Edmonton Business Coach | What Is a Business Coach

Edmonton Business Coach | What Is a Business Coach

Many entrepreneurs were starting businesses for the very first time may not know what a business coach is, or how they would help a business according to Edmonton business coach. And they often think that they alone would be responsible for their business growing.

However, entrepreneurs need to understand that there is all kinds of help available for them. Not only to help them create a business plan. But also a business professional that can help them execute that plan, hold them accountable. And answer all their questions as they grow their business.

Unfortunately, not enough people either know what a business coach is. Or hire one early on in their business. And that leads to a lot of entrepreneurs failing in their business.

In fact, according to industry Canada, half of all entrepreneurs in Canada fail within five years of opening the doors to their small business. Not only that, but 15% fail within the first year of business, and 30% fail by your two.

The reason why these businesses are not succeeding, are due to three obstacles. 23% of all entrepreneurs fail in business because they cannot find or keep right staff in their business. While 29% of failed entrepreneurs say the reason why they were not successful is because they simply ran out of money.

However the most common reason why entrepreneurs are failing in business in Canada. And affecting 42% of entrepreneurs were not successful. Is that they could not find enough customers in their business to sell their products and services to.


The most difficult thing for many entrepreneurs to understand. Is that all of these obstacles are easily avoidable. With the right business plan, and Edmonton business coach. These obstacles can be avoided. Allowing business owners to grow their business and accomplish all of their goals.

Since the number one reason why entrepreneurs are not succeeding in business. Is because they cannot find the customers that they need to grow their business. One of the most important things that there Edmonton business coach will help them do. Is find those customers. By creating an effective marketing and sales strategy for the business.

Using proven systems and methods. Entrepreneurs use a variety of strategies to find those customers. And encourage them to come to their business.

However, in order for an entrepreneur to be able to accommodate the increase of customers. It will also focus on creating systems such as templates and checklists for the business itself.

The reason why this is so important. Is because many entrepreneurs spend the time working in their business on tasks. So that when they do start to grow, the growth of their business is limited. On how much time an entrepreneur can spend in their business.

Therefore, by creating checklists and templates for every task of the business. Entrepreneurs are creating a duplicatable system that is easy to teach. That will allow entrepreneurs to hire a wider variety of people to do the task. So that they can focus on growing the business instead.

Once they have these systems in place. It will allow the business coach to help them use the systems and processes to attract customers and grow their business.

Edmonton Business Coach | What Is a Business Coach

If people think that a coach is something reserved only for sports teams or athletes, they do not understand how a coach can help entrepreneurs succeed either says Edmonton business coach. In fact, the most successful organizations such as multimillion dollar companies. And the top-performing CEOs of the world. All have business coaches that they use.

Just like an athletes, they use a business coach. And order to give them a different perspective on what areas that they need to improve on. And how they can strengthen those weaknesses.

When a sports organization hires a coach. They ensure that the coach has played the sport before, and has been successful at it. So that the coach knows exactly what the players need to do in order to succeed.

Just like a sports coach, a business coach will help an entrepreneur because they have grown a successful business. And they know the strategies and processes that an entrepreneur must take. In order to find business success.

And like of the coach for sports organization. They can potentially be working with the top-performing athletes, the best players in the world in that sport. And yet they still need a business coach. To help them be the best that they can be.


Players often need to know what muscles they need to strengthen, what drills they need to practice, and what team mates they need to work with because their strengths complement each other.

This is exactly how business coach is going to help an entrepreneur. By helping them strengthen what needs to be stronger, and what they need to work on in order to be successful. And if there are any strategic partnerships that they can utilize to grow even larger.

Since even the most successful sports teams, athletes, businesses and CEOs need a coach. New entrepreneurs, or small business owners can benefit from hiring Edmonton business coach as well.

They will help entrepreneurs develop these systems and processes that have been proven to work. And can help them implement those strategies by holding them accountable. And take each step along the way with them. So that they can be successful.

During their weekly strategy sessions, as well as set goals for the future at the same time. Having a business coach work with them, can help businesses can be reassured that they have all the help they need in order to succeed.

Since 15% of all entrepreneurs fail in the first year of business. The sooner a new entrepreneur can hire their Edmonton business coach, the better. But it is never too late for an entrepreneur to hire a coach that will help them be the best they can be, and grow their business.