Edmonton Business Coach | Why Older Businesses Need Coaching

Edmonton Business Coach | Why Older Businesses Need Coaching

Once an entrepreneur has been operating their business for several years, they often do not believe they need help says Edmonton business coach. But this can be the most critical time for entrepreneurs to hire a coach to help them.

Even though entrepreneurs often fail within the first year, with 15% of all Canadian entrepreneurs succumbing within this time. And 30% of entrepreneurs failing by their second year of business.

50% of business owners fail within their fifth year of business. Making this an extremely critical time for business owners. Often, even though they have succeeded this far. There resources have been depleted. And they have been working extremely hard for an extremely long time.

Therefore, if they encounter any problems. It can be overwhelming, and with depleted resources can cause many entrepreneurs to fail at this time.

In fact, many business owners are not able to qualify for business loans once they have been around for several years. Because the risk of them failing becomes even higher. Therefore, even if entrepreneurs have in business by their fifth year. They often are very much at risk.

Therefore, it makes it even more important that businesses that have been around for several years should hire and Edmonton business coach at this time.

Many resist, because they do not think that they should spend money on a business coach. However they can give them the strategies they need. In order to increase their revenue by attracting more customers in helping them grow their business.

In fact, this can be the most critical time. Because entrepreneurs have a more realistic idea of how much they can get accomplished in a year. And they already know how much hard work going business takes.


Therefore, when they get someone who has experience in growing businesses in helping them become successful. They are often more likely to take the recommendations and advice seriously.

And follow through with the execution of their business plan, and are more easily held accountable as well. Therefore, businesses that have been around for a few years.

But still have not reached what their idea of success is. Should contact an Edmonton business coach for free consultation.

Not only will they be able to develop strategies on how to attract more customers. Through marketing strategies and advertising opportunities. But even more important than that, are they systems that they will start developing for their business itself.

Their business coach will help them create templates and checklists. That essentially systematize or create a franchise model for their business.

This will allow an entrepreneur to stop working on tasks in their business. By making them easy to duplicate. And then hiring an employee to take those tasks on.

This will allow an entrepreneur to focus on the marketing and advertising side of their business. And so that when they grow, they will have the systems in place for being able to simply hire more staff and teach them the tasks as well. So that an entrepreneur can easily grow their business.

Edmonton Business Coach | Why Older Businesses Need Coaching

Often when businesses been around for several years, they might think that they do not need hire and Edmonton business coach. However, this can often be the best time for business owners to get a coach.

The reason why, is because they already have an idea of how hard it is to grow business. And have experienced their own set of successes and failures.

That means they are more likely to be coachable, especially when presented with effective systems and processes that have proven to work. For many other businesses including multimillion dollar organizations and top-level CEOs of companies.

In fact, business owners may often see how important it is to have a coach. Because they have been able to succeed for so long. But they ha start to have plans on what they would like to do other than work twelve hours a day six days a week in their business.

This can help them transition into their retirement plan. Or what they are going to do next. Which is why can be very important to hire and Edmonton business coach this time.

Just like a coach will help an athlete improve their performance during their sport or game. By telling an athlete exactly what they need to improve upon because the coach can easily see their weakness.

A business coach will be able to help an entrepreneur improve. Because they are providing an outside view of their business, and can help the entrepreneur see things in a way that they do not currently see their business.


A coach will be able to get the athletes to practice, and work on the drills that are going to be most beneficial to help that athlete be as effective as possible. Even if they have been playing the game for many years.

Similarly, even though an entrepreneur has been operating their business for several years. They might be willing to try new things, in order to see if that yields a better result.

When entrepreneurs hire their business coach with inspired method. They are going to get proven, winning strategies. That will allow them to grow their business consistently.

Something else that they will get with Inspired Method, is a weekly coaching session. Which works as an accountability session, and to see how far they have come. And set plans for the future.

When entrepreneurs know that they have to check in with someone on a weekly basis. They are much more likely to follow through on the execution of their tasks.

If entrepreneurs are wondering about what might look like to work with an Edmonton business coach with inspired method. They should call now for free consultation.

In order to find out in what ways they can help the business grow. And if they decide to hire them for their coaching services, they will enjoy the first month of services for only one dollar.