Edmonton Business Coach | Why Should Anyone Buy From You?

Edmonton Business Coach | Why Should Anyone Buy From You?

Hi, welcome back to inspired method marketing here on Youtube. But marketing, my name is Karen and this is my husband, Trevor. And today as your Edmonton Business Coach we’ll be talking about why should anyone buy from you. This is kind of a difficult concept for a lot of businesses, how to differentiate themselves from their competitors, direct and indirect. So innovation isn’t a tactic. It’s a religion. Now, as Gary Vaynerchuk who said that 86% of buyers would pay more for a better customer experience.

That was crazy. So you’re gonna pay a lot more for better customer experience. I guess that’s the reason why people liked staying at the Ritz Carlton or four seasons as opposed to the super eight or the best western, no offense, but there’s a reason why there are a hundred dollar hotels and thousand dollar hotels per name. So true. So product differentiation is one of the most difficult things for new businesses like Edmonton Business Coach to figure out, especially if, let’s say you’re the 2000th plumber or electrician or dentist on the block. So knowing your unique differentiation factor that brings you to the marketplace and what people will want me glad pay for is super critical in longterm growth in an initial success for your business.

So true. So why is it important tech clear market differentiation?

Well it goes back to the book by Seth Godin. Purple Cow. Okay. So if you not familiar with that book in that book, the purple cow, he starts off the book talking about a drive if he was taking his family on in France. So they’re driving down and looking at the countryside and being amazed at all the wildlife and seeing, you know, past years filled with cows. And by about the third hour of driving around, they’re like, oh more cows. You know, it’d be really unique is if you saw instead of a ground cop, a purple cow. And that’s the whole point. That would be remarkable. That would be outstanding if you saw a purple cow in the field rather than millions of brown cows. The problem with a lot of business owners and even an Edmonton Business Coach is they are trying to create a brown cow in a sea of brown cows. So what you want to do is really turn your, your thinking around and see how you can create that unique that’s special and remarkable product and service to deliver to the general public.

That’s a good way to describe it. Now, what’s the starting point? When you’re trying to define your unique selling proposition?

Well, that’s when you need to really define it. Figure out what you’re really the best at or what you can become the best at in your field. Right? So maybe you, maybe you are a plumber or an electrician, but how can you make you make your service the best out of all the other ones? How can you amp it up just that little bit and make those few tweaks and changes to where you’re not just another electrician or in another planner or another dentist, but you provide such an exemplary customer service experience that you are different. You’re a purple cow in your area. Yeah.

What’s another key component to discover your unique selling proposition?

Well, I’m, one of the things that you can do to discover and find out is listened to people. So when you are in, let’s see a family outing or you’re in a networking environment and you’re talking to people really having an ear to the ground and hearing what people’s pain points are, let’s say they just got some work done and uh, they start, they say, oh, this person who’s fantastic, he did a really great job for me, but they didn’t clean up after they left. They, you know, I couldn’t tell him when they came up to the house if it was, you know, the whole will come and collect bottles at my house or if they were even a professional company. Um, you know, they, they charged for things that they shouldn’t have charged for. They did good work, but they, they left me with a bill and scratching my head, you know, and I did not.

So just listening to those pain points until those little irritations that people are getting. And then that gives you a clue as an Edmonton Business Coach as to how you can improve your service and make the customer experience better on your edge for, for when you are going out to the marketplace. Another place to look at is look at reviews. So if you’re doing a Google search or an Amazon search and you see the, you’re looking at the reviews, you want to look at the two and the three star reviews. Don’t look at the ones but the two and three stars. Because in there you will find where people’s pain points are and where either that service or that product fell short, and then you can do some innovation and take some clues from those bad reviews and turn things around.

Right. I was going to say reviews for sure. So how does market differentiation relates to identifying your ideal customer?

