Edmonton Business Coach | What Makes A Good Coach

Edmonton Business Coach | What Makes A Good Coach

Sometimes it is tough to find a great coach but especially an Edmonton business coach. Many marketers try to fit the role as a coach for other businesses but they fall short. There are some things that are necessary to being a great coach. You must know the market that you are serving as well as their pain points and even the psychology behind buying.

Edmonton Business Coach

To be a good Edmonton business coach you must be a good listener. Every industry requires a bit of tweaking to be able to reach the buyers of that industry. As an image and business coach it is our job to find out what sells well and want pain points the customers of that industry have. When working with different businesses some things are the same across the board. The most common thing is that whatever is being sold, whether it is a good or service, is not meant for everybody.

Small business owners think that if they have something to sell that they need to sell it to everybody. This is one of the first things we address as an Edmonton business coach. What you sell is meant to be for a specific group of people. It has never been advantageous to try to sell to everybody. When you try to do that you end up casting such a huge net that nothing gets caught in the net. If you concentrate on speaking to an audience that is actually interested in what you have to sell you have a higher chance of creating raving fans which are your customers.

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We have seen this time and time again with different clients. They have something good that they have created whether it is a product or service and they think that everybody will think it is great. This is simply not true as human beings we all prefer different things. We all have different methods of how we achieve our goals. A specific pair of shoes may not be good for a woman versus a man. A specific type of sauce may be not tasty to one person whereas to another they love it. Even age brackets can make a difference in what you are selling and what is being bought.

As a business coach it is our job to help hone in on what is being sold and who is being targeted to. The first step in knowing who your audiences is knowing who you are as a business. This includes what your goals are. If you do not know what your goal is there is no way you are going to be able to have clear messaging with your brand. When you solidify what problem you are solving, how you are gonna solve it and who we are to solve it for you will start to see things come together.

An inspired method marketing we help small businesses get clarity on all the parts of their business before they start throwing money away on advertising.

Edmonton Business Coach | Every Business Needs Clarity

Inspired method marketing is your local Edmonton business coach. We are digital markers that help you with every facet of your business. This business could be a service-based business or a product based business or combination thereof. Our typical client is a small business of at least a few employees, who have a service or product to sell.

We do not sell an idea, we sell something physical. As an Edmonton business coach we have seen a lot of scenarios where time has been wasted as well as money. That is what we prevent from happening with our clients. We want you to have the best bang for your buck with your advertising and attracting the right clientele to buy your product or service.

Many people come to us with a great idea for a business. We would love to help everybody with their business needs to help their business grow. However in some scenarios these people are not ready for our services. You must have a solid plan and idea in place with some sales behind it. It is really hard to market and sell an idea and get buyers. Testing the market with whatever it is you are trying to sell can be done before you even hire us as your Edmonton business coach.

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For example if you are selling sauces it is best for you to make the sauces, find out the cost of the sauces, in turn figure out the retail price of your sauce and start selling them at farmers markets. Sell as much as you can to as many people as you can for as long as possible until you come to a point where you can scale the business. That is when it is time to hire a business coach. This is where our expertise comes in.

We help set you up so that your online presence matches your physical presence. Some of the things we address first is your Google my business so that people can find you on the Internet. One of the first things you can do for free is get reviews on Google. This gives your product or service credibility which helps grow your business while you are making physical sales. This is free, you do not even have to pay to do this. We share this with all of our clients no matter where they are in their business.

They could be making lots of money and sales or they could be just starting out. We tell them the same thing start a Google my business listing and start collecting reviews.

From there it is about getting some content out on the Internet. Things to start thinking about would be having a YouTube channel. This is where you will share your knowledge and expertise or maybe some demonstrations or methods of using the things you offer. whatever has to do with your business, start making videos to share that.