Edmonton Business Coach | What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Edmonton Business Coach | What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Many entrepreneurs often start their business without previous business ownership experience says Edmonton business coach. Which leaves a lot of gaps in their knowledge regarding what they need to know in order to run a successful business.

One mistake that many business owners make. Is thinking that because they are experts in their industry. Or have been working in their industry for decades. That this will guarantee that they can run that business effectively.

However, entrepreneurs need to understand very early on. That just because they are good at plumbing, dentistry, or making clothing for example. That the skills that make them good at what they do. Is not mean that they know how to run a business.

Those skills include learning how to implement sales and marketing strategies, how to do a financial plan that will help them pay less taxes, and how to optimize your pricing structure.

While this can be something that entrepreneurs learn. What makes it very difficult for entrepreneurs to learn this. Is the fact that they have to learn it, while running the business. And if they make any critical errors. They will cause of their business to fail, if they cannot recover from that mistake.

This is why hiring an Edmonton business coach is so important. Because they will be the experts that help entrepreneurs learn all of the different skills they need. In order to be successful as quickly as possible.


In fact, there are three common reasons why entrepreneurs are not successful in business. According to a study done by Industry Canada.

And if entrepreneurs can create strategies with their Edmonton business coach around avoiding those problems. Not only will they be more likely to succeed. But they will then be able to use strategies.

The third most common reason why entrepreneurs fail. Affecting 23% of all small business owners in Canada. Is that entrepreneurs are not able to find the staff to work in their business. Or they are unable to keep the staff that they do find. Making it difficult or impossible to run their business.

The second most common reason why entrepreneurs fail in Canada. Is that 29% of them say that they run out of money. This can be due to a wide variety of factors. Including spending money faster than they are bringing it into their business. And not being able to generate enough revenue in their business.

And the single most common reason why Canadian entrepreneurs fail according to industry Canada. Affecting 42% of failed entrepreneurs, is that they are unable to find enough customers to either products and services.

When entrepreneurs hire a business coach, they are able to come up with strategies to help entrepreneurs avoid these problems. So that they are going to be more likely to succeed in business.

Once there able to overcome common obstacles. They can use their business coaches systems and processes to increase their business, and accomplish all of their business goals.

Edmonton Business Coach | What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

There are many different things that entrepreneurs can learn that can help them be successful says Edmonton business coach. However, many entrepreneurs struggle with understanding what they need to know. Or where they get that information.

What is even more challenging, is that many entrepreneurs think that by going to business school, that is going to prepare them for being a business owner.

While obtaining a business degree can be very beneficial. What that teaches most people, is how to work as an executive in a large business. But it does not teach entrepreneurs the skills they need in order to run their own business.

Therefore, many business owners struggle, without knowing that there is an easier way for them to get the help they need. In order to overcome challenges and succeed.

Since business owners often struggle with finding and keeping staff. The strategies that their business coach will help them develop in order to overcome that problem.

Includes developing templates and checklists to systematize their business. The reason why this is important. Is so that they can make all of the tasks of the business repeatable, duplicatable and easy to teach.

When they do that, business owners do not have to find the most skilled employees to work in their business. Which will increase the candidates that they can have to choose from. And also makes it more easy for entrepreneurs to replace those employees who leave.


In fact, entrepreneurs should understand that employees are leaving their jobs sooner than ever before. Staying only an average of two a half years in a business instead of five. Therefore, business owners need to come up with ways to ensure that they can attract staff, easier.

The next challenge that entrepreneurs have is running out of money in their business. And this goes hand-in-hand with not being able to find enough customers.

Without enough customers, they can increase the revenue of their business. And they will not be able to place the money that they are spending.

This is why Edmonton business coach will spend a lot of time working with the entrepreneur on effective sales and marketing strategies. In order to help an entrepreneur attract customers to their business. So that they can sell more products and services.

This strategy will include online strategies, from website optimization, and getting Google reviews. To in person marketing strategies. That will help an entrepreneur find the customers they need to generate sales that will help them succeed.

This is so important, that entrepreneurs who open up their business should hire and Edmonton business coach right away. Because while many entrepreneurs think that they can wait until they start generating more revenue in their business.

With the failure rate of entrepreneurs being 15% for the first year. Many entrepreneurs with that thought do not succeed long enough to ensure that a happens.

Therefore, the hiring a business coach early in their business. They can overcome the odds, and succeed.