it’s half baked. You know, strategy doesn’t work well usually it ends up wasting money. But if you are thinking about bug your marketing on a weekly basis, the more likelihood that you’re going to be successful with it. Yeah.

So being that you are an Edmonton Business Coach what helped you make the decision to do weekly meetings as opposed to maybe biweekly or monthly meetings?

That’s a good question because I mean, for me, yeah, I’d love to visit with a client once a month. Gore the list or weekly agenda, Roman bomb bomb. This is where you have to do and this is what we have to do. But really once a month is not enough to get any traction because why? Because customers will leave all of the marketing initiatives that we put forth for them, whether that’s creating youtube outlines or getting more who reviews or I’m writing any content for their websites such as their vision, their mission, their values are, and just creating, you know, uh, all the content that they need for further their website. They’ll leave it until the last day before the meeting and then they’ll come in, okay, this is what I did in a month. And it’s not even close to where it needs to be. So if we do it on a weekly basis, even if they slack off for six days, on the seventh day, they get the stuff done, at least this game down and we’re pushing, pushing the ball down the field. Right.

So what if the busy business owner absolutely can’t make it to a weekly meeting?

Well, if they can’t make it into a meeting, then the next best thing is a teleconference. So as the Edmonton Business Coach we do it over the phone or over a zoom call. So then we can at least see them and talk about it on a weekly basis. Then from there, we need to meet at least one time in order to shoot some video and really get down to brass tacks. So that’s, that’s really where it is. But if they absolutely refuse to do a teleconference and they refuse to come in, then it’s just,

can I take them longer? Yeah. Right. So what are some ways a new business would benefit from these meetings?

New Businesses? Well, usually new businesses don’t understand their market. They don’t understand enough about what they offer and they need a lot of help. And a lot of guidance in creating their brand story, right? So that’s how they get a lot of help because we can bounce questions and ideas off of them that maybe they never thought about before when they start, they got the idea for the business, right? So we as the Edmonton Business Coach can help them with their market differentiation, their branding and then also come up with their service offering. So we can help them in a lot of ways. And, um, if they, let’s say an established business and they’re used to just not really focusing on marketing and new business, if we can get them in when they’re really new, then we can kind of train them on how to, you know, look at their marketing. Um, what are the weekly initiatives that we want to get done in the whole point of it is to make an automated leads system. Smith, they always have somebody to talk to. You always have someone asking them for their product or service on an automatic basis.

Okay. So you talked about new businesses, but now I’ve got to establish businesses. What are some like benefits for with these weekly meetings?

Well, um, it’s more about refining where they are and where they need to go. So let’s say the Rd have a website but the website needs some improvements. We can just work on those small, small things here and there in order to improve it. So they get me more, um, more leads from their website. The other thing is creating the advertising initiatives for an established business. So if they have a great website, they know their product offering and they know their differentiation, it’s got good brand and all of their, their sales are on point and we can help them, um, really draw in more of those leads and sales through using the different advertising channels through Facebook, paper, click and other things like that. Yeah.

How does planning saving money for a company?

Well, if you’re not planning your marketing, so not thinking about, you know, how much you’re going to be spending, what your targets are, what your KPIs are, sorry, key performance indicators are and you’re just not thinking of it. Top of mind. Number one, we’re going to see the tie. That’s the biggest thing when you’re planning it out and knowing where you’re going. It saves you time in the long run because the longer you put off doing your marketing, the longer you put off making changes or writing that law or creating that video. We’re purposing that content and longer you wait, the longer it takes for it to actually get up there and the content lifecycle, there’s a lot shorter than it used to be. Like you can put content on a website 10 years ago and it lasts for weeks, months, days. Right now you put content out and it’s literally like overnight you have to change yet add something else cause people are just adding more content and you’re looking at your thing. So you’ve got to be more, more on top of things nowadays than you did before.

And each platform is actually different from the next. I know for kind of just experience that Linkedin, your content lasts a lot longer over there, so it’s different than a website but, and that might be a user base is lower. Not as many people that are posting there. But when you’re thinking about the Internet and the worldwide web, what, how much stuff is on there. If you’re not updating regularly, um, you’re just becoming irrelevant. You’re just not the first person for people to find. So yeah.

Yeah. It’s uh, it’s how it is on base. It’s, you’re always going to be out there providing good quality content on a regular basis.

And even if you’re saying similar things, just changing it up and just become more refined to with your content. Yeah. So what do you plan for when the website is complete and the major marketing initiatives are completed for business? After that,

then you start thinking about how we’re going to attack your social strategy, right? How are we going to repurpose content out there? And also the next moves from, there are things that we talked about earlier, your paper click advertising, your Facebook advertising, whether that’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, need to, so on and so forth where you’re the majority of your market is. And we’re going to need, you know, creating ads that will draw them in, in different funnel structures in order to boil down to your ideal and likely buyers so that when the phone rings, it’s not a waste of time. Yeah.

You’re tracking those right customers. Yeah. Well that was great info today about why you should make your weekly planning meetings with us here at inspired method and really it just keeps both sides of the table accountable. That’s the other benefit to any business is you know that we’re doing as your Edmonton Business Coach and what we say we’re doing and we know that you’re doing what we hope you’re doing as well so that we can make it to the end goal.

Yeah. Paul Rolling on Plate Hill. Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. Yeah. Yeah. That’s the one thing that I forgot to mention earlier is we do things differently because we’ve seen so many times with a lot of different customers we’ve interacted with, they just write a check to a company and hope for the best hope for the best sale. I mean, we don’t know what’s happening. We think something’s happening with our website. Can, we don’t know. So we have these weekly meetings and we track things. We have a weekly agenda and we are weekly showing progress to the client. And we’re also getting weekly progress from the client. Yeah. And that’s how we know that we’re providing value for that.

It’s a really, it’s relationship when that’s the biggest thing. It’s not just, hey, your money and hope that you have a great website. That’s not enough. Especially nowadays. You need to be responsive and need to have, uh, yeah, just the ongoing support. That’s basically what that,

yeah, we do it. So that’s all for us today and hope that you enjoyed it. If you did, give us a thumbs up and leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and we’ll catch you guys next time. Bye.