Edmonton Business Coach | Why Hire a Business Coach

Edmonton Business Coach | Why Hire a Business Coach

Many entrepreneurs think that they do not need to hire an Edmonton business coach. Because they have worked in their industry for decades. And therefore, they do not need any help.

However, this is one of the most common misconceptions about entrepreneurship. Is that just because a person knows the industry well. That they think that makes them skilled at running that business.

But a great example of why this is not so. Is just because an electrician knows how to wire building accurately. That does not mean that they know how to do all of the processes that they need in order to run a successful business.

Such as accounting and bookkeeping, advertising and marketing. As well as what they need to do every single day in order to accomplish their objectives.

This is why hiring an Edmonton business coach is so helpful. Because they know exactly what an entrepreneur needs to do in order to be successful.

They will help an entrepreneur execute all of the tasks that are in their business plan. And hold them accountable to all of the things that they needs to get accomplished.

In fact, entrepreneurs should keep in mind that not only the highest performing athletes and musicians higher coaches to help them succeed. But even the world’s most successful CEOs have coaches. That will help them do their best and stay on top.

Something else that business owners should keep in mind. As to why they needs to hire and Edmonton business coach in their business. Is the extremely high failure rate that Canadian entrepreneurs face.


According to industry Canada, 15% of all businesses will fail within their first year of entrepreneurship. 30% of entrepreneurs will fail by year two. And half of all Canadian entrepreneurs will fail by their fifth year in business.

Hiring a business coach can help entrepreneurs avoid these high failure rates. Because they will know the proven and effective strategies they need to follow. In order to not just avoid doing the wrong things. But that will help them grow and succeed.

In fact, just like a coach will help their athletes improve their performance. And know exactly what exercises they need to strengthen the muscles that will help them score their goals during a game.

The coach that helps these athletes win. Will have been there already, and knows exactly what it takes in order to score those goals and when the games.

This is exactly what the right business coach will do for an entrepreneur. They have already grown a successful business. And know what strategies and entrepreneur needs to implement in their business, in order to succeed.

The sooner that an entrepreneur is able to hire a business coach in their organization. The better chance they will have at not only avoiding mistakes that could cause them to fail in business.

But the sooner they are going to be able to develop the strategies in their business. That can help them succeed as well.

Edmonton Business Coach | Why Hire a Business Coach

Entrepreneurs should not overlook the importance of hiring the right Edmonton business coach for their business. Business coaches are extremely effective. In helping entrepreneurs know exactly what they need to do to succeed.

In fact, despite the fact that many entrepreneurs will have a business plan. Having a business coach can help ensure that entrepreneurs are executing that business plan the way it was intended.

As well as helping the business owner stay accountable. To accomplishing all of the tasks they need. In order to execute that business plan.

When entrepreneurs are hiring an Edmonton business coach to work with them. They need to hire the right coach. Who has the systems and processes that are proven to work.

They should avoid hiring a coach that only provides advice that they have read and never implemented. Or coaches that give feelings based advice. Because feelings can fail, where proven strategies do not.

Entrepreneurs should want to work with someone who has build successful businesses before. Because they clearly know the way to succeed. And are merely helping an entrepreneur along the way.

The best business coaches will use the processes that have been proven to work by multimillion dollar businesses. Because if those strategies work for large corporations. They can help an entrepreneur succeed in their business as well.


One of those strategies is using systems, templates and processes to help a business grow. The reason why, is because this will help automate most of the processes in an entrepreneurs business.

That will allow a business owner to hire a staff member to work on those tasks in their business. So that the entrepreneur can spend more time on the revenue-generating activities. To help them grow their business.

That way, when an entrepreneur is ready to grow. All they have to do is hire another employee, who can follow those same systems and processes that they created initially.

If entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to do all of the tasks in their business themselves. They will never be able to grow their business. Because it will be limited to how much work a business owner themselves can get accomplished.

They should work on creating checklists and templates for every task that they need to have accomplished in their business. From hiring staff and hiring staff. To onboarding new customers, and every task that needs to happen.

What this will also do, is ensure that while they will be able to hire anyone that can follow the system. This will also allow all customers to get the exact same experience. Every single time a customer walks through the door of their business.

Therefore, business owners need to take a lot of thought into what Edmonton business coach they will hire. To ensure that they are hiring someone who truly can help them succeed in their business. So that they can be as successful as they plan.