Well, that is the whole point seeing we run into a lot of business owners when we start talking to them and asking them, okay, so who is your ideal? And let the customer, who’s that may say

everyone. Yes,

Nice Mike, Everybody needs loud, blah, blah, right? Everyone needs my super awesome service. They don’t, they don’t. They really don’t. So what you have to do is really narrow down who that buyer is. So what is the smallest viable? So, not just smallest audience, but smallest viable audience that will use your products and services. If you can figure that out, you are going to meet just fine. You’ll be able to do that in your local market. And then you can expand that into other markets as well if that’s your desire. But figuring out who that Unicorn is, a customer will be a key factor in your success. That’s true. So in your opinion, what is the most effective differentiate here? The most effective one and most memorable is service. When you think about, let’s say for instance Uber, what problem did Uber solve? It solve the transportation problem with people who had to take taxi cabs.

Why? As taxi cabs are very expensive. They charge you $5 just to sit in the cab. Usually they’re not very clean. Um, they, the drivers are typically unfriendly and it’s a real pain waiting on the corner in his pay. Whereas this, this cabinet come, when are they going to be here? You’re not able to track it. So they saw the customer service problem. Why? Because you get to rate your driver and the driver gets to rate you. So you can also track it on an APP. If you’ve never used an Uber before, you can track on the APP, on your phone where the car is, you communicate with the driver. I’m standing on this corner right here. You can see me, I’ve got a blue shirt on or whatnot. Or the driver, he can text you and say, okay, I’m here. Um, you know, come and find me or whatever.

You can actually track it on a math and he shows you when you’re there. Very, very easy. Normally they’re clean. I’ve had Uber drivers offered me bottles of water. And would you like a mint? Is there anything else I can do for you? And they’re very conversational and chatty. They help you with your bags. Okay. So think about Amazon. Amazon made shopping so much easier and more pleasant experience for so many people, right? Because you can order it from the comfort of your home. You get your packages delivered right to your door. If it’s no good and you can send it back or if there’s any problems, you can send it back with no issues, no problems. And they’ve just made the whole experience and a lot simpler and easier. And there’s a lot of examples like this out there where because they’ve taken the service to a higher level, um, they’ve just really revolutionized that industry, really destructive it. So if you really, really to say yourself apart, figure out ways to service people better, more efficient, faster,

what are your thoughts on using the lowest price as a differentiator?

As an Edmonton Business Coach, I’d say Don’t do it. Do not try and meet the lowest price because there will always be someone trying to outdo you. Um, you’re not Walmart. Okay. Walmart is a one of a kind of anomaly of lowest price. Better out there and you know what? Not Everything is the lowest price, but then guarantee the lowest price, right? There’s a difference. So they might have their loss leaders to get you in the store and they’ve done such a great job of marketing. They tell you that everything is the lowest price. But really if you’re trying to compete on price, you’re going to lose and you won’t be in business very long. Now, if anything, I would do my best to try and make your price as high as possible to your smallest viable audience because then there’s that thought of prestige in buying your product or service and just quality people associate a higher price with better quality. So even if your service level or your attire when you’re going into a place to work, is it a little bit better or you charge, let’s say 20 or 30% more than your competitors. For example, people would associate a higher price with better quality, better service. So I would tend to try and price myself a little higher then it was a little lower.

Yeah. So how can a business owner use digital to differentiate themselves,

making sure that you are using it? Because there’s so many businesses out there even other Edmonton Business Coach businesses, even today that aren’t on top of their website. They’re not using any social media strategies. They are not advertising online. They’re not getting Google reviews and they’re not adding content to their website on a regular basis. So they’re not doing the small things that can be done every single day in order to improve your digital presence. And then from there, I mean, you can create apps, you can make it easier to communicate back and forth with your clients, whether using a chat bot or some type of a messaging service, so that when people are contacting you, they get an answer right away to their most basic questions that some of these you can definitely use digital to enhance your service.

Well, thanks so much for joining us today. We hope that you’ve learned something new about how to differentiate yourself, and not just by having the lowest price, but really finding that unique selling proposition to make you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Uh, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and of course, like this video, if you liked the content and they’ve got some helpful advice and visit us again for the next video. Bye.