Edmonton Business Coach | What It Takes To Win

Edmonton Business Coach | What It Takes To Win

It takes a lot to become a successful business owner and as an Edmonton business coach we show you the steps on how to do that. When we started our marketing agency we thought that we could help people achieve success by doing their marketing. We quickly found out that it took more than just smart marketing tactics. As an Edmonton business coach we realized that these clients needed accountability. The needed to know that not everybody should start a business but that they should be passionate and love what they do so that when things are hard they had what it took to stick it out.

Edmonton Business Coach

We help our clients realize that there are no risk-free options when it comes to business; that every business decision would have a degree of risk to it. There really is no way to avoid the risk but rather it is to mitigate the risk. There are tons of decisions that have to be made every day but not every one of them is equal. The only decisions that should be avoided are the ones that have a catastrophic risk attached to them. As an Edmonton business coach we are very honest with our clients.

Building a sustainable business takes much longer than a year. You need to think about all of the smaller steps in your execution than just your final goal. Of course you want to make money in your business but it is going to take a lot longer than you think. It is it will probably take decades. Do you have what it takes to stick it out when it is tough or will you fold? Many of your friends and family will not relate to you anymore when you become an entrepreneur.

Most of them are employees and that is the cultural norm that you will be fighting for the rest of your life as an entrepreneur. It is time to get comfortable in that discomfort. You might have a winning idea with a lot of opportunity for growth but if you do not know how to execute that it is likely not going to be profitable. An idea is just a small part of your business what is more important is the execution. The best ideas, exceptional technology and the abundance of technology are at your fingertips, but you will fail because of poor execution.

This is were having mentorship and a great coach will help you stay accountable to your initiatives and therefore reach your goals. Having a successful business is a long game and you need be prepared to wait it out until you see the profits. All along the way you have to be willing to learn as well as be uncomfortable to grow your business. No one can stop you if you can overcome and achieve those things.

Everything about your business will affect your whole life so it is important for you to understand it is not a balance but a trade-off.

Edmonton Business Coach | Exceptional Execution

As an Edmonton business coach we have heard many myths that entrepreneur wannabes believe. We are quick to point out what is true and what is. For instance as an Edmonton business coach we hear that somebody has a great idea and thinks that is all it takes to make it or break it in business. This is so far from the truth. You must know how to execute that idea to make it a success.

Not everyone should start a business because it takes a long time to make money. This does not take just a week or month, but it could be many years. As an Edmonton business coach let me tell you that is not a luxury lifestyle and that it is going to take a lot of hard work. Things do not always go to plan, and you have to be ready to adjust as you go to make things work. Being in business is a long game and it could be decades before you see a profitable business. Even with a business coach. You should not expect to build a sustainable business in a year.

A lot of people think that they are knowledgeable about business and are constantly giving advice to those starting a business. The only business advice you should take us from those who have beaten the odds and are still going after 10 years in the business. Typically these businesses should have at least five or more employees.

Having a business degree will not prepare you for having a winning business. Colleges tend to produce business students that are great employees but not necessarily great business owners. The unfortunate thing is that many business instructors have never run a successful business themselves yet they are teaching others how to run a business. At inspired method not only do we help our clients with the strategies that it takes to run a successful business but we follow those same proven methods in our own business.

You may think that because you are really good at something or your specialist that you should own a business in that industry this is actually not a great reason to start a business and it is not even a profitable trait. Being a perfectionist can actually be a hindrance because for one thing you will always be waiting to do something when you were perfect at. What you should be doing is searching for improvement as you go not perfection.

The other thing is that you might not rely on anybody else in your business and that will hinder your growth as well. One of the most important part of every business is having a winning team. This team is able to follow the repeatable processes that you create and therefore it becomes scalable and profitable in your business. All your efforts should go to executing a simple proven strategies. You do not need to re-create a proven method. Please fill our contact form if you have any more questions.